If you’re a true adrenaline junky, you no doubt find yourself looking for new, exciting activities to try.

Just make sure that you’re smart, so you can live to keep laughing in the face of danger!

To help you out on your search, we’ve compiled the 11 best adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers - below!

1. Swim With Sharks (They Aren’t As Hostile As You Might Think)

swimming with sharks

Swimming with sharks is an experience that nothing else can compare to. These alien creatures are sleek and beautiful, with big, alien black eyes that are full of mystery.

Actually, sharks do not hunt as often as many predators (only once every 2-3 days), and they are not mindless killers or as hostile as you might think!

This being said, you’ll obviously want to learn how to swim with sharks with an expert, so you don’t accidentally trigger a random attack.

Swimming with sharks is one of the best adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers, thanks to the primitive fear most humans have of this large and powerful predator!

2. Go Canyoning (Great for a Water-Lover)

white water canoeing

Canyoning involves scaling down a waterfall or steep canyon river with climbing gear. It usually involves strong currents and lots of refreshing, splashing water.

You’ll need plenty of upper arm strength, and you’ll also want to be a good swimmer!

It’s best to go in a group in case something goes wrong, and make sure to bring a first aid kit, drinking water, and a snack!

3. Join a UFC Fight (But Only If You Can Take a Hit)

cage fighting

UFC fighting is a somewhat barbaric sport that many enjoy anyway.

While it can be very fun to duel and test your skill, matches sometimes get violent, and you’ll definitely need to be able to take a hit (as well as deliver one).

Fighting to win is an age-old way to get your fill of adrenaline; just do your best to avoid injury, and to fight with honor!

Karate is another great hobby for thrill-seekers

4. Go Skydiving (Definitely for Adrenaline Junkies Only)

sky diving

Although it’s probably on most adrenaline-junky lists, we’d be remiss to leave out skydiving. This is one of the all-time best adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers, as free-falling through the sky can give your system quite the shock. 

You’d definitely want to be an adrenaline junky to try this one, or you just might give yourself a heart attack.

Also make sure that you are equipped to survive, with the necessary protocol, physical health, and overall know-how!

5. Give Hanggliding and Paragliding a Shot (Take to the Sky)


Among the best adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers, hang-gliding and paragliding are easily one of the most popular!

You might even have a location near you, where you see the triangle hang gliders and c-shaped paragliders taking to the sky.

Just make sure that you start out somewhere with trustworthy winds and a secure landing point, suitable for a beginner!

6. Visit a Theme Park

rollercoaster ride for thrill seekers

There’s nothing that quite compares to a good, old-fashioned roller coaster.

Except, perhaps, an updated and modern theme park! Places like Six Flags have hundred-foot-tall rides with top-speed, big drops, and everything a budding adrenaline-junky could ask for!

7. Volunteer With Big Cats (This One Isn’t as Scary But Still Has Some Real Danger)

big cats

Big cats are basically nature’s perfect predator. They can bring down anything from a speedy rabbit to a strong and bulky ox. These animals are grand, powerful, and beautiful, and they know it.

Interacting with the sometimes-erratic (wild) beasts is a great honor, and it also brings an exciting, real sense of danger!

8. Try Volcano Boarding/Volcano Surfing (It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like)

volcano boarding
Image credits here

Volcano boarding is exactly what it sounds like, which is boarding on a volcano, The surface of a volcano can be glassy and slippery or ashy and dusty, making for an ideal (depending on what you consider ideal) surface for boarding.

Just remember to don protective goggles in case of dust, as well as the standard thick orange suit. While volcano surfing can be quite safe when done correctly.

Always follow a straight path with an even surface down the volcano. You can use your feet for breaks/steering if you need to slow - your control will be quite limited, however!

This, along with the fact that you’re on a dangerous, explosive landmass, might just provide the thrill you’re looking for!

9. Try Parkour


Parkour involves climbing around on urban architecture like a monkey, often with minimal gear (a helmet is strongly recommended, however).

In parkour, there are huge leaps, tricky surfaces to climb, slender areas to scale - all kinds of skillful, adrenaline-pumping stuff. It’s recommended you start small and work up to bigger things.

