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Hobbies You Should Try Before You Die (Bucket List Hobbies)




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Everyone has that activity they would love to do before their time on earth is up. The point of having a bucket list hobby is to take advantage of the time you have left doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Rather than spending your time on a worthless activity, why not engage in a hobby that excites you and matters most to you?

Here are some leisure activities you certainly should give a try.

run a marathon before you die

Learn a New Language

Why not learn how to speak French, Spanish, or Mandarin to the extent that you can have a conversation with a native from that area? Don’t focus on becoming fluent in record time. Set goals and enjoy the process. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it’s easier now with online classes and language learning websites like Duolingo.

Travel Around the World

The richness of culture around the world provides a fantastic experience. Travelling broadens your understanding of human nature and gives you real-life education about different places. Instead of hearing about them, you experience them.

Traveling to every country in the world is expensive, but you can minimize costs. Take a flight to a particular continent and then travel to different cities by road. For example, you can move through cities across Europe by train or bus.

Running a Marathon

Running might already be your hobby, but have you run a full marathon before? It will take demanding work and disciplined training to run a 42.2 km (26.6mile) distance. It’s a big deal to run and complete a full marathon.

Training for the big event will give you the added benefit of better fitness, less stress, and overall improved health. You get to support a noble cause because most marathons are planned to help charity organizations fight diseases and poverty.

Scuba Diving

However, many times you’ve watched it on the Discovery channel, nothing compares to you being close to the bottom of the ocean in person. There’s a whole different beautiful world under the sea, and scuba diving introduces you to it. So why not try it?

According to scientists, about 1 million animal species live under the ocean. Few people will dive 30 meters below the water for this ultimate adventure. Become one of them. Every dive is different, even in the same spot. 

group of hikers climbing mountains

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the most amazing and challenging activities to do. Those reasons are enough for you to do it before you die. Long climbs on vertical terrain will test you physically and mentally, and this is a good thing because it will teach you persistence and patience.

The weather on the mountain can change within seconds, so you learn to be prepared at all times. When you hit those peaks, you’ll feel an indescribable satisfaction because you beat all obstacles to get there. You’ll have a newfound appreciation for nature and the rules that protect its beauty.


Watching seasoned skiers effortlessly gliding down a snowy slope is such a satisfying sight. It’s one of those thrilling activities that must be on your bucket list. It’s a great way to spend time bonding with your family and friends. If you’re a skiing parent, pass on this awesome hobby to your kids.

Rather than planning to stay indoors like most people during winter, you’ll be excited about the outdoors because of this fun activity. You also get the added benefits of fresh air and a great workout from the jumping, skidding, and sudden turning.


Being a volunteer doesn’t need to be a hugely significant gesture. All you have to do is spare a few hours every week or each day if you can, to help out at a charity activity in your area. You can use your talents, knowledge, and expertise to make these causes more efficient and effective.

You will find volunteering at a hospice rewarding. Although there’s nothing much you can do to help seniors feel better physically, you can improve their moods and make them happy with kind words and spending time listening to them. You’ll learn a lot about what to focus on before you die because they are a wealth of wisdom.

Musical Instrument

No matter your age, you can learn how to play a musical instrument, whether it’s piano, guitar, or the violin. You only have to be able to hold them correctly and follow instructions. The best part is you don’t require in-person lessons to master the instruments.

The internet provides you with enough resources so you can learn on your own. With no one holding your hand and following you up, you’ll need lots of discipline. Get over the lie that you need an extraordinary musical talent to play an instrument. You only require interest and motivation.


The TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ showcases different dancing couples competing to be awarded a top prize as winners. The exciting thing is that one person within each pair is a celebrity who has no idea about dancing and only learns on the show.

This reveals to you that all you need is the determination and discipline to learn those dance moves. Whether it’s salsa, rumba, merengue, mambo, or any other dance, it’s time to stop claiming you have two left feet. Find out what you’re capable of before it’s too late.

Martial Arts

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you got attacked by another person? Would you be able to defend yourself or your loved ones? If your answer is no, then martial arts is the hobby you should try before you die. While you may not turn into a ninja warrior, you’ll learn necessary self-defense skills.

Contrary to what most people think, you don’t have to be physically fit to join a martial arts class. Every session is a full-body workout, and with consistent practice, your body will respond. Martial arts will strengthen you physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Acting as a career full-time is different from acting as a hobby. Appearing in a play on stage or movie is an excellent hobby to try before you die. Releasing your talents and gifts for the good of others to be able to tell a story is a fantastic experience. Remember, it’s not about the money; the whole point is to do something you’ve never done and the excitement of your loved ones seeing you on their TV screens.

father and son planting a tree at the park

Planting Trees

An African proverb says, ‘the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second-best time is now’. Yes, tree planting is an excellent hobby because trees have many benefits to people, animals, and the environment. Trees add beauty and life wherever they are planted.

Imagine a large expanse of land without a single tree in sight. It would look desolate. Tree shades will be more useful to your grandchildren long after you die, so it’s a good idea to plant now. Fruit trees provide food for humans and wild animals.

Caring For A Pet

Pets are so cute and adorable, right?. Who wouldn’t want to own one? Whether you live alone or with family, and have never owned a cat, dog, or other pets, consider it one of your bucket list hobbies. Human beings benefit significantly from having pets.

You might think that pets need us more than we need them, but the opposite may be true. They provide companionship, which makes us less lonely. They also decrease stress by providing emotional support. People with dogs become more social with other pet owners. Did you know that having a pet is great for your child’s development and improves their self-esteem?


Meditation allows you to go deep within yourself and listen to your thoughts. The fast-paced urban life, characterized by overwhelming and workaholism, can keep you from caring for your inner well-being. If you’ve never tried meditating before, it’s not complicated. Instead, it can become addictive.

Better yet, you can attend at least one meditation retreat in your life where you’ll get to have deep meditation and reconnection with your inner being. Most retreats last about 10 days, so imagine the rich experience of continuous meditation from around 4:00 am to 9 pm for 10 days consecutively!

Cook a New Recipe

Even if cooking is not your thing, you can’t die before having cooked anything. How about taking it a notch higher by cooking something unique and a little bit challenging?

For example, a recipe from a different country or culture. Shopping for ingredients and putting it all together would be exciting. Make it even more fun by calling in your friends and family for lunch or dinner to taste your experimentative dish.


Death is something that we know will happen to each of us. The purpose of having a bucket list hobby is not to cause unnecessary fear. However, it’s to remind you that life is short, and you never know when it will be your time to leave. So, enjoy your time practicing these incredible hobbies while you still can.

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