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Candle Making Kit for Adults




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Best Online Seller

CraftZee Candle Making Kit for Adults Beginners
  • CREATE AMBIANCE IN YOUR HOME : Make your own scented candles and enjoy arts and crafts time with your family and friends. This candle making kit for adults, kids and beginners is a relaxing activity and a great starter kit for a side income.
  • CANDLE MAKER KIT : includes 4 packs of 8 oz soy wax, 4 dye blocks, 4 fragrance oil (0.7oz), 1 melting pot, 1 thermometer, 2 round and 2 square candle tins with covers, 4 cotton wicks, 4 glue dots, 4 stirring sticks, 4 wick holders, 4 warning labels and instruction manual.
  • RELIEVE STRESS : with soothing candle making scents : Clean Cotton, Lavender, Coconut Lime, and Cinnamon Vanilla. Dye blocks comes in 4 colors: Red, Orange, Green, and Lavender. Make colors that go with your mood.

Best Beginners Kit

Complete DIY Soy Candle Making Kit – Full Beginners
  • Beginner Starter Kit – Everything you need to create your own candles at home is in this package. The package includes 1.2L pot, 4 pack 11oz soy wax, 20 glue dots, 6 center devices, 20 wicks, 1 mixing spoon, 8 candle dye, 7 jar & tins with lids & more.
  • Easy to Make – With detailed step-by-step instructions included in the kit, this candle making kit makes it easy for you to make your own candles, whether you’re a beginner or a pro! Candle making supplies include all the accessories to make candles, you can enjoy making candles.
  • Enjoy Your Craft Time – This set is very suitable for family art project, you can make 5 cans of 8 oz candles and 2 cans of 4 oz candles . Feel free to get as creative as you want and make candles in a variety of colors.
  • Party Favors & Souvenirs – This set is not only suitable as a diy gift for someone, you can also diy make candles as a gift. Especially on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, diy candle kit is a creative gift.
  • After-Sales Service – If you have any questions or are not satisfied with the items you receive, we will give you a satisfactory response.

Budget Option

Editors Pick

Craft It Up DIY Candle Making Kit
  • Create Something That Looks Pretty And Smells Great: Our DIY candle making kit is perfect for teens and adults looking for something unique and fun to do; You can make at least 10 candles of different shapes, sizes, scents and colors; Our step by step instructions will make it easy for you to get beautiful looking candles, every time
  • Date Night Activity Or Fun For The Whole Family: This is a great activity to enjoy with friends or family; Craft something fun and pure to embellish your home. Our unique candle wax kits are fun for all age
  • Nothing Else Is Needed: We provide everything you need to start right away; Our all- inclusive kit comes with fashionable pots, molds, mixing pot, wax, scents and color pigments for your convenience. The pots provided will give your candles that special touch to turn ordinary candles into extraordinary home art

Advanced Kit

Etienne Alair DIY Scented Candles Kit for Soy Candle Making
  • YOUR OWN CANDLE MAKING KIT: Love crafting and DIY hobby kits? This homemade soy candle making kit is perfect for you! Enjoy beautiful, scented candles made with high-quality soy wax, fragrant scented oils and your choice of 16 different colors! 16 dye blocks are included, so you can choose your favorite color or create your own customized colors.

Buyers Guide

How Much Are Candle Making Kits for Adults?

The cost of an adult candle making kit varies depending on the quality and quantity of the products that come with it. You deserve a kit that is worth the cost, so we will cover the general price for a candle making kit for adults. 

Typically, you will notice that an adult candle making kit costs somewhere in the range of $20-60. Kits at the lower end of this scale come with less tools and materials, but they are often good for beginners, as you will not have to worry about wasting expensive items if you make a mistake.

If you are interested in adding more scents and colors to basic candles, kits that cost about $40 are usually the best option.

Kits at the higher end of the price range often come with fancier candle molds and more decorations, so they are a good investment for experienced candle makers.  

The difference in Candle Making Kits for Adults vs Kids?

Since this activity is often difficult and a little dangerous, candle making kits for adults come with a more elaborate setup than candle making kits for children, including different types of candle molds, colors, scents, thermometers, and special pots for melting the wax. 

In contrast, candle making kits for kids come with basic materials like waxes that are often already colored.

These waxes are usually non-toxic as well, just in case a child tries to put it in their mouth. Adult supervision is a must, but these candles are safer and easier to make. 

Sometimes, the wax in a kid’s candle making kit can even be heated in the microwave, whereas the candles you can make with an adult kit generally call for the wax to be boiled with unique tools.

Candles from an adult kit also last longer, as children’s kits focus on fun shapes and molds more than the quality of the candle wax. 

Woman making decorative aroma candle at table

What Is Typically Included in a Candle Making Kit? 

Any candle making kits for adults that is decent should include the basic materials that you will need. At the very least, a candle making kit for adults will usually have instructions, a melting pot (sometimes called a candle making pot), wax, wicks, molds or containers, and stirring sticks or spoons. 

Kits that are closer to the medium or higher end of the price range, ones that cost about $40 or more, normally also come with colors, scents, a thermometer, and wax-carving tools.

Candle making pots, molds, thermometers, carving tools, and stirring utensils are reusable, too, so you will not have to purchase a whole new kit if making candles becomes a constant hobby. 

What Should You Look For in a Candle Making Kit?

In addition to all of the basic items that ought to come with an adult candle making kit, you should look for ones that focus on the style of candle you wish to make, as well as which part of the candle making you care about (the process versus the presentation). 

For example, some kits come with molds, and others come with containers like tins or small glasses.

Some candle making kits for adults provide different types of wax, although many of them are soy-based. Not all kits offer dyes or scents, either, so keep that in mind.

If you would like to learn more about Candle making. Read our complete guide here!

Final Thoughts

If you are more interested in making the candles correctly than decorating them, you should seek a kit that includes a thermometer, but if decorating holds more appeal, you will want to look at the more expensive kits, as they typically have extras like labels or stickers. 

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