After all, you won’t be able to do even small parkour moves if you injure yourself. Soon enough, and with some practice, you’ll be able to enjoy and show off some impressive parkour!

Read our complete guide to Parkour here

10. Street Luge (Go Really Fast)

Street Luge

Street luge is simply the activity of riding a wheeled luge board down a paved road. It’s highly recommended to use a course, as it will be far safer and also likely much faster.

Additionally, you can find others who enjoy this hobby and have some fun racing each other.

Just make sure to suit up in the proper protective gear, and to use utmost caution and skill, or you could splatter!

Or, you could put another racer in danger. Be smart, and you can enjoy a truly exhilarating sport with the least possible risk!

11. Spelunk


If you’re looking to spook yourself, you could always become a spelunker, AKA a cave explorer. Caves are incredibly dangerous, with narrow pathways and ceilings, and even hidden pools and pitfalls, all deep beneath the earth.

Always tell someone where you’re going before you (even if you bring friends) spelunk! 

This being said, there are also absolutely incredible cave formations that you won’t see anywhere else. This includes stalactites, limestone, and even crystal growths.

There are also caves with glow worms, bats, you name it. It’s a whole other world under there; and to survive, you will absolutely need the necessary gear.

You’ll want a heavy-duty helmet and head-lamp, a flashlight, and a waist belt or fanny pack to hold batteries, an emergency whistle, your cellphone, or whatever else.

Also be sure to wear warm, but non-restrictive clothes, socks, and sturdy shoes (hiking shoes or boots are ideal). Finally, ensure you have a first aid kit, plenty of food, and plenty of drinking water!

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Do any of these adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers appeal to you? You can also try a few. Just be smart, and best of luck!

Japan has a beautiful, anciently-rooted culture, featuring specialty foods, peaceful activities, martial arts, and various types of unique artwork.

There’s a chance that one or more of these extraordinary hobbies could be a perfect fit for you - feel free to take a look!

1. Learn a Japanese Martial Art

martial arts hobby

Perhaps you would like to learn a type of Japanese martial art. The four main styles are aikido, and karate, iaido, and judo. Aikido focuses on defense and is fairly peaceful. Iaido, on the other hand, specializes in a surprise attack! 

Judo embodies gentle force and immobilizing an opponent. Finally, Karate possesses a combination of defensive moves and strikes. It also teaches economy of movement, for the most effective defense or attack.

These martial arts are an excellent way to hone both the body and the mind, all while having some fun and learning some invaluable self-defense. In a hobby, there’s not a lot more you can ask for!

2. Make Origami (Fold Paper to Create Artwork) 100


You’ve probably heard of Origami before. Did you know it originated in Japan? Origami is a storied, 17-century Japanese art of folding paper.

There are folds designs simple enough for a beginner (such as the classic crane), as well as those complex enough to be truly spectacular (such as an intricate dragon).

It’s a beautiful, 3D artform, and gently folding the soft Origami paper in precise ways can be a surprisingly peaceful hobby. In the end, you’ll also end up with some beautiful and unique artwork!

3. Make Traditional Soba Noodles Yourself 100

Soba noodles

Soba noodles are traditional Japanese pasta, made from buckwheat. The noodles are thin and have just the right amount of softness and chew.

They go commonly enjoyed hot in soups or stir-fries, or chilled, in a dipping sauce. So, how do you make soba noodles? Simply combine buckwheat and Kamut or spelt flour and hot water! Roll out the dough, cut it, and boil for just 1 minute.

This, along with a few other small but helpful steps, such as sprinkling flour on and beneath the dough so it won’t stick!

4. Shodo (A Kind of Japanese Calligraphy)

Japanese calligraphy

Shoda is the art of Japanese calligraphy, and they’ve mastered the skill. While many calligraphy forms use quills or ball-pointed pens, Shodo utilizes a super-soft, malleable, fine brush.

Talent at the art is based on precision, the flow of the brush, balance, shading, and balance. It’s a visually and mentally soothing activity that’s well worth the practice to master!

5. Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement)


Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It differs from normal flower arrangement, as it has special factors to take into consideration. The four guidelines of Ikebana are movement, fresh approach, balance, and harmony.

