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Best Kids Long-Range Walkie Talkies




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If you’re looking for a nice little set of walkie talkies for your children. Something a little bit better than the poor quality 15MTR range toy sets. Then you have come to the right place.

We have selected 5 of the Best Kids Walkie Talkies that can work at longer distances than the usual toys.

If you want to know our choice and don’t have the time to read the whole article. We picked the Motorola T100  available here on Amazon

These could be classed as Handheld Ham Radios if the truth is known. But they are child friendly, inexpensive, and really tough to be able to withstand the abuse kids will give them.

So, if your child is longing to be a policeman or wants to be like GI Joe then these are the walkie Talkies that will do the job.

If you want to talk things to a whole new level you should consider Amateur radio or Ham Radio as it’s often called. Many people are taking this up as a hobby. Especially over the past year or so.

Budget Set

MOICO Long Range Walkie Talkies for Adults
  • 【Two way Radio】FCC ID ; 2ASV6-T5A. MOICO walkie talkies have 22 FRS channels plus 99 sets of CTCSS tones (privacy codes),The continuous tone-coded squelch system gives you up to 2178 combinations to help block other or one-to-more communication function allow more walkie talkies to communicate on the same channel.
  • 【VOX-Hands Free Function】Walkie talkies for adults have easy voice and sound activation transmission (VOX) with 3 sensitivity levels for hands-free can keep in touch with friends and families at any time when you camping adventure or in a crowded supermarket.

Longest Range

Midland – LXT600VP3 Long Range Walkie Talkie
  • LICENSE FREE DUAL POWER OPTIONS 2-WAY RADIOS – These walkie-talkies feature 36 FRS (Family Radio Service) channels, along with channel scan to check for activity. The bold yellow faceplate provides high visibility. Dual Power Options uses rechargeable battery pack (included) or 3 “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • UP TO 30-MILE RANGE – Longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction
  • 121 CTCSS PRIVACY CODES – The Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System gives you up to 2,662 channel options to help block other conversations. Use silent operation to turn off all tones

4 Way Set

Rechargeable Walkie Talkies 4 Pack Long Range Walkie Talkies for Adults
  • 【Proudly American Tech & Design】:Advanced walkie-talkies are trusted by millions of people worldwide. Our global sourcing and manufacturing culminate in a product that stands testament to American ingenuity and quality. Experience our walkie talkies’ world-class design & functionality, such as Smart control system(Auto squelch,Auto memory,Auto scanning,Auto power saving,Low battery alert), iVOX hands-free, Drop-protection, 22 channels(142 privacy codes), Compatible with FRS devices, NOAA Service
  • 【Ease Of Use Meets Portability】:Discover walk-in talkies that are intuitive to use and light to carry. Simple out-of-the-box setup. Press, talk, and connect seamlessly. Compact design fits snugly in your pocket. Whether for professional use or adventure trips, the portable frs two-way radios are your reliable communication partners on the farm, at school, in warehouses, while camping, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, biking, and many other occasions

Editors Choice

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio
  • Call Tones: A call tone is what people calling you can hear instead of the normal default ring. It grabs the attention of your family and friends before you start speaking.
  • Quickly Find a Channel: Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use.
  • Flashing Low Battery Alert: Low battery alert reminds you when batteries are running low.
  • Keypad Lock: Keypad lock prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed.

Advanced Models

Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio – Long Range Walkie Talkie
  • Two-Way Communication -Maximize your ability to keep in touch with loved ones or manage group activities effortlessly with our advanced two-way radios. Featuring long-range connectivity, these walkie talkies ensure you’re always in the loop, no matter where your family or friends are. Walkie talkies are essential for any group outing. Ideal for anyone needing reliable long-range walkie talkies, weather-proof radios, or GMRS handheld radios for efficient communication.
  • Features – These walkie-talkies feature 50 GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) channels, along with a channel scan so you can quickly check for activity. The JIS4 waterproof protection makes these radios splash-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. Also comes with 5 Animal Call Alerts (turkey, duck, crow, cougar and wolf), a vibrate feature to silence all tones, and the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camouflage pattern make this an ideal walkie-talkie for hunters.
  • Stay In Touch – Experience unparalleled communication reach with our advanced radios, up to 36 miles. Equipped with EVOX technology (Easy Voice and Sound Activation Transmission), our radios offer 9 sensitivity levels for effortless hands-free operation. Enhance your privacy with privacy codes and up to 3,000 channel options to prevent eavesdropping and secure your conversations. It is ideal for those requiring reliable, long-distance communication with the added benefit of privacy and convenience.

