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If you are someone that enjoys their time spent camping out in the wilderness, you will know what a benefit it can be to sleep with comfort.

This can be an especially crucial part of camping for those who suffer from bad backs and having the wrong equipment to sleep on can really ruin the camping experience.

Within this article, we will go over some possible options to choose from and some of the things to look out for when to make sure you get the best camping cot you can.

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Top 5 Camping Cots for Bad Backs

5. Most Popular

HITORHIKE Camping Cot Compact Folding Cot Bed
This easy to set-up and reliable camping cot from HITORHIKE is a great addition to any camping trip. Accommodating people up to 6ft 7inches in height and with waterproof nylon, this cot will fit easily in a backpack and has a 120-day money-back guarantee.

4. Fan Favorite

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot
If you are looking for a strong and durable camping cot then the XXL Camping Cot from TETON Sports will be right for you. Supporting up to 600 pounds and folding easily for portability this, the product is great for a good nights sleep.

3. Editor’s Choice

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2. Must Have Option

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1. Budget Option

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot
With thick padding for comfort and support, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is a great piece of equipment at an affordable price. A durable steel frame can support up to 300 pounds and people up to 6ft 6inches will find they can achieve a good nights sleep.

Buyer’s Guide: Camping Cots

What kind of price can I expect for a Camping Cot?

One of the big determining factors in whether a product meets your requirements is often the price that it costs. After all, you don’t want to overpay for a product or even underpay for a product that doesn’t hold up.

For a good quality camping cot, you will often be looking at a price of just over $100, this is a very compelling price point as it is a product that you will be getting a lot of use out of.

This price point is still the same for camping cots tailored for those with bad backs and so you can find an affordable option that suits your needs fairly easily.

How comfortable are Camping Cots?

Camping cots provide a great way to get your camping experience to be that much more comfortable. Providing you with some elevation from the ground, a camping cot allows for your body to lay in a more comfortable position than sleeping on the ground would allow.

You can also improve your sleeping experience by adding pillows and blankets, either one you bring from home or ones, especially for camping. Even without these additions, a camping cot is perfectly comfortable on its own.

Can I be comfortable on a Camping Cot with a bad back?

You can definitely be comfortable on a camping cot in spite of a bad back. Whether your bad back is temporary or permanent, sleeping on a good camping cot should not cause you any discomfort.

best double camping cots
Everyone wants a good nights sleep when camping

In fact, even with a bad back, a camping cot can provide a great sleeping experience and will certainly be better for your back than sleeping on the floor in a tent.

The sleeping area of the camping cot has enough tension to support your back whilst providing enough slack that you can allow your back to be in a position that is most comfortable to you.

How durable is a Camping Cot?

You will often find that a camping cot will be plenty durable enough to last you many many years before you have to consider purchasing a replacement.

By the nature of its use, a camping cot will not see that much in the way of damage as it is really only used to sleep on. Because of this, you should see your cot last you a good while.

It also has the benefit of being made from relatively strong materials in a simple configuration that allows for the product to be easy to keep in good shape.

What materials are Camping Cots made of?

Dirt-resistant and water-resistant oxford cloth

When considering a product that will be carried whilst traveling and used for hours at a time, it is important to consider what said product is put together with.

In the case of camping cots, the materials used are usually quite similar between different products. Nylon, metal, plastic, and wood are usually the kinds of materials used in the manufacturing of these products.

These materials are used to provide a few different aspects to the camping cots – namely durability, reduce weight, and make the product more portable.

Are Camping Cots weather-resistant?

When considering camping equipment it is always important to consider how it will hold up to any of the weather conditions you may run into. After all, you don’t want to run into problems with a product not best used outdoors.

You will usually find that camping cots are composed of materials that allow for the product to withstand some of the harshnesses of the environment and remain useful.

This is either done by making them with material that does not rust or to coat any of the materials that do with a substance to reduce any rusting.

How portable are Camping Cots?

An obvious benefit to any product you take with you whilst camping would be for it to be as portable as possible. As you set up and take down camp, or take your supplies to camp in another location, it will make your experience so much easier with a portable product.

Now this is a luxury camp cot

Due to mostly being comprised of light materials (such as aluminum, plastic, and nylon) camping cots will more than likely be quite light and easy to carry.

They also can often be found in configurations that allow them to be completely or partially folded so that they may fit into a rucksack or other carrying container.

What other benefits do Camping Cots provide?

Camping cots can also accommodate a few additional benefits as well as just providing you somewhere comfortable to sleep. Any additional functionality provided by a product you are already using can allow you to be able to use less equipment overall.

Some things that can be offered by camping cots could be to use them as a table or chair, allow you to store things underneath them where a mat on the floor could not, or give you a place to sleep even if the floor happens to get wet.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are a great many options for camping cots that can be used by those with bad backs. They can offer a great resource for those who love camping but need the added comfort to make sure they can enjoy the experience free of back pain.

Often affordable, built to last, and lightweight, camping cots can be a great benefit to any camping trip.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in showing you some good potential options and the things you should look out for when looking to purchase a camping cot.

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