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7 Hobbies for Loners and Introverts to try in 2022





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Loners and introverts enjoy company at times, but generally feel the most peace when they’re on their own. This can give them a lot of freedom when it comes to ways to spend their time.

When you don’t have to depend on other people’s schedules, moods, or inclinations, the sky’s the limit…. 

So, what would you like to do personally? To get you started, here are the top 7 hobbies for loners and introverts to try:

loners looking for hobbies


Foraging is a fun and practical activity that hearkens back to ancient humanity, when gathering wild food, such as roots, nuts, and fruits, was a necessity.

British Female woman foraging for organic wild garlic in Woodland area harvesting spring greens

In some parts of the world, it still is. In first world countries, it is usually considered to be more of a hobby.

So, what is foraging, exactly? It’s going outside and harvesting what natural bounty you can find. What’s available will depend largely on your area and the time of year.

If you have access to forests or meadows, it is possible to find a vast selection of mushrooms, berries, roots, and nuts in all of autumn and late summer. 

Read all about foraging here in our complete guide

For example, cloudberries, blackberries, and raspberries. These have no poisonous look-alikes, making them ideal for a beginner. 

Spring and early summer, on the other hand, offers a variety of flowers and greens, including dandelions, roses and rose hips, and wood sorrel.

Just be aware, many plants are seriously toxic. Almost as many seem to have toxic look-alikes. Before you start foraging, it’s important to have some basic know-how.

Be aware of common toxic lookalikes in your area, especially for what you are foraging for.

Foraging is an enjoyable way to get out into nature, explore, and discover healthy, pesticide and GMO-free edible goodies to pick. You can turn these into salads, stir friends, smoothies, jams, syrups, and more! 

Just make sure you pick no more than ¼ of what you find in a single area, to save some for wild animals (who depend on natural resources like this).

2.Whittling and Woodcarving

Wood carving is an activity that requires a few tools, some focus, and a bit of creativity. It’s done one of two ways: by hand, with a knife or chisel, often called whittling; or done with some matter of industrial tool, such as a gauge or coping saw.

Hands of a man using a knife to carve a small piece of wood on a workbench

If you’re a casual hobbyist, you’re probably looking into the sort of wood working that you can do by hand, also known as whittling.

You can carve a variety of both fun and practical things, including spoons, animal figurines, bowls, and a myriad of decor. 

This a hobby where you can potentially make things to sell. No matter what, you’ll end up with a lot of cool woodwork. 

To start, all that you need is an easy-to-carve wood and a whittling knife or chisel. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a gouge or coping saw.

3.Bird Watching

Bird watching is a lovely activity that you can take part in out in nature or simply in your own yard. Thankfully, there are birds everywhere (although you’ll no doubt see the most variety in a forest or meadow).

A young man watching birds through binoculars in the mountain early morning

To bird watch, use your naked eye or invest in some binoculars as you prefer. 

You can attract lots of birds to your own yard, such as chickadees, nuthatches, finches, juncos, and more, with your very own bird feeder. This will encourage birds to visit and to stick around so you can get a good look!

Why bird watch? Because birds are beautiful creatures and they even get up to some cute and silly behavior. Why not?

4.Video Games (and PC Games)

Some women might start to scroll by this, but wait! There are video games and PC games (computer games) to suit nearly everyone, depending on what you’re looking for. 

A gamer or a streamer girl at home in a dark room

High speed racing? Or decorating a cozy cottage? Medieval swordplay, or gardening? Or perhaps you’d rather play a real life (cartoon-style) simulator? 

Do you want to fly? Make armor? Ride your own roller coaster? With games, the world is your oyster. All that you need is the game of your choice and a gaming system, laptop or PC!

5.Weight Lifting

This is another hobby that’s toted as mostly for men, but it’s not true here, either. In fact, one might argue that this makes it more important than ever for women to become stronger.

Athlete motivates screaming before barbells exercise at gym

And for women who don’t want to get bulky, don’t worry, sadly, women have to try much harder than men (and on purpose) in order to bulk!

No matter your gender, weight lifting will not only increase your physical strength, but also your energy, and your confidence. You will feel more powerful overall and more able to protect yourself.

Weight lifting regularly is an accomplishment to be proud of. So, what do you need to get started weight lifting? Just the proper weights and some know-how!

Many go too hard all at once, but actually, finding just the right weight and doing just the right number of reps is what will get you the results you’re after (whether that’s strength or bulk or both).

6.Sculpting with Polymer Clay

Have you ever considered becoming a sculptor? You may feel intimidated at the title, but there is all sort of sculpting you can do, and some types of sculpting couldn’t be easier. 

young artist hands in the process of creating a masterpiece of white polymer clay on white, art concept

Making colorful beads, for example. With polymer clay, you can roll out simple, colorful bead shapes, use a needle to create holes and turn them into beads, and bake them at 270F. 

Once baked and cooled, they will be hard and ready to make into jewelry! You can also sculpt figurines of animals, fantasy creatures or dolls, miniature food, decor… whatever you can think of.


If you’re looking for a more high-energy activity, you could kickbox. This is great for muscle-building, fat-burning, and, most importantly, stress-relief. It’s also an excellent way to learn to protect yourself.

Asian girl kick a sand bag in kickboxing gym

What do you need to get started kickboxing? Most prefer to have a punching bag, but if you can’t afford one, you can also largely master the techniques by practicing them in the air. 

You will also want to either sign up for local kickboxing classes or to find some online videos and guides, especially for a beginner. With time and practice, you can reach work up to intermediate or expert level.

Final Thought

As you can see, in a world of possibilities, there’s plenty of interesting stuff that you can do on your own. Try a new hobby and see what you can discover!

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