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Best Online Seller

KRAFTZLAB Ultimate Candle Making Kit for Kids
One of the best selling kits online. It’s an ideal gift for any child into arts and crafts activities. This candle making kit includes all supplies you need and an inspiring booklet with candle ideas and basics – 5 colors candle wax, 7 candle molds, 10 wicks, 2 pegs, 2 wooden sticks with a hole, 1 stainless steel melting cup, beautiful package box

Budget Option

Affordable DIY Candle Making Kit
This candle making set is designed to be user friendly so your kids can make something beautiful they will be proud of and have a great time in the process! Craft kit includes 5 bags of colored wax (red, white, blue, purple and white), 3 extra long wicks, wick holders, 3 glass containers, and a designing tool for special effects.

Best Gift Set

KRAFTZLAB Candle Making Kit Gift Set
A great gift set for a birthday party or just as a treat for your child. The kit contains 7 colorful molds in different shapes included – round and square cupcake candle molds, star candle mold, leaf candle mold, heart candle mold, butterfly and flower candle molds. Bright, colorful and fun to make this kit is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift choice

Bees Wax Option

22 Pcs ALL-INCLUSIVE DIY Candle Making Kit for Adults and Kids
This unique candle making kit consists of step-by-step instructions and 100% natural ingredients: 7 natural large beeswax sheets 8×8, 6 lavender flowers, 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 orange slices, 118 inches of burlap thread, 20 inches of white lace, a 60 inch 100% cotton wick, 2 decorative bees.
Environmentally safe and natural 100% pure beeswax which burns cleaner and for longer. Beeswax is air-purifying thus improves allergy and asthma symptoms

Teenage Kit

Beeswax Scented Candles Supplies
This kit is designed for adults and teenagers. The kit is more advanced with floral designs that will appeal to older children and even teenagers. Candle Kit Craft Gift. Sturdy tools and premium materials that are easy to use. The perfect gift, holiday gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift for people who love crafting and hobby kits.

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Buyer’s Guide

How much are Kid’s Candle-Making Kits?

A well-stocked Kid’s Candle-Making Kit that can produce three to four finished candles will cost around twenty dollars. When considering kid-friendly kits, you won’t see a wide price range. This is good since it means you can shop around freely without expecting a dramatic increase in cost.

Bear in mind how many kids you intend to entertain with your Candle-Making Kit. If you are planning this activity for a large party or care group, expect to purchase multiple kits.

What’s the difference between Candle-Making Kits for Kids and Adults?

Often, the difference between child and adult versions of a given product comes down to design. Kid’s products are often just brighter, chunkier, and bedecked with cartoon characters. Your preferred Kid’s Candle-Making Kit might be all of these things.

However, there are more substantive differences. Most importantly, your wax will probably not require heating or liquid-pouring like an adult-focused kit would.

making candles

The wax will come in a granulated form that your kids can pour like sand into the mold. It melts as you use the finished candle.

More generally, everything in the kit should be more ready-made and standardized. Your wicks should be precut. The wax will be pre-dyed, pre-scented, and separated into baggies.

What’s included in most Kid’s Candle-Making Kits?

A standard Kid’s Candle-Making Kit should include the following items:

  • A selection of different colored granulated waxes
  • A selection of different molds
  • Individually cut wicks, with stabilizers attached
  • Some type of pick or stirrer

This is the baseline for any Kid’s Candle-Making Kit. Hopefully, your kit will include some fun design additions. It’s a good idea, as well, to see if the kit includes its own protective tablecloth. 

What should I look for in a quality Kid’s Candle-Making Kit?

Firstly, your kit should have lots of fun mold and wax options. Your kid should have at least five colors to choose from. Ideally, the kit would include other amendments like glitter.

You want your molds to be both durable and fun. Opt for shapes that can capture your child’s imagination.  Glass molds are always better, and they should be large enough not to crack when the wick is lit.

making candles

Pay attention, also, to the safety and sustainability notes on the kit. You want to find something that is non-toxic, organic, and responsibly sourced. 

Finally, make sure your kit comes with a decent, detailed instruction manual. As all parents know, even the simplest projects become complicated when kids start asking questions!

What age range is best for a Kid’s Candle-Making Kit?

Companies design Kid’s Candle-Making Kits with safety and entertainment in mind. As a parent, you should feel confident that your child will have a good time, remain safe, and avoid frustration when crafting their first candle. 

Of course, you should pay attention to the age recommendations for the particular kit you’re purchasing. As a rule, children as young as five can enjoy these kits with supervision. You will need to make sure they play with the wax crystals responsibly and don’t attempt to light the wick themselves.

Once your child approaches middle school age, they can probably graduate to a more advanced, melted-wax kit.

Final Thoughts

Candle-making is a fun, creative way to entertain and inspire your kids. You can find many high-quality kits online and in craft stores today. Just bear in mind the variables noted above. Keep in mind for safety, variety, and ease of use as you shop.

With a little planning ahead of time, you can guarantee that your child enjoys a great indoor activity and creates a beautiful candle they can be proud of!

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