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What’s The Fastest Speed Recorded For Street Luge?




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In street luge, you can go really, really fast.

If you’re wondering what’s the fastest recorded speed for street luge, it was set by Damian Andrey at a whopping 101 MPH.

More normal max speeds for a typical street luger are a respectable 80-90 MPH, which is still as fast as a car!

The History of This Fast-Paced Hobby

Street luge has only gotten faster over the years. In fact, street luge started out as a faster, safer alternative to ‘buttboarding,’ which sitting on a longboard and riding it down a hill.

Buttboarders can already reach some crazy speeds (60+ MPH), but street luge takes it even further!

With the streamlined design of street luge boards, there is more of a focus on speed.

Their lightweight design allows them to glide across the ground, while your weight and sheer momentum do the work.

As a result, a street luge board can reach speeds of up to 80-90 MPH – as fast as a car! 

Folks were already racing via buttboarding, so with even greater speeds possible, inofficial street luge racing took right off.

Usually, in street luge races, just two riders are pitted against each other!

What’s the Fastest Speed Recorded for Street Luge? 

Damian Andrey (of Switzerland) reached a whopping 101 MPH. This is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest gravity-powered street luge speed ever!

Speeds recorded at the Olympic

Considering the high speeds you can reach, you might wonder if street luge is an Olympic sport.

Wasn’t there a luge race, after all? While there is indeed ice luge racing in the Olympics, this involves a sled rather than a wheeled board and ice rather than pavement.

Woman Triumphantly Lifts Olympic Circle at Modern Olympic Stadium

So, why is one an Olympic sport, but not the other? Because of the plain level of danger!

Street luging is incredibly difficult, as the boards are very hard to stop or control.

What’s more, pavement is unforgiving, and all of this at speeds of 60-90 MPH.

In fact, there were several official races in the ‘80s, and many ended with injuries, to racers and spectators alike.

In a nutshell, street luge is not an Olympic sport because it’s just too high risk!

How Fast Can You Go (Personally)

If you’re wondering how fast you personally can go with your own street luge, ‘fast’ is your answer.

Once you get going down that hill, stopping becomes more difficult than going faster!

Even a casual street luger like yourself can exceed speeds of 60-70 MPH.

With this in mind, a smart street luger will have all of the essential protective gear!

Street Luge Is So Fast That It’s Often Illegal

Because you get going so fast, street luging in public is often illegal.

man arrested by police

This is because you can literally exceed 60 MPH, reaching as much as 90 MPH.

This is well past most speed limits – it’s as fast as a speeding car! 

Because of this, many find it necessary to find a street luge course or a course that is street-luge friendly.

These smoothly-paved courses will give you a way to street luge that’s not only legal but also somewhat safer! 

How Are Street Luge Boards So Fast?

So, how are street luge boards so fast, anyway? First off, you have the design: streamlined.

There’s very little air resistance, allowing the board to pick up speed unhindered.

Next, street luge boards are crafted from super-lightweight materials (such as airplane-grade aluminum).

Now, add your weight to the board, which will keep your center of gravity nice and low.

Finally, the momentum will only build as you go down a hill – driving you faster and faster! In fact, the inability to slow or stop is a very real risk!

Learn more about this amazing hobby and sport here

Street Luge is a High-Speed Hobby That Calls for Protective Gear

man street luging

Now that you’ve got a good idea of how fast – really fast – street luging is, you can probably see the importance of proper protective gear.

Without it, the risk of seriously injuring yourself is exponentially greater!

First off, this calls for a heavy-duty, snugly-fitting helmet. Next, you’ll want a face shield, as you’re sure to kick up some dust.

A durable, full-body racing suit – including racing gloves – is also a must-have. Finally, since you’ll be using your feet to stop, you’ll want a super-tough pair of booties.

These are lightweight and yet durable, perfect for the aspiring street luger!

So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘what’s the fastest speed recorded for street luge,’ now you know!

101 MPH is the current record in the Guinness Book of World Records, at an insane 101 MPH.

What’s more, speeds of 60-90 MPH are attainable by even your average street luger!

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