Kids Walkie Talkie Buyers Guide

Having a walkie talkie for your kids can give you peace of mind when they are playing around the neighborhood with their friends or if you are on a camping trip and they want to explore.

With walkie talkies, you can always be in contact with them and make sure they are safe.

If you are interested in buying a walkie talkie for you and your child, there are a few things you should consider when picking the right one.


The best walkie talkie for kids would have a wide range of use so you can reach them even when they aren’t just next door.

The most common range for walkie talkies is two miles, but there are some out there that have a maximum range of three miles.

Sound Quality

There really is no point using a walkie talkie if you can’t hear what the other person is trying to say.

The best walkie talkie to buy would be one that advertises crystal-clear sound. This will give you the highest quality sound in the best conditions.

Battery Life

Most walkie talkies run on AA or AAA batteries  on the lower end of the quality scale.

If you aren’t worried about spending a little more, you can get a walkie talkie that runs on a lithium-ion battery or a similar rechargeable battery.

The battery life depends on the type of battery, so it is best to carry extra batteries at all times just in case.

Size and Weight

Your child won’t want to carry around a walkie talkie that is too big or heavy. It is best to try to find a walkie talkie that is smaller and lightweight because it will be much more comfortable in your child’s pocket.

They will be more willing to carry it around if they know it won’t be much of a burden for them.


When it comes to the durability of a walkie talkie, the stronger the better. Kids drop things, forget things outside, and misplace things very often. You need to make sure you buy a walkie talkie that can withstand these incidents.

It is best to find a waterproof unit so if the device does get left outside accidentally it can hold up against a little rain. You also want to purchase an impact resistant device so it won’t break if it gets dropped on the concrete.

Number of Units

Most walkie talkies come in a set of two, but you can find them in sets with more if you need them for other children. You can also purchase more than one of the same set and they will work together as well.


Walkie talkies designed for kids will usually have a small LCD screen that displays what channel they are on. The display should be large enough to easily read the number on the screen.

It would also be ideal for the screen to have a backlight so it can be read when there is little light.

Ease of Use

Kids these days are definitely technologically advanced, but when it comes to younger kids, they might have a harder time with a more advanced walkie talkie.

It is best to stick with a simple walkie talkie so children of any age will be able to use it.


You can expect to pay between $15 and $40 for a set of two walkie talkies for your kids.

The least expensive models will not be very high quality, but they might be a better option if your kids are clumsy and break things on accident.


The color of a walkie talkie is important because you want your child to be able to easily find where they left their device if they set it down.

It is best to buy a walkie talkie that features a bright color like orange or yellow.

You should avoid black or camouflage design because it will be easy to lose in the grass.

Additional Features

There are also some additional features you might want to look for in a walkie talkie. The first is a headphone jack . This allows for a hands-free operation of the walkie talkie, so even if they are playing with their friends, they can answer you. 

Talk confirmation is another feature you might be interested in. It gives off a signal for the start and the end of a transmission from the other walkie talkie. With this signal, you know when the other person is finished speaking so you can respond without cutting them off. 

You should also look for a walkie talkie that has an income alert. This will let you and the other user know when there is an incoming transmission. The feature makes it easy to know when you are trying to be reached.

Editors Choice

Since this article is aimed at Kids who want a set of Walkie Talkies that can go further than their toy sets. I would have to go with the Motorola T100.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio
  • Call Tones: A call tone is what people calling you can hear instead of the normal default ring. It grabs the attention of your family and friends before you start speaking.
  • Quickly Find a Channel: Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use.
  • Flashing Low Battery Alert: Low battery alert reminds you when batteries are running low.
  • Keypad Lock: Keypad lock prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed.

They are simple to use and setup, tough and strong build quality with withstand the abuse kids will give them and they look and are user friendly.

Final Thoughts

There really is a big difference between these walkie talkies and a kids toy. They are affordable enough to allow you children to have and use them as toys but you can also use them when camping, out walking or even when doing you favorite extreme sports ( especially the waterproof models )

The sound qulaity is far better than a toy and the range ( around 5 miles ) is a lot further than the standard kids walkie talkie toy which is about 15 mtrs.

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