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11 Trending Hobbies in 2021 | Hobbies You Won’t Have Tried Before!




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Any time is a good time to try something new. Maybe you’ve never had a hobby, or you’ve outgrown your old pursuits and are looking to take on something new. 

New hobbies will improve your mental and physical health and make you more confident and interesting to other people. Here are 11 hobbies you’ve probably not tried before:

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11. Podcasting

Podcasting is becoming more popular as a way to communicate and connect with audiences all over the world.

If your interests are speaking and interviewing, podcasting is an excellent medium to express yourself without limitations like a local radio station.

Choose a topic you’re passionate about and create valuable content that will impact and connect with your audience.

You can also have guests to interview on the podcast. The great thing about it is you can record, edit, and publish using your phone.

10. Meditation

Although meditation is an ancient practice, it has become even more useful because of the stress and anxiety caused by a fast-paced world.

Meditation is a fast-growing health trend, with several meditation studios popping up worldwide.

Meditation is scientifically proven to control anxiety, reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, and increase attention span through focus and a series of breathing exercises.

This makes it a highly sought hobby for people looking to improve their mental health.

woman writing poem

9. Writing

The great thing about writing as a hobby is that you can do it in many forms or stick to the one that appeals to you the most. These include journaling, blogging, fiction stories, poetry, and non-fiction books.

Nowadays, most people write with digital devices like phones and computers, but you can also write with a good old pen and paper.

Writing helps you communicate with clarity, gain awareness of your reality, eliminate stress, and be more productive.

To start writing as a hobby, make sure you read a lot to help with your vocabulary.

Whenever an idea crosses your mind for a writing project, note it down to not forget it. This hobby never grows old.

8. Learn a New Language

Knowing a second language allows you to connect with people from different cultures and countries around the world.

It helps while studying in a foreign country, traveling and also boosts your resume depending on what job you’re applying for.

There’s no limit to which language you can learn, but some of the most popular ones include Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, and Russian.

You don’t have to leave your home for this since online learning makes it easy. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

7. Painting

You’ve probably not tried painting because you assume that you have to be a talented artist.

Well, you don’t. Painting is not just about making masterpieces but enjoying the process of creating something from your surroundings or imagination. You can paint anything you want to.

Like many other creative hobbies, painting makes you feel relaxed, enhances your problem-solving skills, and gives you an optimistic attitude to life.

You don’t need any expensive equipment. Simply start with a basic pad, a paintbrush, and a few colors.

hand using phone taking photo beauty sunflower field

6. Photography

Once a special moment has passed, you can’t get it back. Thanks to photography, you can capture it and keep it.

This is an excellent hobby for keeping memories of special events and travel for keepsakes or sharing with friends and family, as well as generations to come.

Lately, the use of social media demands that you post aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Whether it’s your personal or business account, posting good quality photos will go a long way in selling your brand.

And it’s much cheaper than hiring a professional. And no, you don’t need an expensive camera.

5. Volunteering

Helping others gives you peace and makes you happy. Finding jobs lately is not as easy as it used to be.

While you’re waiting for your next employment, find a cause to volunteer for as it looks good on your resume.

It gives your future employer a glimpse of your strengths and personality. It’s not just about sending some money each month.

Find out from your nearest county office any opportunities to volunteer in your community.

You can take off a few hours each weekend to help at a community kitchen, or you can offer your skills. Some voluntary organizations need help with web designing, writing, and you can do all these online.

4. Baking

This hobby is always trending and never goes out of style. So many people love it because it’s easy to do and yummy too. It’s a hobby for all ages. As long as you can read, you can bake.

Most likely, you already have almost everything you need to bake simple cupcakes or cookies. The ingredients are inexpensive and accessible.

The great thing about baking is that it teaches you precision, which you learn while measuring ingredients.

This skill benefits other areas of your life. It enhances your creativity as you learn how to make unique shapes and patterns.

You can also make money from it by selling to family and friends. Who can resist a moist chocolate chip cookie?

Woman play a song on ukulele, close-up musical instrument.

3. Playing a Musical Instrument

You may have heard that it’s easier for children to learn how to play a musical instrument, but adults can learn too.

Music develops your creativity, increases productivity, builds confidence, and reduces stress. Playing an instrument is also known to enhance your brainpower, making you smarter.

Music also has social and emotional benefits, like making friends and giving you a sense of happiness.

You can choose an instrument depending on what kind of music appeals to you. The most popular and easiest instruments to play include the keyboard, piano, recorder, classical guitar, drum set, and flute.

Learn how to play from the comfort of your home through online platforms like Simply Piano, Piano Nanny, Zebra Keys, imusic-school, and many others.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great activity, whether you have other hobbies or not. You can do it in several ways, including walking, running, dancing, weightlifting, jump rope, cycling, boxing, sports, and so on. Whatever works best for you is what you should do.

It benefits your physical and mental health. Physically, you will lose unnecessary weight and tone your body.

Mentally, exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel good and fight stress and depression. It’s a fun hobby that you can do solo or as a group.

Hikers walking by the creek in forest with their shoes in hand

1. Hiking

Hiking is the perfect opportunity to get away from challenges that come with an everyday stressful, fast-paced life. It’s a combination of fitness, mental health, and unplugging.

You can finally slow down, breathe fresh air, and unclutter your mind. Hiking also offers some of the most beautiful scenery, which is quite relaxing.

Since it’s now a trending hobby, you might find many people on the trails, so the best thing to do is start early.

Set your own goals for distance and achieve them at your own pace. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and trail running shoes or trail hiking shoes.

Hiking alone is a rewarding experience, but you may want to start by hiking in a group until you get the hang of things as a beginner.

Take the Leap

At least one of these hobbies is something you have never done before. Trying something new can be intimidating and scary, but moving beyond the familiar is a good thing for your health, career, and relationships. Start any of these trending hobbies today.

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