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When talking part in sport that involves a whole lot of running around, what you choose to wear on your feet can have a huge impact in not only you enjoyment of the game, but your performance as well.

That’s why it is important to make sure you have the best footwear possible for long and intensive games of paintball, where the wrong equipment could leave your feet aching for days.

Within this article, we will take a look over some great Paintball Cleats as well as various things to bare in mind when trying to find the perfect pair of Paintball Cleats for you.

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Top 5 Paintball Cleats

5. Most Popular

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat
A stylish and comfortable cleat from a reputable brand, the adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat is a great option for Paintballing. Made with a mix of leather and synthetics for durability and soft lining for comfort, these cleats will serve you well.

4. Fan Favorite

Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Shoe
With ample support for ankles and added comfort, the Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Shoe is an excellent option for those needing extra stability from their equipment. Including a super high woven upper and a 3D molded tongue, you can be sure you will gain not only durability but comfort.

3. Editor’s Choice

HK Army Digger X1 Hightop Paintball Cleats
Utilizing a total of 15 traction spikes, the HK Army Digger X1 Paintball Cleats are excellent choice for those wanting the most out out of their Paintball games. Specially made with Paintball in mind, these cleats boast a memory foam insole and a compression foam tongue for comfort on any kind of field.

2. Budget Option

New Balance Men’s Rush V2 Junior Lacrosse Shoe
Minimalistic but with great traction and comfort, the New Balance Men’s Rush V2 is a fantastic option for those who aren’t in the market for anything too flashy. These New Balances offer a TPU Cleat outsole and an adjustable lace closure for a customizable fit.

1. Must-have Option

HK Army Shredder 2.0 Paintball Cleats
With a low profile and integrated traction spikes made from high-grade TPU, the HK Army Shredder 2.0 Paintball Cleats make for a great addition to any paintballers arsenal. These cleats offer a proprietary high-performance adhesive for enhanced durablity.

Buyer’s Guide: Paintball Cleats

How much do Paintball Cleats cost?

As you form an opinion on whether or not to buy a product, one of the most important considerations will of course be the price of the product. When looking at Paintball Cleats, you should find that the average price will be something around $70 with products available with different sets of features, durability, sizes, and designs at prices both below and above depending on what they are.

At the lower end of the price range, at around $30 – $45, you can find a decent cleat that will come with minimal features but will be a good solid cleat for a beginner in Paintball and give you a good grip in your first games of Paintball.

These products will usually have more mesh used in the design so that less material is used overall, and therefore will be light but may suffer when it comes to protecting from impacts like somebody stepping on your feet.

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Moving up the price range for products aimed at more intermediate, you will start to find more leather used in the designs of the cleats which can add some durability and comfort to the product, you will also find some more padding than in the cheaper models.

Products at these prices would be a good purchase if feel like investing more for your starter gear or are upgrading after your starting gear has run its course.

At the top end of the price range, anything about around $70 and going up to around $130, you will find the best of the options for Paintball Cleats. These products will offer mesh ventilation mixed with quality leather construction and using high-end adhesives and reinforced stitching to make sure the product will hold together for a long long time.

These products are great for those who go paintballing very often and want some gear that will give them every possible advantage on the Paintball Field and let them make the most of their time Paintballing.

Do Paintball Cleats have good grip?

There is nothing more annoying than getting tagged, or injured because you lost your footing in a game of Paintball. One way you can help to make sure this doesn’t happen nearly as often is to invest in some Cleats that can provide you with some additional traction.

The grip on Paintball Cleats is extremely good for multiple surfaces, whether it be astroturf, mud, grass, or dirt, and will give you a good grip to make sure you can maintain your momentum on the pitch.

paintball cleats
Good grip is essential to get the best out of your game

Usually having spikes or studs to dig into soft ground or create a larger surface area to create more friction and therefore a better grip, cleats will definitely help to improve your efficiency and performance on the Paintball field.

Are Paintball Cleats durable?

Having long-lasting equipment is essential for getting the most out of your money and, in the case of Paintball Cleats, you will find that they are made with durability in mind and can stand up to the strenuous and frantic activity had during Paintballing.

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Paintball Cleats will often be using strong adhesives and reinforced stitching to make sure everything stays attached and improve the lifespan of the product.

They will also use strong polymers and materials such as leather or rubber to a similar effect and these will also help to provide some comfort and allow for them cleat to dampen impacts.

Memory foam in the soles of the cleats is often used and this can also be helpful in making a durable product. Cleats without memory foam will form to your feet over an extended amount of time and this can actually cause the cleat to wear quicker than with a memory foam sole which will form around your foot in minutes of wearing them.

This provides a better fit and comfort as well as a more durable cleat.

Can I use Football or Soccer Cleats for Paintball?

While not made for the hobby of Paintball, cleats made for sports like football or soccer will have much of the same technologies and design choices that would be present in cleats made for Paintball. So, yes it would be just fine to wear Football or Soccer cleats for Paintballing.

When paintballing outdoors in damp or wet conditions, it can be a major benefit to make sure you can maintain some of your grip on the ground. Football and Soccer players have been using cleats for decades when playing on turf and to great effect.

You will find that the spikes and studs on the bottom of cleats for both Paintball and Football are very similar and if you are unable to find Paintball specific cleats, or if you play both Paintball and Football or Soccer then you would be able to shave a few bucks off the cost of all your equipment by repurposing your Football cleats for Paintball or vice-versa.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are in the market for new Paintball Cleats then you are in luck as there are many great options available to you. No matter the terrain of your field or the profile of the cleat, you will find that you can find something to suit your needs.

Hopefully, this article has been of use to you in showcasing you some fine choices of product and some of the things to consider when you browse the marker for your next pair of Paintball Cleats.

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