Essentially, the flower arrangements are meant to draw the eye to unique beauties we might otherwise overlook.

The result is often quite whimsical and restful (with a definite zen appeal). In a nutshell, when done in this manner, flower arrangement can be more meaningful and rewarding than you might think!

6. Make Mochi (A Unique and Tasty Japanese Dessert)


Mochi is something that most people seem to love or hate. It’s a treat made from sweet, sticky rice flour - but here’s where it gets a bit unusual. It’s filled with sweetened bean paste, for a dessert that’s similar to a dumpling, with a bouncy, chewy texture and mild, pleasant flavor. 

There are all kinds of different mochi, from green tea to strawberry, to red bean, to matcha. All that you need is glutinous rice flour, water, corn starch, red bean paste (or your choice of filling), your choice of flavoring (such as matcha), and of course, sugar.

Mochi ice cream is also a popular, storied, and fun-to-make snack!

7. Have a Peaceful Japanese Tea Ceremony 

tea ceremony

Did you know that what many consider tea is actually technically not? Chamomile ‘tea,’ for example, is actually an herbal tincture; it does not contain tea leaves or Camellia sinensis.

These leaves are grown, harvested, and aged in a very special manner! There are also several kinds of tea ceremonies in Japan, involving specific ways to pour water, infuse it with leaves, and so on.

It’s an incredibly ancient and peaceful hobby and a great way to get in touch with your roots and nature while enjoying a steaming cup of true tea - perhaps with a fellow tea-lover!

8. Try Out Karesansui (Creating Rock Gardens) 75


The art of creating rock gardens is also known as Karesansui, and it involves a few key elements, such as sand, moss, bushes, and water! The sand is typically raked into a flowing, ripple-like pattern that is immensely restful to the eye.

Karesansui is overall a very calming and pleasant activity, and it creates some beautiful and unique decor. Who knows - it could be just what you’re looking for!

9. Care For Your Own Bonsai (Miniature Tree)

bonsai tree

You’ve doubtless seen bonsai trees before. These miniature trees are gorgeous reflections of their full-sized counterparts, with spruce, wisteria, gorgeous Japanese maple, even Yew! 

Caring for a bonsai tree is a both simple and soothing activity. All it takes is a gentle touch and some precision (and if you have an artistic eye, even better).

To tend to your bonsai, simply make sure you water in a balanced fashion. You can trim the bonsai both to shape it and to keep any unwanted growth in check!

10. Roketsu (Indigo Dye and Wax Artwork)

Roketsu is a Japanese art that uses primarily indigo dye and wax
Image credits @Insidejapan

Roketsu is a Japanese art that uses primarily indigo dye and wax. Simply put, a wax design is drawn out on the shirt. The shirt is then dyed a beautiful, rich indigo color - all except the areas marked with wax.

These stay the original white shirt color, creating lovely, distinctive white-and-indigo artwork!

11. Yakimomo (A Japanese Technique for Cooking Meat)

Image Credits: Hyotei, Kyoto, JP

Yakimomo is the perfect hobby for a meat-lover! It involves marinating various types of meat (typically in soy sauce and seasonings, and sometimes with rice wine), skewering them, and grilling them to perfection. The result is a super-flavorful, tender dish that (particularly in Japan) is quite popular!

Final Thoughts - Japanese Hobbies

So, there you have it: 11 traditional Japanese hobbies that are quite popular! What do you think? Do any of them catch your interest?

You’ll never know if you’ll love it until you give it a try! You may find yourself with some remarkable hobbies that are both great for sharing, and great for enjoying by yourself. Best of luck!

If you’re an avid fisherman and looking for some additional hobbies of that sort, you’re in the right place.

Here are 9 alternative hobbies to fishing, for more excuses to get outdoors or out on the water!

1. Tickling (Fish)

If you’re looking for a way to fish that won’t cause the fish pain, you could always try tickling (fish).

This involves using nothing but your bare hands to snatch fish out of the water.

It’s said to be a lot of fun, as it triggers more primitive hunting instincts, and nabbing the swift, slippery creatures is no easy trick!

2. Remote Control Boat (Watch it Cut the Waves) 

Did you enjoy remote control cars as a kid? These days, they have remote control options for everything, from planes, to quadcopters, to motorcycles, to boats.

