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Building Lego is a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Maybe you, or someone you know, have been enjoying this hobby for a while now.

For these more advanced builders, they may be getting bored with their typical Lego sets and want something that can really challenge them.

Within this article we will help guide you towards some Lego sets that will challenge even the most skilled builders and show you what to look for to help you with your choice.

As someone who enjoys more advanced Lego builds, you may think you know all there is to know about Lego Building but why not check out our complete Lego Building guide to make sure.

Top 5 Advanced Lego Sets

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron
Perfect for the collection of any Lego builder with a love of sports cars, the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron is a build like no other. This 1:8 scale Bugatti Chiron build is created with 3599 pieces and features a classic duo-tone blue color scheme. Measuring over 5 inches (14cm) high, 22 inches (56cm) long and 9 inches (25cm) wide, this build is a great project to display.

4. Fan Favorite

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
Any Lego builder who is a fan of Harry Potter will know of this iconic set, due to it’s impressive scale and complexity. Comprised of 6,020 pieces and measuring over 22 inches (58cm) high, 27 inches (69cm) wide and 16 inches (43cm) deep, this Lego set would provide an excellent centerpiece for any collection.

3. Tech Enthusiast’s Choice

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Remote Control Robot Kit
An interesting and unique Lego set, the MINDSTORM allows you to build a Lego robot that can then be programmed and provides an excellent educational tool. The main robot, SPIK3R, is over 16” high, 14” long and 15” wide is built with 601 pieces and includes the intelligent EV3 Brick, 3 servo motors, plus color, touch and IR sensors. Definitely a fun and rewarding Lego project for the tech lovers out there.

2. Editor’s Choice

LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator
This high-tech construction toy is powered by 2 advanced Smart Hubs with 7 motors and LEGO builders learn advanced elements of engineering as they construct and play. Measuring over 15 inches (39cm) high, 25 inches (65cm) long and 10 inches (27cm) wide, and with lots of true-to-life details and an authentic color scheme, this Lego set is a great choice for those who love a challenge.

1. Collector’s choice

LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal
An amazing Lego set for those you love impressive and large scale builds, the Lego Taj Mahal contains over 10,000 pieces and measures over 16” (43cm) high, 20” (51cm) wide and 20” (51cm) deep. The Taj Mahal model features a wealth of rich details, including sweeping arches, ornate domes, soaring minarets, and decorative finials. This is an incredible set for those who love the architecture of famous landmarks.

Buyers Guide: Advanced Lego Sets

What are the prices for Advanced Lego Sets?

The prices you can expect for a more advanced set of Lego start at around the price of $300 and can go as high as up to $700, if you are buying them at retail price.

Some sets may no longer be available at retail price as they have ended their commercial run. You can still pick one of these sets up if you really want it, however, they will usually be at a price above what they sold for at retail

These higher prices may hurt your wallet a bit more than usual, but you will now have access to a high-quality and challenging build that will definitely be worth the money if you are serious about Lego Building.

Will these Lego Sets be challenging enough?

If you are wondering whether these more advanced builds will have enough challenge for you, the answer will most likely be yes.

These pricier sets are extremely complex with a lot of individual pieces with interesting brick placements that are sure to get your brain ticking, even with an instruction manual.

If you want to make sure a particular set has the appropriate level of challenge for you then you can always check some online reviews.

There are also videos online that go through the build process of individual sets and these could be good to watch to get the scale and challenge of these sets before you buy.

What are the build times like for Advanced Lego Sets?

As you might expect, the build times for a more advanced set of Lego will usually be much higher than the build time for a set of a more basic nature.

This can be for a number of reasons, for example, simply the amount of bricks that you have to put together is usually a lot more than a standard set.

Another reason is that they are often larger and have brick types that may be rarer to see in other sets and so getting to grips with how these bricks fit together to make the whole set can increase the build times.

What kinds of bricks can you expect in an Advanced Lego Set?

Due to their complex nature, advanced Lego sets will often contain bricks of many different shapes and sizes. They will also most likely have the greatest range in the size of the bricks contained within the set.

Within an advanced set, you can expect there to be the smallest kinds of bricks (such as the 1×1 round plates), all the way up to the largest of the bricks (something like the 50×50 base plate).

There are, of course, many kinds of bricks that you will find within the set that are all kinds of sizes in between these two extremes, and these will likely be the most common kinds of bricks within the set.

Should I display my Advanced Lego Set?

This is mostly personal preference, but it would be a shame to have spent so much time and effort on a Lego Building project and not show it off at least a little.

If you do wish to put your model on display, a lot of the more advanced sets often come with some kind of stand or another display tool, so that you can put your model on show for others to see.

Sometimes these stands require some assembly and others come as an all-in-one piece that you can set your model atop. In some circumstances, the stand itself may have to be constructed from some of the Lego within the set which is a very interesting way to do things.

Can some cheaper Lego Sets be Advanced?

As stated before, the more advanced a set of Lego is the higher the price will tend to be. This is not always the case, but it is much easier to find more advanced sets at higher prices.

Due to the more advanced sets generally having more pieces and being larger in size, the price naturally will rise with these attributes. There will be some sets that are a little cheaper than the standard for advanced sets (that being around $300-700).

If you would like a somewhat advanced set that is also cheaper, try looking at sets around the $200-250 price point. It would also be worth looking at reviews to see if they are up to scratch.

What is the typical age range for an Advanced Set?

Generally, the more advanced a set, the older the minimum recommended age is. This is often due to the complexity of these advanced sets being much greater.

For an advanced set, the minimum recommended age could be something like 8-13 years of age. You can of course build these sets if you are younger, but it would be beneficial to have someone older build it with you.

There is no top end of the age range and anyone over this minimum age can get the full enjoyment out of these advanced Lego Sets.

Should I build the Advanced Sets in a group?

If you have young siblings or children, or just need a helping hand, building your Lego set in a group can be a great way to have even more fun than you might usually.

By building in a group you can make good memories and have an end result you can be proud of and display for all to see. It may also even help you to build the set faster, if this is something you want.

It can also be beneficial if you bought the set for a young child and they seem confused with how they can build the set themselves. This will allow you to help them achieve their goal and have a great time doing it.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are many Lego sets that can be a rewarding and fun challenge for those of you who are advanced in your Lego building skills.

If you have gotten bored with the typical Lego builds and are willing to spend a bit of extra money, then you can find yourself some really complex and interesting Lego sets.

We hope that this article has helped you to make the best choice on which set you should get.

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