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There are two sports that have taken the world by storm recently. Disc golf ( Frisbee Golf ) and Footgolf. For both sports, you’ll need the right equipment.

So, let’s save you all the hassle of searching the internet for the Best Junior Disc’s.

Here’s my Top 5 Junior Golf Discs suitable for all levels of players.

Top 5 Junior Disc Golf discs

5. Most Popular

Weighing just 149g these accurate but also tough discs are great for smaller adults or juniors 14 Years and above. They come in many colors and graphics

4. Fan Favorite

No products found.

3. Budget Option

Innova Sonic Jr. Disc
This is a scaled-down version on the popular sonic disc. This mini disc is perfect for juniors between 10 – 14 years. This is one of the cheapest discs we could find

2. Multi Disc set

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst
Slightly heavier 170g discs which are suitable for larger Teenagers. Comes in packs of 3,4 and 5 discs. Various colors and classed as a good beginner set. But we feel it could be used in a competition

1.Editor’s Choice

Discraft Starter Pack
this set including 1 putter, 1 mid-range, and 1 driver, you will have all the tools you need to start playing disc golf. While there are tons of discs to choose from, the discs in this pack have been specifically picked to cater to players who are new or still learning to play the sport of Disc Golf.

Disc type

There are disc types that you can get as a beginner. These 3 types are ranked according to how fast you master your technique. The best junior disc gild disc would be the putter.

Putters are thick and most aerodynamic discs for beginners. They take a straight path, and have a soft fade.

Typically, a beginner will be aiming to get themselves as close as possible to the target.

Putters are the ideal disc for this. They’re deep and slow, allowing you to map out a shot and take a cautious approach to targets.

They’re perfect for practice sessions. However, in competitive disc golf, you can use them as closers.

You’re bound to make a clean shot once you are close to the target.  If you have a steady hand, get one of these and practice your ending shot.

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What’s the best price to pay for a beginner golf disc

You’re not looking to spend too much as a junior disc golf enthusiast. Fortunately, you can get great affordable options.

A good putter and approach golf disc will only cost you between $10 and $18. You can get great prices while still getting the best disc golf disc.

The material used in making the disc determines the prices. There are cheap plastics, while other plastics can be considered premium.

The best plastic golf discs cost about $15 upwards. However, if you are looking for discs to practice before you pick up the hobby competitively, you can spend as little as $8.

The $8 discs have light plastic that is vulnerable to easy breaking and scuffing.

What’s the best size for a disc golf disc

You want to start light when you’re getting a junior disc golf disc. We’d recommend starting from about 165 grams.

Keep an eye on the disc’s thickness since you want the best handle for a beginner and a junior.

The ideal thickness for that age range would be a rim width of about 1.2 centimeters. That’s about 21 centimeters for the entire disc.

Other factors to consider

Check the size

Junior disc golf discs have 4 size dynamics. The common one and the one with the least range in the diameter.

It makes it easier for you to pick out a great disc for a beginner. They have a range of .4 inches. The standard size is 21 inches from rim to rim.

However, if you want a fast disc, the rest of the measurements matter.

Faster discs are shorter in the middle of the Frisbee, and they have wider rim width.

Of course, other measurements such as curve will influence the speed and direction.

Still, aim for 2.11 centimeters for distance drivers, 1.67cm for fairway drivers, 1.27cm for mid-range discs, and 0.98cm for putt and approach discs.

It’s essential to test out the grip and comfort of the disc with the beginner.  

disc golf
Carry back packs are a must for the serious disc player

Check the type of plastic

Here, you have 4 levels of plastics.

Basic plastics offer excellent grip. They are great for beginners and juniors since they are typically lighter.

However, ordinary plastics break and scuff more frequently. It only becomes a problem if you are a power thrower.

If you want to balance durability and quality, a disc golf disc with middle-range plastic does the trick.

You’re not going to break this unless you intentionally throw it against a brick wall.

Middle-grade plastics are the middle child of golf discs. Most people will skip this and either choose basic plastics or go for the next level of plastic.

Most manufacturers make their disc golf discs with Ultra-durable plastics.

Ultra-durable plastics combine excellent aerodynamics, superior grade plastic, and good handling.

While they can sustain nicks and scratches well, they are not good with grip.

Ultralight plastics such as the Blizzard Champion are a new entrant in the disc golf disc market.

Beginners can use these. They have a good grip, they travel long distances, and they can take rough terrain.

If you don’t mind going all out where quality matters, get a disc golf disc made of premium plastic.

A disc such as the 64 Golf Line will last for a long time, giving your little one great experiences as a beginner as their skill develops.


How does color make disc golf more interesting for your junior? Color plays a big part in improving enthusiasm.

Get colors that visually stimulate the player. Bright colors are better choices for junior disc golf discs.

Color also affects where you play. Most people play in green spaces.

Getting a color that contrasts with the surroundings of your playing area makes the experience more fun.

If you’re playing mostly on grass, go for yellow, orange, and reds.

You also want discs that you can see. Once your kid develops a steady hand and they’re able to throw far, they’ll need to keep an eye on the discs. Bright colors will be easier to track.


When all the kids bring their cool disc golf discs to the field, your little thrower can bring out their disc with the fancy extras.

Extras include a beaded disc that has some beads at the center to improve their throw massively.

They can also bring out a dyed disc. Dyed discs are highly sought for their cool color mix.

If you’re playing anywhere near water bodies, you can get a floating disc. However, floating discs will still float in flowing water.

We like the glow-in-the-dark discs that come in handy when your kid wants to practice their throws at night in the yard.

How heavy is a junior disc golf disc?

The Professional Disc Golf Association sets guidelines for the weights of different discs.

The standard range for all the discs is between 165 and 175 grams. You are likely to find heavier discs in thicker midrange discs.

Beginners should start with lighter discs as they improve their handling and throwing.

However, light discs frequently turn over midflight, especially if you are a long thrower.

But since it’s not competitive throwing, a light junior disc golf disc will do. 

Skill level

As skills develop, so does your choice in disc golf disc. However, junior golf disc throwers need a beginner disc.

Beginner discs will probably go a little under 200 feet when you throw. That’s going to be even less when it’s a junior throwing.

If you really want the thrower to grow into the skill, you can get discs for open level players.

A beginner won’t max out its full potential, but it might last long enough and help them develop their throwing hand.

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Where can I buy a disc golf disc

As interest in disc golf rises, specialty stores pop up more frequently. There are online stores that cater specifically to the enthusiast.

However, some of the most authentic stores have their line of discs. Innovadiscs, discs unlimited, and infinite discs are some of the most prominent places to buy junior disc golf discs.

Online stores are the best places to look if you want to compare ratings and look at the reviews of people who have used certain discs.

Amazon is an excellent resource for both new and used discs.


Trust the ratings. The disc golf community is close-knit. The buyers you find in forums are some of the best sources of information about the discs.

You get the best recommendations from people who have used the discs.

It might take a while to get a complete set. Still, you can use your skills to get the best discs for yourself and a junior disc golf thrower.

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