American Hobbies | 11 Most Popular Hobbies in the USA

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Hobbies are a big part of a human’s life. Whether you’re leading a life with a busy schedule or you’re someone with free time on your hand, hobbies are a wonderful way to be productive while being relaxed at the same time.

It’s best to invest your time in learning skills and to get into hobbies that will help you grow.

So, if you’re someone looking for unique and mind-tickling hobbies, we’ve devised a list just for you.

We’ve raked through dozens of surveys to find and list the 11 most unique hobbies amongst Americans, that you certainly need to try. So, let’s get started!

Top 11 Unique and Popular Hobbies in the USA

Our list comprises of the most creative and refreshing hobbies you can pick up this year.

Whether you’re creative, want to help the world, enjoy public speaking or anything else, our list has something for each individual so let’s begin!

1. Podcasting

Do you enjoy speaking your thoughts out? Or are you someone with a lot of opinions to give but not a lot of people to talk to? Podcasting is the hobby for you.

Podcasts have gradually become popular, and we can see why. From current events to 3am thoughts, the world of podcasts is filled with therapeutic monologues and conversations that people can just unwind to.

You can quickly start your own and with little to no investment at all. All you need is a good microphone, and you’re done. Apps like Anchor allow you to make a podcast by yourself or with other people, just through your phone!

If you get lucky, you might make a good buck out of it on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Speak your mind and heart out and let it out on the world.

Not only is it therapeutic, but you can connect with like-minded individuals as well.

2. Blogging

Blogging is all the rage these days. You can compile your thoughts and knowledge onto a public platform that everyone can easily access. From your daily routine to writing about topics of your interests, the possibilities are endless.

Even with blogging, you can easily monetize your blog and get paid in turn. The world of blogging is an infinite pool of knowledge and building passive income streams, so why not get into it?

You can quickly learn the basics from online videos and tutorials and start this hobby.

Not only will your knowledge expand and refine itself, but you will also get a chance to improve your writing and conveyance skills.

3. Social Media Influencing

Yes, building a social media presence is actually a hobby. Strategies and work go into increasing your following on social media platforms, and you can invest your time in doing that as a hobby.

By building a large following, you will be able to spread your work, thoughts, and initiatives to people worldwide. Thus, the term “influencer” was coined.

There are multiple sources online that can guide you on basic marketing skills and growing your social media.

That way, you can get your content across while creating a strong following that will help you out in your future endeavors.

4. Cosplaying

Ah the anime geek favorite, cosplaying. This is one of the most enticing hobbies to develop, and if you’re someone who loves anime, this will be a dream come true for you.

So, what is cosplaying? It’s essentially dressing up and adapting the role of characters from animated cartoons, movies, animes, mangas and so on.

It’s a fun and interactive way to change up your look once in a while, also serving as a way to connect with more anime lovers.

You can even partake in cosplay competitions. Conventions and contests are a significant factor in the world of cosplay, so if you’re an anime stan, this is your sign to get into cosplay.

5. Soap carving

Soap shaving videos are incredibly satisfying but have you seen soap carvings? This intricate art form can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby to pick up.

All you need is some sharp and precise objects to carve out the soap with, and of course, some soap. You can trace off designs or make your own to create beautiful soap sculptures that can be a beautiful decoration piece.

Not only will the fresh scent of your favorite soap keep you happy, but the shaping and carving process can be incredibly satisfying.

6. Volunteering at Animal Shelters

Want to spend your time in helping out the world? You can do that by volunteering at animal shelters.

This hobby will not only warm your heart up with the site of all the animals but also feel incredibly rewarding to yourself at the end.

Look out for listings in your local newspapers and on social media, and go out to help them out.

This hobby will definitely make you feel content while helping out the world.

7. Metal Detecting

It seems odd, but metal detecting can actually be a fun hobby. You never know what sorts of hidden treasures are there in your backyard.

All you need to do is invest in a metal detector, and you’re good to go.

From spare parts to maybe some jewelry pieces, you can get lucky when playing around with a metal detector.

This activity takes up very little energy and keeps you engaged for some time.

8. Puppetry

The world of puppetry is slowly dying but learning it can be amusing. You can even make your own puppets from scratch to start off this hobby.

Learning the art of puppetry may be a tricky task for some, but it is certainly is worth it.

From designing the sets to forming the characters and writing the act out, this hobby will surely keep you engaged for some time and get your creative juices flowing.

Puppetry is an engaging activity that involves creativity, direction and tons of fun.

You can script out your own acts and put on a show for your family and friends!

9. Graphic Designing

The market for graphic designing is expanding incredibly, and it certainly is a useful hobby to pick up.

Not only does it engage your creative senses, but it also helps you develop an excellent aesthetic understanding that’s helpful for future purposes.

From logo design to making presentations, the possibilities are endless with graphic designing.

You can quickly learn software online or opt for sites like Canva to aid you in developing presets of your own!

10. Archery

For all the athletic people reading this, archery is a brain-stimulating activity that is physical too!

From improving your concentration to maintaining a balanced posture, archery helps both the body and the mind.

Learning archery requires some time investment on your end, but the results are excellent.

You can increase your will power and physical strength, just through this sport.

11. Candle Making

Candle making is another artsy hobby you can pick up. Playing with multi-colored wax with different molds and décor can be entertaining.

You can easily customize the candle from the scent to the colors.

Candle making is a creative way to pass the time while polishing your craft skills.

Not to mention the process can be incredibly relaxing, and if you try, you can open a business with it too!


We hope through this list you found something that tickles your fancy.

These hobbies are enjoyable to indulge in and undoubtedly worth your time. Good luck!