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Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin




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You haven’t seen many Wisconsin places on the most haunted locations but you really want to join in on the fun. You might be asking if there are any. If there are, where are the most haunted places in Wisconsin?

There are haunted places throughout Wisconsin, but the most haunted places will be described here. Whether you want the traditional hotel, theatre, or cemetery experience, there is something for you to enjoy during your ghost hunting expeditions. 

If you’ve never tried ghost hunting before, and you think you’d like to learn some more about it, check out the complete guide to ghost hunting as a hobby. 

Pfister Hotel

The Pfister Hotel is a popular stay for Major league baseball players when they’re in Milwaukee for games. The players often tell the stories of their haunting experiences, and it’s become quite famous as a haunting location. 

The beautiful Pfister Hotel in Wisconsin

One baseball player heard knocking on his hotel door, but when he went to investigate, nobody was there. When he sat back down in his room, the tv and air conditioning started turning on and off by themselves.

When he decided to go to bed, he was awakened by loud noises coming from behind his headboard. He was so scared, that in true baseball fashion, he grabbed his bat and slept with it to use for protection. 

Riverside Cemetery

Ghost hunting enthusiasts have a huge interest in the Riverside Cemetery.

Here you can find the grave of Kate Blood, which is a normal occurrence in a cemetery. However, on nights where there is a full moon, visitors claim that a blood-like substance drips from the tombstone, and if you touch it, it feels warmer than any other tombstone in the nearby area.

Visitors also claim that they have seen a hooded woman running from the tombstone and vanishing into the darkness. 

Kate Blood’s history is unknown. There are many different stories about her being a witch, killing her three children and her husband, her husband killing her, Kate being an adulteress, and her dying of tuberculosis. 

Bloody Bride Bridge

This bridge in Steven’s Point has been nicknamed after the bride who lost her life on her wedding night. While crossing the bridge on Highway 66, the couple’s car was in a terrible accident killing the bride. 

The woman now wanders the bridge back and forth wearing a bloody wedding dress hoping to find her husband. She appears very clearly on rainy nights, and one night a police officer thought he hit a woman.

When he got out of the car, he couldn’t find anything. No dent in the car, no body, and no blood. When he returned to his car, she was in his backseat. 

There is no record of an incident on this bridge, but that doesn’t stop this woman from pacing the bridge looking for her groom. 

Hotel Hell (Maribel Caves Hotel)

Allegedly haunted Maribel Caves Hotel

The official name for this hotel is the Maribel Caves Hotel, but Hotel Hell emerged after a series of fires. 

The hotel was built in 1900 and was a popular place for the rich and famous to stay. It featured a well that was used as a freshwater spa for health. 

The hotel closed in 1985 after the fires destroyed everything. The hotel’s nickname comes from a dare. If you stare into the well for long enough, a portal to Hell would open up. 

Since the closure, the hotel has been a popular site for ghost hunters. There are claims that people have seen flashes of light, floating objects, and apparitions. One apparition that has been noted multiple times is the ghost of a child who died in the hotel during the fire. 

Boscobel Hotel

In 1890, a young girl was found in a shoebox in the snow next to the hotel. Owners brought her in and named her Snowflake. She lived until she was 12, and when she passed, ghost hunters say she loved the hotel too much to leave.

She would show up at the ends of the bed of visitors for many years until the hotel was closed. 

Although you can’t stay the night in the most haunted rooms, you can send a message to the Boscobel Historical Society, and you’re likely to be approved to see the rooms. 

Dartford Cemetery

While cemeteries are typical locations for hauntings, Dartford Cemetery is anything but typical. 

There are three very different experiences witnessed in this cemetery. The first is at a mausoleum where a little boy named Jackson Walker is buried. If you sit on top of the mausoleum or even sit near it, people have claimed to be pushed off by a strong unknown force. 

Then there is the apparition of Chief Highknocker. He died by accidental drowning trying to cross a river without a canoe. There is a portrait carved into his tombstone that is almost as eerie as seeing his drowned apparition. 

There have even been reports of people seeing the entire Civil War platoon marching through the cemetery some nights. 

Grand Opera House

Ghosts love a stage, even dog ghosts. The dog that haunts Grand Opera house appears to be so real that stage directors have ordered actors to remove the dog from the stage, but when the actors approach the dog, it disappears. 

Grand Opera House is also haunted by former stage manager Percy Keene. He died after a battle with a lengthy illness and is now buried in Riverside Cemetery. 

One of the creepiest occurrences at Grand Opera House is the orange mist that appears randomly. It isn’t something that was set up by stagehands, and it doesn’t seem to have a source. 

Riverside Theatre

Riverside Theatre in Wisconsin

Riverside Theatre was the victim of massive floods and destructive fires. 

There was a fire in 1966 that burned down most of the stage, the fancy curtain, and the elaborate decor around the stage. Thanks to automatic sprinklers, the theatre was saved, but it needed heavy renovations. 

Two ghosts are known to appear in the theatre. One belonging to a woman. She has been seen walking the aisles, appearing on stage, and likes to be captured. There is a very clear female voice that was caught in a digital recording. 

A second ghost is a man who brings the smell of cigar smoke with him despite the “No Smoking” signs. He likes to appear sitting in the theatre after it has closed. This concerns the ushers as they think someone refuses to leave. When they approach the man, he disappears into thin air. 


Summerwind or the Lamont Mansion was built in 1916 as a summer home but it was haunted before anyone moved in. The original owner thought there was an intruder, so he fired his gun twice. When he went to investigate, there was nobody there. Not wanting any more scares, the family moved out that night. 

A family who bought the house in the 70s say they heard whispering through the house all through the night, and objects moving inexplicably. 

A fire in 1988 burned the mansion down, but nobody knows what started the fire.

Some people say the fire started when the building was hit by lightning, while others claimed it was intentionally set on fire by someone in the town to keep ghost hunters and local kids from vandalizing the place. This is definitely an overkill reaction to prevent kids from having parties in the abandoned house. 

Wrapping It Up

Wisconsin has their fair share of haunted locations for interested ghost hunters. From hotels and homes to cemeteries and theatres, and from apparitions to oozing tombstones there is something for all different tastes. 

Charge your phone, pack your gear, and bring a friend. Nobody is going to believe you saw a warm, oozing tombstone without someone else’s confirmation and picture proof. 

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