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If you have ever thought about taking up Paintballing or have been playing for a while already, then you may be wondering if you should get your own paintball gun for the time you spend on the field.

A paintball pistol would be a great place to start but you may be wondering what exactly you should be looking out for when considering one to buy and use.

Within this article, we will go over some of the key features of paintball pistols to keep an eye out for and go over a few great options for products to buy.

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Top 5 Paintball Pistols

5. Most Popular

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4. Editor’s Choice

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker
A great tool for those looking for an edge on the paintball field, the Dye Rise CZR comes equipt with a precision barrel to make sure you land those important shots. Requiring little maintenance due to the patented self-cleaning 4th generation Eye Pipe, this marker will be with you for the long run.

3. Fan Favorite

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker
A sleek and stylish paintball marker for those who like to keep things minimalist on the field, the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 promises to be reliable and ergonomic so that you can keep on paintballing with little discomfort.

2. Budget Option

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
An entry-level marker with great features and a retro aesthetic, the Spyder Victor is made from a durable aluminum extruded body that will stand up to the most rigorous paintball matches. Shooting up to 1500 shots from a 20 oz CO2 tank, this marker will keep you going as long as you need.

1. Must-have Option

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun
A fully featured option for those who want to show off on the paintball field, this flashy marker comes with two-tone gold and silver design that is sure to impress. An adjustable fps means you are always ready to go on the field and has multiple firing modes so that you can adapt to the rules of the site.

Buyer’s Guide: Paintball Pistols

How much is a Paintball Pistol?

The price of a paintball pistol can differ a lot and it really all depends on what it is you need from it. There are many different kinds of paintball pistols that can range from $50 to over $1000 and offer a wide variety of features.

For a beginner, you can find a paintball pistol that will suit your needs for under $100, and this should last you for the early stages of your exploration of the hobby of Paintball.

As you become more skilled at Paintball, you may feel like you need to upgrade to something that can better suit your needs and allow you to be better when on the field. For around $300 you could find a suitable replacement for your newfound intermediate skill level.

When you eventually get up to the top of your game, you will most likely feel like you need a piece of equipment that can keep up your advanced skills.

Here the options really open up and you will find that from $500 and up you can find some very interesting and unique features that can potentially give you an edge in battle.

Paintball pistol

Does the site allow you to bring your own Paintball Pistol?

A crucial step in considering whether or not a Paintball pistol is right for you is whether your site will even allow you to bring your own paintball pistol.

Some sites can be quite strict on what equipment can and can’t be used when playing in their games. The main reason for this is that it is much easier for sites to regulate the equipment being used if they are the ones supplying it all.

If the site you play at does allow you to bring your own paintball pistol, there will be some checks that they will perform to make sure that it is within the regulations of the site.

They will often check things such as how fast the gun shoots paintballs (typically measured in feet per second – also known as fps) and also make sure that you are shooting site specified paintballs, although these are often sold on site.

You will often find that sites will allow an fps of no higher than 300, as any higher can cause injuries, although the specific amount will vary from site to site.

What if the site doesn’t allow me to bring my own equipment?

You will of course be able to rent equipment from the site you play at if you are not allowed to bring your own, but if using your own equipment is important to you, then you should consider looking for a different site where bringing equipment from home is allowed.

Even if you would like to use your own equipment eventually, playing at a site where you have to rent your paintball marker could prove to be a good way to learn what exactly you want from a product that you are to buy.

The action of the trigger, the capacity of paintballs, grip of the marker, and the general ergonomics of a specific marker are all things that you can test out with the rental equipment at the site.

Will the Paintball Pistol be comfortable in the hand?

You will find that you will be able to tailor your choice of paintball pistol to one that will be just right in terms of handheld ergonomics. There are a great many options available for paintball pistols that change the weight, how the gun is balanced, and the way the pistol grip is shaped.

If you would prefer for your paintball pistol to have a large trigger guard to accommodate bulky gloves, you can surely find one that fits the bill. Likewise, if you prefer for the pistol grip to have grooves for each individual finger, you will be able to find a suitable product.

You may also want the options to be able to support your paintball pistol with your other hand. You will be able to do this with all paintball pistols but if it is something you find yourself doing often, you may want to find a pistol with a dedicated grip for your offhand.

Can a Paintball Pistol be holstered?

A paintball pistol can indeed be holstered, although not always in your standard pistol holster. Due to the unique shape of paintball markers, you may find that they cannot be holstered in a traditional pistol holster.

However, if you run into this problem, you need only look for a special paintball marker holster and you will have no trouble stowing your equipment away.

You can also use a sling to carry your paintball pistol across your torso, should you find that you prefer this over holstering.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many great options for a paintball pistol at many different price points. Whether you are looking for something ergonomic, lightweight, or site legal, there will be a paintball pistol out there for you.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in showing you a few options for paintball pistols and some of the things to look out for when buying one.

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