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Is Street Luge an Olympic Sport




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A bit about whilst street luge is not an Olympic sport, ice luge is. And it’s similar.

How. Street luge is an extreme sport, making it appear suitable for the Olympics. It is not an Olympic sport, however!

Why? Because of the sheer level of danger!

How Does Street Luge Work?

Street luge involves a specialized street luging board, protective gear, and the proper know-how!

Before anyone can start street luging, they should find a location where (ideally) it’s legal. This is because, in many places, street luge is illegal.

The boards get going so fast, they break the speed limit (which applies to any vehicle, motorized or not). 

What’s more, street luging in public leaves you and those around you open to even greater risk. This includes traffic, uneven street surfaces, and obstacles.

A street luge course is not only much more legal, but it’s also safer.

What’s more, you may find like-minded street lugers to race. Just make sure that you wear the proper gear.

All that you do is suit up, situate yourself on your specialized luge board properly, and start down a hill (the momentum will do the rest).

Once you’ve got some experience street luging, you can reach speeds of 80 MPH or greater! 

Is Street Luge an Olympic Sport? (Why or Why Not)

The giant logo of the 2024 Olympic games

Due to its high speeds and extreme nature, you might have cause to wonder, is street luge an Olympic sport? Street luge is, in fact, quite similar to ice luge (a beloved Winter Olympics sport), but it is not an Olympic sport itself.

Why? Simple: because it involves so much risk. At 80 MPH or more, a crash can have a devastating effect. Racing suits can only do so much, and luge boards themselves have little protection to offer.

What’s more, luge boards are notoriously difficult to steer. All of this makes the hobby extraordinarily – even for the Olympics – high-risk! 

Street Luge vs Ice Luge – Similarities and How They Differ

So, what is the difference between street luge, which is not an Olympic sport, and ice luge, which is? First off, ice (while still extremely solid) is not quite as unforgiving as pavement.

It’s less likely to give you road rash, and you’re more likely to slide to a stop rather than crash (although crashing does still happen in ice luge and can be brutal). What’s more, ice luge boards don’t go quite as fast.

While street luge boards can potentially reach and even exceed 100 MPH, ice luge tends to taper off at around 90 MPH. Finally, ice luge can only really be accomplished on a course – unless you happen to live next to a very snowy, icy hill and carve a course out yourself.

The athlete descends on a sleigh

This means that everything is already plotted out, and the course is smooth and clear. All of this makes ice luging, compared to street luging, a fair bit safer!

Is Street Luge an Extreme Sport?

So, street luge is not an Olympic sport, but is it an extreme sport? In the sense that it is extreme, and that you can compete with other racers, sure. In the sense that there are other racers, no is your answer.

At first, street luge looked like it would become an extreme sport. The first official races were in California, in the ’80s. Unfortunately, when all was said and done, too many were injured, and too frequently (both participants in the races, and spectators).

All of this has relegated street luging to little more than a hobby.

There are still plenty of adrenaline junkies who street luge on their own or on courses unofficially, however!

Where Can You Do It

If you’re interested in giving street luging a try, you’ll need to find a good spot for it. In most places, the hobby is illegal outside of a course.

That doesn’t stop some from late-night racing on the streets – just be aware of the legality. Obstacles and slippery gravel can also be an issue, whereas a course should be much smoother and safer!

Don’t Forget the Proper Gear and Know-How

If you’re interested in this extreme hobby, make sure that you’ve got the proper gear as well as know-how. It’s better to err on the side of caution, rather than obtain an injury that will slow you down and take a while to heal.

Wear a helmet and suit up, and you’ll be able to enjoy street luging with more freedom and for longer!

So, when it comes to the question, ‘is street luge an Olympic sport?’ there’s your answer! It is not an Olympic sport, due to the high degree of danger.

This being said, it still exists as an extreme hobby, which you can enjoy with a little know-how!

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