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How Much Does Ham Radio Cost to Start as a Hobby?




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When setting up a simple ham radio setup or a more complex ham radio shack, the cost is usually the biggest limiting factor to how big the setup can be.

The cost of a ham radio setup can range from as low as $100 and to as high as $100,000 for the complex low-end High-Frequency band shacks.

When starting you will need about $30 for study guides and other materials that come with a set of questions helpful for passing your ham license exam and a handheld transceiver/HT which can cost as low as $25. But on average you can expect to spend about $600 on midrange mobile HF systems which are essential for worldwide communication that you can set up with the help of an Elmer.

However, it is important to strike a balance between the cost, the available space, and the quality of the equipment you are investing in. Your investment must be worth the amount you are spending.

To get a better understating of how much you can expect to spend on ham radio, we should look at the costs to consider in more detail.

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Licensing cost

If you have reached this point of interest in amateur radio, you probably already know that you need a license to broadcast on ham radio.

Getting a ham license is free in most countries but you will need to take a test and buy some study guides most of which come at a fee.

Most study guides will cost around $30 on average but you can expect to spend as much as $90 on these guides and ham classes depending on the amateur radio level you want to be operating at.

The good news is that with the internet age, you do not have to spend as much money on these study materials if you are on a limited budget. There are numerous online guides that you can get for free that range from blogs to YouTube videos which you can use for free ham test preparation.

young man operating ham radio

You can also use the many available ham forums where you can ask various questions on this hobby.

Once you have adequately prepared for your exam, you will need to take the actual exam. You may be required to pay a small fee before the test(s) is issued. The cost of these tests can range depending on which country you live in.

Once you complete your ham test, your license, and your call sign (a unique ham identity code) should be issued to you within a matter of days.

In the United States

There are 3 ham tests that you can take if you live in the US ranging from the technician level exam, the general level exam, and finally the amateur extra level exam.

Each of these tests costs $15 if you take them in different sittings for a total of $45, but you can save yourself $30 by taking all the exams in one sitting which will mean that you can operate within the highest level once you receive your license.

But you also need to be highly prepared and well-conversant with the ins and outs of ham radio before sitting for the exams.

More details on obtaining your License in the US here

ham radio cost

In Canada

There two main certifications for Canadian residents which are the Amateur Operator level and the advanced level.

The exams are offered for free which can be done by accredited examiners or local industry district officers.

Canadian License details here

In the United Kingdom

There are three certification levels in the UK namely, the Foundation level, the Intermediate level, and the Full level.

The Foundation level exam costs around $37, the Intermediate level exam costs around $44 while the Full level exam which is the highest level you can obtain in the UK, is around $50.

Unfortunately, you will also need to pay for the operating license which costs $27 for the lowest Foundation level license for postal and other applications but is free for online applications.

More Information here

In India

If you plan to move to India or live in India, there are two main license level exams which are the Restricted Grade and General Grade.

Each exam will cost you less than 2 US dollars.

In Australia

Australia offers 3 exam levels which are the Foundation, Standard, and Advanced level exams.

However, the ham license costs in Australia are unusually high with the exams going for about $90. You may also need to part away with $80 to get a license which you will then be required to renew annually for $55 and as much as $60 to get a call sign.

Ham radio equipment costs

As far as amateur radio equipment is concerned, you can go as low as possible or as high as possible depending on your budget and the performance of the equipment.

The most basic equipment will include a handheld transceiver which is also known as an HT. Handheld Baofeng UV-5R  radios are examples of HTs. The handheld devices can range between $25 and $100 and mainly come in the 2-meter (VHF) and 70-centimeter (UHF) bands.

You will be able to communicate with local hams with the help of local repeaters, but you can also send transmissions to international hams using linked repeaters commonly known as IRLP or Internet Radio Linking Projects where you use codes to transmit to ham repeaters that are connected to the internet by calling your local repeater.

man holding a ham radio walkie talkie

You can also take it a notch higher by using mid-range and mobile HF transceivers which you can use to broadcast on HF bands as long as you have a license for that.

These HF transceivers go for between $500 and $600 on average but you will need other accessories such as an antenna for your car and home and a 12V power supply for your home.

You can get a detachable magnetic antenna for your car which will cost you as low as $25 excluding shipping while you can get a proper home antenna for around $160 but you can also build a DIY antenna with easily sourceable materials for around $100.

If you are on a more flexible budget, you can spend as much as $1000 on an antenna.

What’s more, if you are going to get a home antenna, you will also need a coaxial cable for a proper connection which will set you back about $50, and grounding wire which goes for around $20.

a man using walkie talkie during hike

Let us also not forget about the 12V power supply for your amateur home setup. You will need a power supply unit that can deliver 20 amps continuous, on the lower end.

A high-quality PSU will cost around $150 but you can spend as little as $70 on the Power Supply Unit.

If you are looking to set up a ham base station, you will need about $1200 for the ham radio gear alone without factoring other accessories such as the PSUs, an antenna which will probably cost more than that of a mobile HF system, and other accessories such as grounding wire and coaxial cable that we have touched on above.

You should also factor in other things such as lighting, wiring for the ham station shack, and so on. This means that you can expect to spend as much as $2500 on a ham radio station or even much more depending on the kind of performance gear you are going for.

To sum it up

As you can see from above, a ham radio setup can go from quite affordable to pretty expensive depending on the type of gear you are going for, your license, the country you live in and other costs such as shipping and tax that we have not factored into our amateur radio investment.

I would recommend that you attend local hamfests and amateur radio sales as these are where you can find friendly prices on both new and used gear.

We have also not touched on joining a local amateur radio club which can be extremely helpful, especially when you are starting out and so forth. Most of these clubs will allow you to join and renew the annual membership for less than $40 a year.

A large sum of this money goes into maintaining local repeaters and ensuring that they always have the juice to keep them running.

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