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Decorative carved casket from a goose egg

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Let’s face it, life is way too short to waste time on boring stuff. In the search for excitement, people have found some interesting ways of spending their free time.

Here’s a list of 7 strange and weird hobbies. Some of these are just unusual, dangerous, or downright cray-cray. One thing for sure, strange things do happen in this world.

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Bug Fighting 

Some people might cringe at the sight of bugs. But others enjoy selecting the insects and pitting them against each other.  Others even go to the extent of breeding the bugs. 

This sport has been around for many years. It was initially a hobby for royalty more than 1000 years ago, before commoners caught the bug. 

Some of the insects include beetles, crickets, and spiders. You can even watch videos of these creepy-crawly battles online.

Barf- Bag Collection

Collecting airplane puke bags is what some people like to do. Barf bags are those bags used by airplanes for people who might get airsick.

Before you get disgusted, this is quite a lucrative hobby. People who collect vomit bags are called baggists. Sounds cool, right? These baggists can sell the bags for good money. They can go for up to $500.

The largest bag collection has more than 3,700 bags collected from about 800 different airline brands!

Imitating Animal Sounds

For some strange reason, some people like to spend their time imitating dogs barking or the mooing of cows. 

That might sound like something you would hear in a kindergarten class. But people do take part in competitive mooing, dressed up in cow costumes too! That must take a lot of practice. 

girl climbs onto the roof of a freight train

Train Surfing

This hobby involves jumping on top of a moving train. Apparently, the faster the speed of the train, the better. Those who started riding on top of the train might have done so because of poverty. But now people do it for fun. 

Even though so many people have died from this, it’s still considered a sport. 

I don’t know if all the movie characters who look cool fighting on top of a train have anything to do with it. But all we know for sure is this dangerous sport is quite popular.     

Crayon and Egg Carving 

When most of us see a crayon, we only think of coloring. However, some people carve masterpieces out of wax crayons. This hobby might be strange, but it is very creative. 

Having the patience and finesse of taking a crayon and turning it into a piece of art is quite impressive. 

Some people also create intricate designs from eggshells. The beautiful designs that transform a simple eggshell into an art piece are truly amazing. 

These unusual forms of art may not be widely practiced. But this much is clear; these artists take the award for patience.  

Extreme Ironing

Ironing your clothes can be a drag. Now imagine ironing your clothes while jumping off a plane. Sounds like fun? 

Extreme ironing is a daring sport in which people iron their clothes from the craziest of places. You can do extreme ironing from mountainsides, canoes, or on top of statues.

If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, then take your ironing board into the middle of a busy road or underwater.   

You might be wondering who came up with this idea. A guy named Phil Shaw had to choose between doing his ironing and going rock climbing. Well, he chose to do both at the same time! Since then, it has grown into a popular sport

brown bear doll with camera and map traveling

Toy Voyaging

Do you need a vacation? Well, maybe your toys do too. Many people take part in this activity in over 148 different countries!

People host traveling toys on their vacation, take pictures, and update the travel logs with stories and photos of the toys’ adventures. Yes, there is a website where you log in and update travel logs for toys.

You can send your toys to a host with a travel itinerary where you give the host a list of things you would like your toys to do on their visit. Unbelievable, right? 


So, there you have it, strange and weird hobbies. If you are thinking about adding extra hobbies to your bucket list, these right here may be an excellent place to start.

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