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14 Hobbies that Make Men More Attractive to Women




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man playing the guitar

There’s no valid reason why men shouldn’t take up a hobby. The benefits outweigh the limitations by far. If it doesn’t keep you in good physical shape, it will expand your networks, improve your career prospects, or increase your knowledge.

Some hobbies are also guaranteed to make you an attractive potential partner.

While the most evident aspect of a man’s attractiveness is his physical appearance, it’s not the only one.

There are activities you can take up to improve your chances of finding love.

If you’re looking to channel your energy into something new after a hard day’s work or over the weekend, you’re off to a great start.

Here are 14 hobbies that make men more attractive to women.

young chef preparing ingredients for the recipe his cooking

1. Cooking

If you’re the stereotypical kind holding on to old ideas of gender roles in a relationship, step aside. Men who can cook are hot!

There’s something sensual about watching a man use his hands to create and serve a meal. When a man can find his way around the kitchen, it shows that he has a sensitive side.

For the women interested in a long-term relationship, it shows that they will play a significant role in raising the kids.

You don’t have to whip up a gourmet meal. She will appreciate you even though your signature dish is spaghetti for lunch or pancakes for breakfast.

Want to attract a new female partner? Get Cooking! And no, you don’t need to attend a cooking school to learn. Start with practicing 3 or 4 recipes off the internet a week until you master them.

2. Playing a Musical Instrument

Whether it’s the guitar, piano, drums, or saxophone, musical instruments have the power to turn a geek into a god. If you’ve ever watched music concerts on TV where the girls at the front are screaming like crazy, now you know why.

Women will swoon over men who play an instrument, and there’s research to prove it. A man who plays an instrument shows an emotional side that men don’t usually show.

For instance, men who play the guitar generally play songs that mean something to them. This shows that they are capable of being compassionate, empathetic, or sensitive.

Start with learning a few chords of the guitar; it’s the easiest of them all. Within three months, you’ll be able to play a couple of songs if you practice every day for about 30 minutes.

3. Competitive Sports

You may think playing sports is just a normal thing you do on the weekend. The fact is that women love that side of you. She may not be much of a sports fan, but she’ll find you incredibly attractive that you exert your physical energy playing rugby, football, or tennis. Also, involvement in sports keeps you in tip-top shape and looking attractive.

Women generally love the competitive side of men and how aggressive they look on the pitch or court. What’s even more attractive is watching you take home that win.

Think of how much fun you’ll have trying to teach her that sport. The purpose is not so much for her to learn everything about the sport but for you two to get out and have fun.

man comfortable sitting on his sofa reading a book

4. Reading

Women will find men who love to read intelligent and smart because they have significant knowledge. It also makes a great icebreaker if you’ve just met.

Imagine being able to hold an interesting conversation, thanks to the books and literature you have read. A man who takes the time to educate himself on various subjects and cultures will always stand out from other dudes.

If you love to read poetry and stories, you most likely have an emotional side and can love intensely, which is what most women find attractive. Also, there’s something about seeing a man reading a book that speaks elegance, calmness, and poise.

Who doesn’t want a man who is put together? Get reading, fellas!

5. Exercising

Men who make exercise their lifestyle are generally organized and disciplined. Most women desire these traits in men. Additionally, a buffed man with a chiseled jawline and sexy biceps will look good in any clothing he will wear and will stand out from other men because he looks more attractive.

Fit men are generally mentally balanced and less anxious.

Exercise makes you feel good and look good too. Your face, skin, and hair will start glowing. A man who takes care of his health, physique, and looks will win over any woman.

Not a fan of going to the gym? No worries, you can take on other forms of exercise like swimming. If you’ve not been doing it regularly, start now. Swimming gives you a whole-body workout and increases your testosterone levels.

6. Traveling

Traveling opens you up to experiences like meeting new people and learning new cultures. This makes you fun and interesting.

Most women are attracted to adventurous men because they are flexible, less ignorant, and fun to be around. This could be something you can do together since most women love to travel.

Some women may find an unseasonal suntan attractive too. But that doesn’t beat the inner glow and joy of a healthy, happy man who has lately traveled somewhere fabulous, seen amazing things, and done incredibly cool stuff.

Women love stories, especially if you throw in a dose of humor. Think of all the stories you can tell her when you make traveling your hobby.

young stylish man standing on a city street taking photos

7. Photography

Photographers are creative beings who see the beauty in everything, no matter how it looks to the naked eye. They are always trying to find the best angle, lighting, or composition to make their next snapshot a grand masterpiece.

This trait transfers into their everyday lives. A man that looks for the good in any situation is not petty. Women like that.

