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11 Hobbies For Housewives (Take Time For Yourself)




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Being a housewife is the most underrated job ever. Or should that be “jobs” since it involves the most multitasking of any job?

Taking care of the kids, the house, and in some cases, the garden is a lot to do.

You do so much every day; it’s no wonder that you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. That’s why you need to take time for yourself to destress.

What better way to do that than with a hobby. Here’s a list of hobbies for homemakers to help you get some balance in your life.

housewive looking for a new hobby

Woman writing a diary or journal, relaxing at home

11. Writing

You can keep a journal, start a blog, or write a book.  You can choose to write about your life, parenting, or think of some entirely out of this world fiction stories. 

Taking the words out of your mind and putting them on paper will help relieve stress.

On top of that, fiction writing is a great way to escape into a different reality. 

You can even monetize your work to get extra money. Also, writing stimulates your brain and helps you feel relaxed.

woman running outside in sunny nature

10. Running

Getting away from the house for a while will help you clear your head. This is why a running hobby is a perfect excuse to get out of the house. 

It will give you time to think about stuff without anyone screaming your name. ( Moms your name, right?).

On top of that, it will help you keep in good shape. Depending on your schedule, you can run in the morning or evening.

If you can manage, try doing it every day, it’s an excellent way to destress.

If you can’t do it every day, that’s still okay. A few times a week will do. 

Interior designer working on project

9. Interior design

Designing your home interiors can be a fun and stimulating hobby. It will give you the option of making your house look just the way it does in your dreams.

Not only that, but it’s also a practical way to save or make some extra money.

What’s more, you get to spend some time all by yourself working on your designs.

It’s a great way to escape from your responsibility while doing something useful. 

If you have a knack for painting, you can add that into the mix. Customize your walls or items of furniture to suit your taste.

You can work around your kids’ school schedule so you won’t get any interruptions.

Cropped shot of women making homemade scrapbooking album from paper.

8. Crafting

Improve your coordination and express your feelings by taking up craft.

You can choose from many different arts and crafts until you find what fits your personality.

Drawing, beading, scrapbooking, adult coloring, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Enjoy time spend time alone while channeling your inner creativity. In addition, you can turn your creations into a money-making venture.

Mommy can make some money while having some downtime. 

Woman Doing Product Photography

7. Photo or videography

There are many things you can do with your phone besides googling for mom advice.

You can use your phone and a few other gadgets to take photos or videos and edit them.

The videos will be great for home viewing. Moreover, you can post them on the internet.

Playing around with pictures and videos is great because it allows you to look at life from your lens.

Giving you something else to focus on besides your stressful duties. 

Woman play a song on ukulele

6. Playing an instrument

Take the time to learn how to play a new instrument. Not only will this help you relax, it a great way to get time to yourself.

You can choose any instrument you wish and get tutorials on the internet to help you learn. 

It’s also a great idea to go to music school, so you get out of the house for a little bit.

Music is great because it feeds your emotions. That way, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. 

You are sure to feel relaxed after a session of your favorite instrument. If you up for it you can learn several different instruments.

Once you pick up the skill, you might even start your teaching channel on youtube.

People dancing in a fitness class

5. Dancing

Much like music, dance helps to take the blues away. It’s a great hobby for busy homemakers.

You can choose the dance type you want to learn. Or, if you are up for the adventure, pick a different style every couple of weeks. 

You get to enjoy learning what your body can do. Not only that, it’s good exercise so you’ll stay in shape. At home or a dance school, you can learn some entertaining moves.

It doesn’t hurt that you be the life of the party when you get to go out. (Hopefully).

woman watching TV on sofa at home

4. Watching TV

Yes, that’s a valid hobby like any other; let no one tell you any different.

You can use those late-night hours to focus on the lives of TV folk. Immerse yourself in a good documentary or a series, whichever you prefer. 

TV is a great way to stop thinking about all that’s going on around you. Also, if you need a good cry, put on a sad film and have yourself a cryfest.

You’ll have plenty of things to watch, and you can do it all alone. 

playing word scramble

3. Games 

As a housewife, you probably spend most of the time playing kids’ games.

So why not give yourself a break and play some games for grown-ups.

You can pick from a wide range of single-person games like solitaire or word scramble. 

Games are a great hobby because they challenge you intellectually.

Which is what you need, or your days revolve around house maintenance and children’s activities.

What’s more, there are plenty of games that don’t require a second partner, so you can use the opportunity to get some me-time. 

woman relaxing on the bench by the pond

2. People watching

You can sit in the park, watch people, and have fun creating backstories for the people you see.

Grab a cup of coffee while you are at it and enjoy some fun all on your own.

People watching helps you to forget about your own life for a bit. 

It’s a great way to story-tell without the obligation of writing. And you don’t even have to spend a dime.

a woman driving a car going to nowhere

1. Driving

Taking an occasional drive to nowhere, in particular, is good to relax and clear your thoughts.

The great thing about this hobby is that you don’t have to schedule a time to do it.

It’s a no-pressure hobby that you can do whenever you feel like it. Just be sure you change directions now and then so you can stay safe. 

Final Thought

Hobbies are supposed to be fun leisure activities to help you relax. So taking up a hobby like cooking or baking may defeat the point.

It will feel like you are doing your everyday chores and make you stressed all over again. 

That said, pick a hobby that’s fun, enjoyable, and can hopefully take you out of the house for a while so you can relax and get some alone time.

Remember, don’t feel the pressure of scheduling your hobby like a duty. 

We hope this list of hobby ideas for housewives will help you.

Pick a hobby from the list so you can take some time for yourself and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.  

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