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Street Luge Board Prices




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If you’re thinking of getting into street luge, you’re in for some fun – but it’ll be a bit of an investment.

First off, you’ll need to the board. Then, you’ll need to find an appropriate course, and last, there’s the gear. Take a look to learn the most common street luge board prices, as well as the typical cost of gear!

Street Luge Boards – What to Look For

As with any product, not all street luge boards are built the same. Some are faster, more affordable, or safer. When it comes to choosing a street luge board, here’s what you’ll want to consider!

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard
  • Long Boards Skateboard for Adults & Teen Skaters Enjoy the 41″ Long x 9.25″ Wide longboard deck, crafted with multi-layered bamboo and canadian maple core. Experience exceptional durability with this long board 9-Ply construction. Ideal for beginners venturing into longboard experience and for advanced riders ready to elevate their downhill and freeride techniques.
  • Cruiser Bamboo Longboard: Unleash your longboard skateboard adventures with ease. Adult-friendly longboard features drop through trucks and a drop down deck for effortless riding. Long boards skateboard perfect for carving the neighborhood, campus cruising, or coastal Exploration. Its mild concave, low center of gravity, and symmetrical shape ensure seamless maneuverability for an unforgettable ride.
  • Elevate Your Ride with Unmatched Stability and Strength: Glide effortlessly with our longboard heavy-duty 7″ (180mm) aluminum alloy trucks and 70 x 53mm smooth hooligan wheels. Engineered with a custom hooligan core for peak performance and unbeatable durability, experience the ultimate long board adventure.

Is the Board Economical? Keyword street luge board prices. Unless you’ve got cash to burn, you probably don’t want to go out and buy the most expensive street luge board out there.

This will cost roughly the same as a car! Typically, street luge board prices vary from around $900-$2000. Or, you may be able to find a used board online for cheaper!

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Is the Board a Suitable Length?

When picking out a street luge board, you’ll no doubt want one that’s a suitable length. Make sure that it’s not so long that you can’t fit snugly, or so short that you can barely fit.

You should be secure and comfortable, with the ability to move – or rest – your feet freely. Most boards are around 5-feet in length, allowing the rider to recline with knees bent.

You can do a special search for a shorter or longer board, however!

How Much Does the Board Weigh?

Most street luge boards are about 30 pounds. This being said, if you have a different preference,

you can probably find a board that’s heavier (and likely more durable) or lighter (although you might need to search around a bit). It all depends on what you’re looking for! 

What’s the Board Made Of

Most street luge boards these days are made of fiberglass or airplane-grade aluminum. These materials are ideal for street luge, as they’re both highly durable, and lightweight.

There are also some that are made of wood or steel, although the former materials are more popular!

Street Luge Board DIY

If you want, you can also always try to make a street luge board yourself. The most popular online DIY calls for plywood, a two-by-four, and the wheels and trucks from a longboard.

Just keep in mind that there is a trade-off. Because homemade street luge boards have more potential for flaws, and the designs aren’t officially tested, there can a fair bit more risk!

Street Luge Gear

Along with any street luge board prices, you’ll also want to consider the cost of the necessary gear. See below!

  • Helmet. Experts agree, no one should ever try street luging without a helmet. In any activity, damage to the head poses the most danger. A helmet durable enough for street luging should cost around $100-300.
    You don’t want to stint on this, and go with a less durable helmet, however. You’ll be going high speeds, and a bike helmet simply won’t do the trick!
  • Face shield. Along with a helmet, you’ll also want a face shield.
    This will effectively protect your face from dust and gravel (just make sure it’s suitably heavy-duty).
  • Racing suit. Any street luger should have an appropriate racing suit.
    This will provide a tough, protective layer over your body in case of a crash. This will make road rash less of a risk!
  • Booties. ‘Booties’ aren’t just a fashionable women’s shoe, or a baby’s shoe, but also a type of street luging shoe.
    These are lightweight, to maximize the speed of the ambitious street luger.
    The best booties will also be highly durable so that you can brake (which is done with your feet in street luge) without having the outer sole tear!
  • Racing gloves. In the event of a crash, the most natural reaction is to throw your hands in front of yourself.
    This will help to shield your face and head but leaves your hands open to a lot of potential damage.
    When it comes to protecting your hands, as well, some ultra-durable racing gloves will do the trick!

So, there you have it: the basics on street luge board prices and other important things to consider! Remember to street luge safely and with the proper gear and know-how, and best of luck!

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