This trait also trains photographers not to focus on physical beauty but to look deeper for more than that. A woman wants to know that you like more about her than just her pretty face.

A man who loves photography also shows a woman he can document and treasure family memories.

8. Gardening

A man who nurtures a garden (even if it’s just a few plants on your balcony) is considered a turn on for most women. Taking care of plants shows your love for nature, dedication, capacity for affection, and patience for growth.

Gardening also displays commitment and an appreciation of beauty. These are some traits women sincerely appreciate.

Gardening activities like mowing the lawn and cutting overgrown hedges also count as moderate-intensity exercise, keeping your physique looking good.

Does this hobby sound like something you want to try? Find a small patch in your yard where you can grow a few things. If you live in an apartment building, start with taking care of one or two potted plants.

 young man dancing outside the building

9. Dancing

A confident man is more attractive than the one who sits in a corner. Dancing shows confidence because you’re less concerned about what other people think and more focused on having a good time.

Dancing reveals a lot about a man. A woman can tell if you are fun to hang out with, comfortable in social settings, or physically fit.

It’s a woman’s opportunity to size up a potential partner. How well do you move, how polite are you when asking her to dance, how strong is your lead?

Women are generally attracted to a strong, intelligent, and capable man. Dancing displays all these characteristics. Look for the dance studio nearest to you and start practicing.

10. Pet Keeping

If you’re hoping to find love, you’ll have more luck if you own a pet. Men with pets are considered to be happy, more caring, empathetic, approachable, and attractive.

When you commit to taking care of a dog, for instance, it shows a woman that you’re committed, patient, and selfless. According to experts, women see this as a sign that you will make a great parent and partner.

Research shows that 75% of women would not date a man who did not like pets. Dogs require exercise, which means you have to get out of the house often. This makes you physically fit, less stressed and enables you to get social, meet new people, and have conversations with them.

To find the perfect pet for you, start with animal rescue shelters. There’s always an unwanted pet waiting for a new home.

man on the paddleboard wearing an orange life jacket

11. Outdoors Activities

Outdoor activities require confidence, and confidence is sexy on any man. They are always up for a challenge and find solutions to problems they may encounter along the way.

The physical energy that goes into activities like mountain climbing or kayaking will undoubtedly improve your physical form and make you more visually appealing.

Women love outdoorsy men because they are energetic and adventurous. These men are always planning the next adventure. They are full of life and positive vibes.

Women love men who are exciting and spontaneous. With a guy that loves the outdoors, a woman will never be bored because he’s always coming up with new ideas.

It might be a hiking trip, fishing, or swimming in the ocean.

12. Yoga

If you thought that yoga is a non-masculine, incense burning, boring activity, think again! Contrary to popular belief, yoga’s history tells us that it was created and practiced by men.

The stretches, arm balances, and core workouts in yoga tones your muscles and makes you look so hot. This practice also increases your blood flow, improves your flexibility and focus, and all these are catalysts for hot sex.

Women find that a man who practices yoga is most likely spontaneous and more interested in the ‘real’ her and not just her make up. He’s also in touch with his spirituality and believes in something higher and greater than himself.

A woman will be drawn to a man that is working on himself and wants to be better. Now, go find that yoga class in your neighborhood.

13. Volunteering

Who knew that volunteering looks good on your online dating profile?

Research shows that altruistic men are more attractive to women than men with great physical attributes. This doesn’t mean you should contribute to charitable causes for the wrong reasons.

Be genuine about volunteering for a cause you genuinely care about. This means practical involvement and not just sending a few dollars several times a month.

Women find that men who are selfless and considerate are more likely to put greater effort into caring for a family.

There’s no shortage of charitable causes to be involved in. From volunteering at a soup kitchen and rescuing baby animals to becoming a lifesaver at your local surf club, any of these causes will help improve your community and your chances of finding love.

student writing notes on his journal, trying to learn a new language

14. Learning Other Languages

Research has shown that speaking more than one language makes men more attractive to women, so if you’ve ever considered taking a Spanish, French or Italian class, consider this another reason to get started.

Studies have claimed that bilingual individuals are highly intelligent. It’s not easy to keep up with and be fluent in more than one language.

Polyglots are naturally more creative and interesting than the average guy because they are curious about the world around them and interpret their surroundings differently.

Creativity is one of the most desirable qualities in a man.

What Do You Say?

Now that you know women are attracted to more than just good looks, what hobby will you take up?

It will take more than just deciding which one, you must put it into practice too. Most of them are easy to get into, like cooking, reading, and playing the guitar.

Others might require more effort or a group of friends for support, but none of them is impossible.

If you’re intentional and practicing regularly, it will soon become a part of you, and before you know it, your chances of being a potential desirable partner will soar higher.

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