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11 Unique Hobbies for Everyone ( Dare you try #8 )




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Having a good hobby that entertains you and brings out your creativity is really important. Choosing a good hobby, that corresponds to our likings can really provide us with some quality and memorable moments.

Even though we are all aware of the typical hobbies, there are some that are very special and can offer us many happy and creative moments. Let’s see some options!

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11. Interior Design

Female interior designer choosing colors in color swatch sample in a studio

Learning and practicing interior design can be a very educational, fascinating, and interesting hobby. You can learn about different interior design styles, different methods, design combinations, and most importantly, how to design!

This can come very handy, since you can even turn it into a profession or design something for your own house! 

It might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but it is a very special hobby that will certainly teach you a lot!

10. Candlemaking

Decorative candles made of beeswax with a honey aroma

It is as creating and useful as it sounds! Candle making can be very interesting. It is not a very common hobby, but it is a very entertaining one! It is not very difficult to accomplish, since you don’t need many tools and equipment. Wax, which is necessary, is relatively cheap.

Generally, it is an affordable hobby and a very fun one! Instead of buying your candles, you can make them by your own and for every case and for every room!

Read our complete guide to candle making here!

9. Volunteering

man standing in a field wearing wearing a t shirt with volunteer written on it and gloves

Even though many people don’t consider volunteering a hobby, it can easily be! If you live in a community where there are a lot of options when it comes to volunteering, you can easily sign up to many activities and help!

It is not only a feel-good hobby, but it is a hobby that will make you and your community happy. You will be actively contributing to your society while having a nice time. You can try cooking meals or clean parks.

There are always options when it comes to volunteering, hence doing it as a hobby won’t be that difficult!

8. Stand-up Comedy

Funny male holding a white paper plane on black background

Although it isn’t for everyone, don’t hesitate to consider it as a choice! It is really fun and funny! Who knows, maybe you already have the talent and you are not taking advantage of it! Even if there is no tram in your town that does that, you can always take the initiative and make one! 

It is a hobby, not many people think of, because they associate it with acting skills. That’s not true though, all you have to do is to be creative and have fun! Everyone needs a laugh in the end of the day, so why not have a hobby that provides that for you on a frequent basis?

7. Make your own beer!

Summer beer brew outdoors in the sun

Even though it sounds very uncommon and difficult, it isn’t! It will certainly provide you with some new skills, but it will also offer you a lot of beer! It doesn’t require much equipment and it is a hobby that can really give you some fun moments, especially if you do that with your friends!

6. The art of Thrifting

Cheerful friends trying on hat in a thrift shop and taking selfie

Either you buy things from thrift shops or you sell thrift items, it is the same! It is a unique hobby that can offer you some unique items or money too! There are many thrift shops out there that hide many potential treasures for you. Make sure to explore your town and to find them!

In addition, you can always sell some of your own things as thrift items and make some money!

5. Start an “emotion” journal

cropped shot of blogger making notes in notebook at table with cup of coffee in coffee shop

It can be an exceptional hobby, that it benefits you in every aspect. An “emotion” journal is a journal where you keep notes of every feeling you experience daily. This can have some extraordinary effects on you and your mental state. You can even go back and check your feelings about days you have no recollection of and remember everything better and easier.

It is a cheap, easy hobby that can make you rich though. It will help you identify and understand your feelings better, after writing them down on a daily or weekly basis. 

4. Can/ preserve food

Woman with jar preserved vegetables for winter

With the pandemic and everything, people are starting to reconsider the importance of having ready-to-grab food that is appropriate for survival. Yes, it can be a hobby that it might be useful in the future! (Let’s hope it won’t). 

It is not that hard, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment and you can try many methods and foods. 

3. Try investing money

Stock and Crypto Trading Online Platforms

Even though it sounds a bit risky and complicated, investing is actually very interesting as a hobby and it will definitely teach you how to manage your earnings more carefully. In the beginning it is a bit difficult, but as soon as you get the grasp of it, it is very entertaining!

It might actually provide you with some good money in the future!

2. Cook international dishes

Male person puts vegetables into the pan with meat

If you enjoy cooking, the hobby of trying out new cuisines will absolutely fascinate you! Cooking international dishes will provide you many culinary skills, while you will “taste” other cultures and see their tastes and cooking habits and methods. A very unique and “delicious” hobby!

1. Create questionnaires

Questionnaire form with details and blank checkbox

It might sound odd, but it is very interesting and educational actually. Making interesting questionnaires and giving them out to large groups, can help and “enlighten” you about a variety of topics.

If you are interested in politics for example, you can make questionnaires and ask people about their views. This will help you realize how people feel about the political state of your country for example, or for the upcoming elections. Even though it is a very uncommon hobby, make sure to try it and you will see how interesting and educational  it can be!

On an ending note

Finding a unique hobby is not that hard, as long as you think outside the box and explore your options. There are a lot of ideas, so take your time and pick your favorite one! The above list can give you a headstart!

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