These foot-or-smaller RC vehicles can be super-entertaining to play with, and one of the best options for fishermen could easily be a boat, as it gives them an excuse to get out to the water!

3. Gardening (Grow Whatever)

When you hear the word garden, you might also hear ‘work.’ Not necessarily.

You could always tend a little herb garden, some bell peppers, wild strawberries (easy and delicious), or a patch of pumpkins.

You certainly don’t have to go all-out, and this way, you won’t have to do much besides pull the occasional weed and water! 

Read our complete guide to gardening here

4. Foraging (Enjoy Fresh-Harvested Wild Food)

If you like fresh produce, like berries, mushrooms, and greens, you might want to try your hand at foraging. You’d be surprised at the bounty you can find growing in the wild.

All that you need is a knowledge of edible foods vs poisonous ones (and sneaky lookalikes) as well as respectful foraging practices (such as gathering no more than ⅓ of what you see in any one spot).

In a nutshell, all that you need is a basket and a bit of know-how!

Complete beginners guide to foraging

5. Whittling Wood (A Timeless Hobby)

Whittling wood is a very pleasant hobby, especially if you want to spend some time near the water. Pull up a comfortable lawn chair and whittle a few figurines (maybe some fish, while you’re at it).

To start, a softwood, like pine, and a carving knife should do the trick!

Complete guide to wood whittling. Read our beginners guide here.

How to Choose the Best Wood for Carving Spoons

6. Bird Watching (Try a Birdfeeder)

If you have any interest in birds, you may want to try bird watching. This doesn’t just entail walking through the forest, trying to spot birds. For this, you need a lot of time, binoculars, and a bit of luck.

Much easier is setting up your own bird feeder, which will allow you to watch birds up-close and personal.

Just set it up somewhere hidden from sky and ground predators (nestled in a tree is ideal), but still within your view, and clean the feeder at least once a week!

7. Raising Koi (These Fish Are Friendly)

If you find fish rather beautiful or interesting-looking, it’s possible you’ll enjoy raising your own Koi.

These are exceptionally beautiful and intelligent (for a fish) fish and are considered not only pets but living artwork. All that you need is a small pool or large tank!

koi pond

8. Kayaking (Another Great Way to Get Out On the Water)

If you are drawn to water, such as the lake or the ocean, you may want to consider investing in a kayak. These 1-2 person boats are sleek and positively glide through the water!

9. Hiking (Try A Trail That Ends With a View)

Hiking is a great way to get out into nature - and as a bonus, it will help you stay in shape.

This hobby is an excellent muscle-builder and calorie-burner, and it’s excellent for the heart.

All of this, along with the healing vitamin D of sunlight and the fresh air. Not only that, but nature can provide a truly breathtaking, uplifting view!

So, what do you think? Do any of these 9 alternative hobbies to fishing catch your eye? Give it a shot. It’s never too late to try something new!

If you’re a senior, you’ve probably got a bit of experience under your belt.

This means you may be looking for new hobbies - activities to entertain yourself and skills to master.

That’s what this list of unique hobbies for over 60’s is for!

1. Become a Wood Carver

Why are Wood Carving Mallets Round?

Have you ever seen hand-carved wooden figurines?

These have a distinct charm, with their rough-hewn edges and natural look! Believe it or not, it’s not too difficult to become a woodcarver.

All you need are the proper tools, which include the wood of your choice, a cutting knife, a gouge, mallets, chisels, and/or a coping saw.

There are also lots of handy guides online these days, great for a beginner!

Learn how to carve wood here

2. Forage For Wild Food


Have you heard of foraging? This age-old activity has long been a method of human (and animal) survival.

These days, in first-world countries, it’s become more of a hobby.

It’s quite leisurely to talk a nature walk, gathering edible berries and mushrooms as you go.

Once you get home, you can dig into your harvest. It’s overall quite pleasant and can even be a money-saver!

Just make sure that you know any poisonous lookalikes and other necessary know-how!

Complete guide to foraging here

3. Make Your Own Custom Soap

soap making

You’d be surprised at how rewarding it is to become a soap-maker.

