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If you are considering getting into paintballing, or are thinking about upgrading your gear, getting a Tactical Vest can make your gameplay experience that much better. Offering you a whole host of utility that you wouldn’t otherwise get, a Tactical Vest can help give you the edge over other players.

Within this article, we will go over some of the best options for tactical vests in a number of categories and let you know what some of the things you should be looking out for when considering a tactical vest for purchase to make sure it suits your needs.

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Top 5 Paintball Tactical Vests

5. Editor’s Choice

WWahuayuan Adjustable Tactical Vest
A no nonsense and versatile tactical vest, the WWahuayuan Adjustable Tactical Vest has plenty of features for a very reasonable cost. Plenty of pouches for storing paintballs, a tough polyester composition, and a handy holster for small markers make this a great option.

4. Budget Option

Invenko Tactical Molle Vest
Made from military-grade materials, such as 1000D nylon, the Invenko Tactical Molle Vest has fully adjustable girth and length to make sure you have no problems gearing up. With modular pouch placement thanks to MOLLE and velcro, you can really make this vest your own.

3. Most Popular

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2. Must-have Option

GZ XINXING Tactical Vest
If you are looking for a robust and stylish tactical vest then the GZ XINXING Tactical Vest may be just right for you. Both durable and comfortable, thanks to 900D high-density nylon and wear-resistant materials, this vest has a whole bunch of removable storage to help make it just right for you.

1. Fan Favorite

Maddog Tactical Paintball Attack Vest
An excellent choice for the Paintball enthusiast, the Maddog Tactical Paintball Attack Vest has all the features that a paintballer could desire. With specially designed pouches to allow for you to hold paintball pods, with room for 6 and a comfortable yet durable design that won’t impede on your mobility, you are sure to make an impact on the enemy team.

Buyer’s Guide: Paintball Tactical Vests

What is the price of a Paintball Tactical Vest?

When you are eyeing a product for purchase, one of the biggest factors in your decision will usually be the price to pay for the product. For Paintball Tactical Vests, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $30 to $80 depending on what you need from the vest.

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The more entry-level tactical vests at around $30 are usually made of good materials and will have a decent amount of storage for your utilities. You will find that vests at this price point are usually lightweight and don’t offer much in the way of padding but the vest itself will still provide some impact dampening.

What can be a drawback for some people is that the pouches and pockets on the cheaper vests will tend to be sewn on and not interchangeable. The amount of storage will be more than adequate, however, if you would prefer to have them mounted in different places then you should consider a higher-tier vest.

Above the $30 price point, all the way up to the higher prices of around $80, you will find that there are many different options available. Often with loops, clips, and hooks for mounting pouches and bags onto the vest, these products will provide you with a much greater level of customization and freedom in how you choose to mount them.

You may also find that some of the tactical vests have some padding or some inserts for foam which can definitely help in softening the blow of paintballs coming your way.

How much storage does a Paintball Tactical Vest have?

One of the tactical vests’ main features is the ability it provides for additional storage. The amount of storage that anyone tactical vest provides will usually be unique, some have a fixed amount of storage and some have storage that can be configured and reconfigured to your liking.

Often on the vests with fixed pouches and pockets, you will have plenty of storage available to you, certainly enough for a game of paintball. There will be pouches that you could use to store, spare gloves, pods full of paintballs, paintball grenades, and other pieces of utility.

There will also usually be some bigger pouches which are perfect for storing things like a small medical kit in case of any injuries.

Other modular tactical vests afford you the luxury of being able to customize your vest to be exactly how you would want it. Using a variety of belts, loops, and hooks, you can fasten on the included pouches in many different configurations.

Usually, the systems used will be compatible with other kinds of pouches that you can buy separately. In this case, you can expand the storage of the vests as much as you would like.

You could also use these same vests for Airsoft the sports themselves are very similar and a tactical vest would offer the same usefulness to both hobbies.

best paintball vests

Are Paintball Tactical Vest durable?

Making sure that you have a product that is going to last you a long time is an important aspect of any purchasing decision. In the case of Tactical Vests for Paintball, you will find that more often than not that the materials used in their construction will make for a durable and reliable product.

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Thick double-threaded fabrics reinforced with materials like nylon and polymer will allow the tactical vest to become tear-resistant and have increased durability.

This can be especially important in a hectic sport such as paintball, where you are running and sliding through bushes and obstacles to get to and from cover.

The durability of the vest will also help to protect the gear that you are carrying within it, things like refills for your hoppers and paint grenades, things that you don’t want to be damaged during the game as they will come in useful later.

Having tear-resistant materials on the pouches they are stored in came help to mitigate some of the wear and tear that may occur.

Will a Paintball Tactical Vest help protect me?

Yes, a tactical vest will help to dampen the impact from paintballs during a match. Anything that can help to mitigate some of the force from a paintball will make quite the difference in your ability to take hits and keep on moving.

Some tactical vests will even have extra padding or spaces for foam inserts that can allow you to further improve the damage mitigation of your gear. These tactical vests will often be made to resemble plate carriers used in actual warfare and so can make great additions to gear that you might use during Mil-Sim events at the paintball field.

Even without the added padding, an additional layer of clothing will always help in making sure the impact from paintballs is softened.

You will also find that tactical vests are often made from tear-resistant materials, as mentioned previously, and this can help to protect you from any scrapes and scratches that may occur during the frenzy of the battle of non the paintball field.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you will find that there are a whole host of great Tactical Vests for Paintball and you can find them for a wide range of prices and suit a variety of purposes.

Whether you need a tactical vest for a Mil-Sim event, a high octane paintball game, or are just getting started, there will be a product that is made for you.

Hopefully, this article has been useful in showcasing some of the options for Tactical Vests and some of the things you ought to look out for when considering one to buy.

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