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11 Great Hobbies For When You Turn 50




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There are so many great things about turning fifty years old, the benefits might not be visible at first, but just you wait and see. You’ve probably already raised your kids or somebody else’s, you may have opted for early retirement, or you’re still looking forward to it soon.

Either way, there are some really cool hobbies that people in their 50s might enjoy instead of all the traditional ones that many of your friends or colleagues are doing.

We’ve created this list of some of the most unique and out of the ordinary hobbies that we think every fifty year old should try! 

Not every idea will be a perfect fit for everybody in their fifties, but we’re confident that one or more of these hobbies will get your creative juices flowing.

If you want to embark on a different path, then we invite you to try out a few (or all) of the suggestions below for the best hobbies for folks turning 50. 

Let’s get started! 

#1 Bird Watching 

We’re not talking about sitting on your front porch and watching the crows circle your neighbor’s house.

We’re suggesting you join a bird-watching group and head out into some of nature’s most serene spots to see some of the rarest bird’s habitats.  

You can go to the library and borrow a book on identifying all kinds of birds or buy one if that is what you fancy.

Search for some like minded individuals in a group that you can share your experiences with and meet up for an exploration event.  

#2  Become a Moderator 

Social media has so many opportunities for people to get involved in things they love to read or talk about.

If you’re a member of a cooking, fitness, or weight loss group, then asking the hosts if you can be a moderator can be both fun and rewarding! 

You could even start your own FB Group and start sharing your passion and knowledge with other like minded individuals.

You’d be surprised how fast a group can grow when you put your heart and soul into it.  

#3 Therapy Coloring 

There are a ton of adult coloring books on the market that can give any fifty year old a break from reality.

If you want to use your imagination and color your way to amazing, then you will adore all the different options out there. 

You can choose from traditional books to sensual or erotic. You’ll be doing this activity in the privacy of your own home, so don’t think anybody’s judging you! 

Tip: Skip the crayons and go for the colored pencils; they offer a more relaxing feel and look better too!  

#4 Tutor Young Adults 

There are so many young adults out there that need help in many areas of life.

You don’t need to tutor any of the major subjects if you don’t want to, but maybe consider being an English tutor for kids who struggle with the basics or be that person who helps young adults learn how to cook, clean, and function in the real world. 

#5 Learn a Foreign Language 

If you plan on seeing the world once you retire, then learning a foreign language might do you some good. Imagine being in France and being able to order your favorite foods in the native language… J’adore les croissants!

#6 Join the Local Theatre

It’s never too late to get involved with your local theatre; in fact, you should even try your hand as an actor or even a director!

If you ever dreamed of being on stage, now is the perfect time to make that dream a reality.

Tip: Don’t be shy; everybody has to start from the beginning at some point in their life. Allowing yourself to become somebody else through a character on stage is an endeavor that everyone should partake in.  

#7 Start Blogging 

If you have a passion for something, anything, you should consider starting a blog and begin writing about it regularly.

Blogs are a hot commodity right now, and if you incorporate some affiliates with your posts, you might even make a few extra bucks! 

#8 Write a Book 

This might not be for every person who just turned fifty, but if you enjoy writing, why not work on writing a book.

You have probably had plenty of adventures in your life, and sharing them with the world could be invigorating.

Even if the goal isn’t to be published, it will feel like such a huge accomplishment when it’s completed! (‘Pat on the shoulder’)  

#9 Go Exotic!

There is just something intense about going exotic, and it can ruffle all kinds of feathers. Whether you enjoy researching exotic places, birds, or cars, the excitement it builds will give you a sense of joy like nothing else.

Even exotic plants or flowers can be intriguing and make the perfect conversation piece when having guests over for dinner. 

#10 Become a Collector 

If you love art or even precious stones, becoming a collector can be both rewarding and exciting. You can attend auctions or go to events that showcase some of the world’s most exclusive items.

But don’t just limit yourself to those two options; think out of the box and find whatever your passion is about and start a collection.

#11 Bucket List 

Last but not least, the almighty bucket list makes our list! You could even say we saved the best for last, but that will depend on how creative you consider yourself to be. Anybody can grab a piece of paper and a pen to jot down some fantasies on their bucket list. 

But what if you took the time to create a bucket list that is actually doable? Yeah, we’re talking explore and conquer! Start by researching things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to do it. 

Create a bucket list scrapbook that includes pictures, descriptions, and lists of things to do on each occasion. Take your time; make this a special hobby that involves dedication and encourages hope. 

Then when you’re ready, set out and start doing some of these items that made it on your bucket list. Be sure to include small ones like ‘spending a day out on a boat’ or ‘taking a french culinary class’ and then work your way up to the big ones. 

Whatever you put on your bucket list should become your life’s agenda… it’s like a plan that you yourself created based on everything you want to accomplish in life. Talk about a rewarding experience! 

After you complete your bucket list, you can probably go back and write that book!  

Wrapping Up 

Turning 50 should be celebrated in so many ways, and we’re not talking about a big birthday bash, although that would be nice too!

What we’re suggesting is embracing how far you’ve come and learn to identify the things in life that make you happy, genuinely happy.  

Adding one or more hobbies to your field of dreams is the perfect way to stay young at heart.

Allow your creative flair to guide you on this new journey. Your part of an elite club now; trust us, being fifty has its benefits! 

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