Store-bought soaps are chock-full of chemicals that can dry out and irritate the skin.

Homemade soap, on the other hand, can be crafted with skin-loving oils, like palm oil and shea butter! 

Learn how to make homemade soap here

4. Raise Koi

koi pond

If you can afford a tank or pond, you can always raise Koi.

These gorgeous fish have marbled, shimmery coloring, in orange, white and black!

They are intelligent (for fish), friendly, and basically living artwork!

5. Start Your Own Chicken Coop (and Enjoy Fresh Eggs)

keeping chickens

Do you like eggs? You can enjoy fresh, free eggs every day by starting your own chicken coop.

There’s quite a variety of chickens available, some with quite an exotic or fancy look! 

6. Write a Book

writing as a hobby

Is there a topic that you’re quite passionate about?

Have you considered writing a book about it?

If you’re a decent writer, this can be a very worthwhile way to spend your time.

It allows your imagination to run wild, and gives you a chance to share your stories and viewpoints with the world and people you care for!

Book restoration is another great hobby. Learn more here.

7. Learn an Instrument

hobbies that look good on resume

It’s never too late to pick up an instrument, and this is arguably one of the most rewarding hobbies for over 60’s (and in general) out there (music is the universal language, after all; it’s also a very healthy coping mechanism)! 

Along with the classic electric guitar, piano, and so on, there are also super-unique instruments that you can master.

These include the hurdy-gurdy, the ocarina, the Russian bassoon… you name it.

The sounds you can coax from some of these instruments are nothing short of a wonder!

8. Go (Gone) Fishing

old man fishing

Fishing is an exceptionally peaceful hobby and can be a great source of stress relief.

Few things compare to the sound and sight of the water, the thrill of a catch, and the sunlight and fresh air.

It’s a great excuse to get out, away from the daily grind, and experience the authentic, healing environment nature has to offer!

Learn more about fishing as a hobby here in our complete guide.

9. Become a Beekeeper

bee keeper

You may find that you have a lot of fun as a beekeeper. Bees are friendly, intelligent little fellows (for insects).

They are gentle, cute, and of course, they make delicious honey.

As a beekeeper, you can provide bees with a safe environment and help prevent them from going extinct.

You can also enjoy fresh honey and homemade honeycomb and beeswax!

10. Make Homemade Jam and Jelly

jam making

It’s actually quite easy to make jam and jelly; all that you need is some fresh fruit, some pectin, a pot, a stovetop, a recipe, and sugar.

Have fun making all kinds of unique flavors, like mixed berry, mango-kiwi, and strawberry pear!

11. Make Candles Yourself

making candles

You only need a few ingredients to get started as a candle maker.

First off, you’ll need your base, i.e. soy, coconut oil, or paraben wax. Next, you’ll need a mold, your choice of fragrance and color, and a wick!

Read our complete guide to candle-making. Is it easy to do?

12. Give Camping a Try

Can You Pitch a Tent in an RV Spot?

Camping is a wonderful way to soak up the beauty and positive energy of nature, and you can enjoy it via tent, by outfitting the back of a truck with a bed, or you can camp in style with your own RV.

Enjoy roasting things over the fire, seeing some birds, squirrels, and other wildlife, and of course, plenty of greenery and fresh air! 

13. Press Flowers for Natural Artwork


All that you need to press flowers is a flower press, or some simple tissue paper and a book.

You’ll also need the flowers of your choice, preferably those that are flat already.

For fat or round flowers, you may first need to cut them in half. Pressed flowers go great in laminated bookmarks, jewelry, and other floral artwork!

Learn how to press flowers here

14. Make Your Own Unique Jewelry

jewelry making buiness

Anyone can become a jewelry maker! Just head on over to your local craft store and acquire some necklace twine, chains, clasps, and beads.

Then, string them into whatever unique designs you fancy.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also try jewelry making with precious metals and solder!

15. Try Sculpting With Polymer Clay

polymar clay

Have you heard of polymer clay? This is a super-soft, malleable clay that bakes at about 275 F.

This hardens it, so you can keep the shape of your sculpture intact forever!

You can sculpt dolls, miniature food, jewelry, etc.

