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Good Online Seller

Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite Disc Golf Target
Weighing only 35lbs and only taking 2 minutes to assemble we can see why the Dynamic disc net is so popular. Comes with a sturdy base which can be used on grass or concrete and built to PDGA basket specifications

Tournament Quality

PDGA Championship Approved
Okay, this is not portable but we thought you might need to consider this if you are planning to enter tournaments. New, completely redesigned PDGA Championship Approved permanent basket should be considered if you’re taking the game seriously

Small and Portable

Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target
The DISCatcher Traveler Target is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf days or practice sessions. It’s one of the lightest and most portable disc golf target at just 15 pounds. The Traveler sets up with ease and take down is a breeze. Head off to the park and practice anywhere or jump use in your backyard

Budget Option

AHEETECH Disc Golf Basket
This solid basket contains 12 strands of heavy-duty chain for better catching; welded joints and big base frame strengthen the stability of this basket; comes with 3 ground stakes for double stability, no need to worry about tipping over by the hit from the disc or wind. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest nets in this quality bracket we could find. Great Buy

Editors Pick

CROWN ME Disc Golf Basket
I think the public online agree with my by reading some of the comments. Many scoring it 5 out of 5. It’s my pick thanks to the quality, price, size, and weight. Quick assembly means you can take it anywhere.Features with a 64 cm / 25.2’’ basket for catching and storing the disc which is perfect

Buyers Guide

The key to getting good is practice. And for a disc golf starter or professional, the only thing more important than accuracy in throwing is the accuracy to putt a disc in the basket. This brings us to the topic of your basket.

Why do you need a basket? If you are installing a basket to get better putts, then portability is a big issue.

Fortunately, we take the time to check out the best portable disc golf baskets the market has to offer. You can make an informed choice.

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What is the price range for a portable disc golf basket?

Before you set out to shop for a basket, you must have a budget. Like most disc golf essentials, baskets are affordable and have a wide price range.

A basic starter basket can cost about $100. That’s a great price to start. As you go up the ranks, you will find better baskets with better features.

That means, though, that you’ll have to add a couple of bucks to your budget.

And if you are going to be spending anything between $100 to $250 on a portable disc golf basket, you must get the finest.

This is what you should be ticking off your checklist when you go looking for the best portable disc golf basket.


The quality of construction will determine how long you use your basket. There are different substances used to construct the baskets.

Some materials are more likely to deteriorate faster than others. However, excellent construction ensures that you will have a sturdy basket even with a short shelf life.

Excellent construction will not bend or break unnecessarily. Construction needs to go hand in hand with the material.


Material is just as important as high-quality construction standards. Some disc golf baskets are made using mesh fabric and metal.

While blending material makes the final product light and easy to carry, it also makes it susceptible to breakage.

Blended materials are highly likely to get damaged, mostly if they are left outside for extended periods.

Alternatively, you can get steel or metal disc golf baskets. Steel and metal baskets are heavier.

However, it’s a small price to pay for durability. The steel material is also powder coated. This reduces your basket’s chances of getting rust even when it is left out for a while.

Disc Golf Hobby Guide


At face value, the designs of the baskets all seem similar. However, some companies have stepped up to make it easy for you to practice with their baskets.

That includes the number of chains and the depth of the basket.

A few baskets come with 12 chains, while others have 18 chains. There are even others with 24 chains.

Depending on your skill level or the purpose of setting up, you can choose to work with one that suits you. A 24-chain basket makes for an excellent basket.

There is a higher chance of the disc hooking into the basket with 24-chain than a chain with 12 chains.

Newer models of disc golf baskets have a deep-seated basket area. This makes it easier to take more discs.

This feature comes in handy, especially when you take the basket to a professional session course.

How fast can you set it up?

It would beat the purpose of portability if a disc golf basket weren’t easy to set up. Most baskets come disassembled in 5 pieces.

These parts are easy to put together. The screws don’t need any tools to make the basket stable. Check the stability and strength of the base.

The baskets take 5 minutes to set up. Whether you are a professional play or just starting, setting up a basket is one of the first things you will learn quickly.

They are also easy to take down and pack away.

Is it foldable?

Foldable disc golf baskets seem like they are reserved for amateurs. However, did you know you can get foldable baskets that are PDGA-approved?

One of the perks of this type of basket is that they are effortless to take down and set up.

They feature light material and come with a bag so you can take them down, pack them, and head to a different course.

Consider a foldable basket, particularly if you are looking for a high-quality practice basket.

They cost less than other baskets, yet they can withstand harsh weather and still get you quality playing time.


Putting is one of the most challenging tasks in disc golf, more so for a beginner.

However, if you want to improve your game drastically, you need to learn with a narrow target.

Granted, it’ll be hard to get successful shots. Still, you’ll gain a lot of confidence from being an accurate marksman with a narrow target.

You can apply your accuracy on tournament-approved baskets on an actual course. These will be an easier target if you are used to narrow targets.

frisbee golf


The bright colors and the flags on a disc golf basket are not only for show. These colors and flags are great when you throw discs from a distance.

Practice sessions can be more challenging with these brightly colored baskets. You can see the target from a distance.

Keeping a sharp eye will help with your approach throws and your drives.

Color also makes it easy to identify your basket in a course. If you’ve got multiple people playing, you’d want to mark the area you are in.

Is it PDGA-approved?

Would you rather buy a non-approved basket that you can only use for practice throws or invest in a tournament-approved basket that you can carry when you level up?

It is better to have a PDGA approved basket so you can practice with the concept of real competition in mind.

It saves you money, and you have a reliable basket in case you have to attend a tournament.

Besides, PDGA-approved baskets meet game regulations on quality construction, stability, and competition readiness.

PDGA approvals come in three levels. Basic level baskets are approved for practice sessions at home, in your yard, and parks.

Standard level baskets are cleared for local championships. Championship approved baskets are cleared for professional tournaments.


All portable disc golf baskets are portable, but some are more portable than others.

Carrying a basket around an 18-basket course can take a toll on your shoulders and your back.

Lightweight baskets are great for your back; they fold quickly, and are compact for storage.

However, most of them don’t last long, and they might only be suitable for home use or practice.

Heavy-duty portable disc golf baskets may eventually take a toll on your back.

However, you will most likely have a basket that is approved for tournaments, can withstand harsh conditions, and will remain stable throughout.

Can you have more than 1 portable disc golf basket?

It is recommended that you keep at least 2 portable disc golf baskets.

You can have a cheap one at home for practice and tournament ready basket for professional games.

These 2 are different in design and construction. They differ both in height and basket depth.

Having 2 baskets makes sure you have a long-lasting basket for each session.


A portable disc golf basket is a must-have for any serious disc golfer. And every golfer needs to have the best equipment they can get.

This guide gives you a quick checklist of the things that should influence your purchase.  

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