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When looking for equipment for paintballing, one of the most crucially important pieces is the head protection that you use on the field. Aside from your weapon it may even be the most important.

You may have just stared paintball and are wondering which kind of helmet to buy or you may be a paintball veteran and are looking for a good upgrade to your existing equipment.

Well, within this article we will go over some great choices for paintball helmets and some of the features and points of interest that you should keep an eye out for when shopping around for a new paintball helmet.

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Top 5 Paintball Helmets

5. Most Popular

JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet
A great choice for those of you who want their equipment to have a high intimidation factor, the JFFCESTORE Tactical Mask and Fast Helmet has you covered. With ample amounts of protection and rails for mounting all the accessories you could need, this helmet is padded for comfort and to allow for those long games to be a little less straining.

4. Fan Favorite

Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtector Goggle
With full head coverage and a lightweight design, the Empire X-Ray V2.1 are great for paintballers who move fast and need gear that can keep up. Multi-port ventilation, specially treated thermal lense with anti-scratch technology and a fully adjustable chin strap will make sure your helmet stays secure even in the harshest battles.

3. Must Have

Simways Galac-Tac Style Helmet
A stylish and unique piece of equipment that may be of particular interest to any Star Wars fans out there, this Galac-Tac Style helmet comes complete with a retractable visor and rail mounting systems for accessories. Also included is a mounting point for night vision should you need it. A truly impressive design that offers complete protection, this would make a great helmet for any Paintballer out there.

2. Budget Option

LEJUNJIE PJ Tactical Fast Helmet
If you are looking for a helmet that can offer you great protection but retain a wide field of vision, then look no further than the LEJUNJIE PJ Tactical Fast Helmet. With large goggles that allow for excellent vision, this helmet will make sure nothing gets in the way of you and your paintball game. Great ventilation and the option to remove the face covering are also features this product has and can prove useful for cleaning and changing things up mid-game.

1. Editor’s Choice

N/W Tactical Helmet Full Protection
Should you be looking for the ultimate helmet in the way of protection, then look no further than the N/W Tactical Helmet. This unique and stylish design lends itself well to cleaning and maintenance, as well as being quite intimidating for your opponents. With ear, face, eye, and head protection all rolled into one, this is truly a formidable barrier against any paintballs coming your way.

Buyer’s Guide: Paintball Helmets

How much will a Paintball Helmet cost?

One of the biggest deciding factors in any purchase, the cost of a Paintball Helmet can have quite a bit of variance depending on the features and the overall build quality a specific product provides.

Cheaper helmets that may only offer some face protection will usually run you around $30 to $50. This can be a great option for newcomers to paintball who want to get their own equipment and not rent from the sites they play at.

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Helmets that offer face protection along with head protection will often be more expensive, but still of a reasonable price of around $80 to $100. Any paintballer can find a use for these products and will offer protection for nearly the whole head, with many different designs available to choose from.

The priciest helmets at over $100 will offer you some really interesting and unique designs along with features not often available at lower prices.

This can be things from face protection that can be retracted and mounting rails to add attachments such as cameras and flashlights. It’s also worth noting that some of the coolest designs are at this price point – if the style is something you are looking for.

Should I get a Paintball Helmet with a visor?

As eye protection is a very important aspect of Paintballing, a helmet with a visor can be a great addition to any paintballer’s arsenal. Instead of having a helmet and eye protection separately, you can have them combined into one piece of equipment.

A lot of these visors for helmets will also offer protection for the rest of your face which can prove to be a great tool in helping you perform better in a match of paintball. After all, taking a paintball to the face is never fun, but will be a lot nicer with some kind of protection in the way.

paintball helmet

These visors can come in many different varieties and the best ones among them will have some kind of anti-fogging technology. Whether this is some kind of ventilation or special glass or plastic, this can make all the difference in a high-intensity match as you won’t have your vision impaired nearly as much as an alternative without said technology.

Often included are ways to mitigate some of the extra weight that a visor will inherently provide. Mesh and ventilation holes will cut down the amount of material used in the construction and therefore allow for a lighter helmet than without and help keep any neck strain down to a minimum.

Should I get a Paintball Helmet that is easy to clean?

Due to the nature of the sport, in that you are hurling paint at each other, it can be very beneficial to get yourself equipment that can be easily cleaned. Your helmet for paintball will be no exception.

Luckily, many of the products out there will be made of materials that lend themselves well to easy cleaning. Many kinds of plastics and metals are easy to wipe down after a game, and some will come with removable parts to allow you to get a closer look at where the paint has collected.

You may also be able to find helmets that come with included fabric covers which can then be removed and cleaned, leaving the helmet itself with little to no paint on it whatsoever.

Can I use the Paintball Helmet for Airsoft too?

You may also be thinking of taking up Airsoft alongside Paintball or already enjoy Airsoft and are wondering if you can transition some of your equipment from one hobby to the other.

As it happens, almost all paintball helmets can be used when playing an Airsoft game also. They tend to have a lot of similar features, namely eye protection and often with face coverings that can prove to be useful for both Paintball and Airsoft.

paintball helmet

You will also be able to find Paintball helmets that have rail attachments for accessories that you can use for both hobbies and so this could help to cut down on the additional cost if you were to take up both Paintball and Airsoft as hobbies to enjoy.

Of course, you will still be able to find helmets that will specialize in one or the other but there should still be some common ground between them due to the similarities of each of the sports themselves.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a great many options for Paintball Helmets that can suit a wide variety of skill levels and sought-after features.

From beginners looking for cheaper entry-level face protection, or veterans for the paintball field looking for a flashy yet functional addition to their existing equipment, there is a product out there that can get the job done.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in showcasing some interesting options and helping you to get acquainted with some of the things to keep an eye out for when shopping for a Paintball Helmet.

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