As you can imagine, as hobbies for over 60’s go, sculpting with polymer clay is quite popular. Once you get good enough, you can even try to sell your work!

16. Become a Bird Watcher

bird watching hobby

You can bird watch at home, in the forest, or at the park. The best way to get a close-up look is with a birdfeeder, however!

Stock a nicely sized one with seeds, wait a couple of weeks, and watch how many birds appear!

Just make sure that the feeder is placed in a tree and well-hidden from cats or predatory birds (such as hawks, turkey vultures, and ravens).

To prevent bird disease, also clean your feeder at least once a week!

Learn more about bird watching here. Best places equipment and more.

17. Try a Rock Tumbler

rock tumbling

All that you need to get started rock tumbling are some suitable rocks and a rock tumbler!

The best rocks are those that are hard and smooth, without pits or cracks (as these may cause them to polish unevenly, or worse, break).

A rock tumbler can make something beautiful out of even the most ordinary rock! 

Read our rock tumbling guide

18. Meditate (a Peaceful Hobby)


Meditating is a hobby that’s said to increase your longevity.

While some consider it an obscure spiritual practice, it’s actually a calming exercise that’s good for both mind and body.

With a bit of practice, it can become an incredible respite from anxious thoughts, negative feelings, etc.

All that it really involves is making sure to breathe deeply and intentionally making an effort to clear your mind and relax!

19. Create Your Own Aviary (Perfect for a Bird Lover)

garden bird aviary

If you’re fond of birds, you may find a lot of joy in your own aviary.

A proper aviary can house canaries, finches, doves, even quail. Not all in one aviary, of course; only compatible bird breeds should be housed together!

20. Plant a Garden to Enjoy All Year

A Guide to Gardening for the Beginner

It’s never too late to start a garden. You can admire countless flowers, as well as enjoy a variety of fruits, veggies, tubers, and herbs during harvest each year.

It’s also an extraordinarily peaceful way to get some sunlight and fresh air!

Start gardening today. Read our hobby gardening guide

21. Learn How to Do Tai Chi

tai chi
Tai Chi classes are run from many inner-city park areas

Tai Chi is an exercise for stretching and relaxation, and it’s perfect for staying spry.

It involves graceful forms that help to keep the body fit while offering stress relief.

When it comes to a rewarding hobby, you may find Tai Chi does the trick!

Final thoughts - Hobbies for the over 60's

Do any of these hobbies for over 60’s stand out to you? Give it a shot. You may find a new passion trying something you hadn’t considered before.

For example, maybe you’ll find you enjoy gathering berries and mushrooms as a knowledgeable forager! Best of luck!

If you’re over your 50s, you’re at a unique point in life where you’re still fairly young, but you’ve experienced a respectable amount of life, too.

As a result, you might find yourself looking for new things to enhance your life and satisfy your restlessness and curiosity, or to beat depression or boredom back!

Hobbies can fill your days and even become the lifelong passions you’re looking for.

To help you out, here are some classic hobbies for older adults, as well as some fairly unique ones you may not have thought of, below!

1. Brew Your Own Beer

brewing beer

If you’re looking to acquire a new hobby, you can always try brewing your own beer. This is ideal if you’re a frequent beer drinker.

You might enjoy learning more about the technique, as well as the freedom to customize the flavor (especially as you improve your skill). It’s also always fun to serve friends your own homemade brew!

2. Make Homemade Jam and Jelly

jam making

You probably already have a garden, right? If not, it’s pretty simple to set up a modest little plot.

Once you’ve got a little harvest of berries (strawberries grow especially fast), you can use a bit of sugar and pectin to turn them into fresh, extra-flavorful homemade jam or jelly.

If your garden is not quite ripe, some store-bought fruit will also do the trick!

3. Set up Your Own Bird Feeder

bird feeder

Have you ever paid attention to the birds around you? At the least, you’re sure to have spotted the occasional pigeon or sparrow. There are actually a far greater number of birds around than you may realize - and all that you need to catch a glimpse of them is your own bird feeder!

With one of these handy contraptions, you can catch sight of scarlet cardinals, canary-yellow Lesser Goldfinches, red-capped Cassin’s Finches... even a Lazuli Bunting (which is an iridescent, light blue color), with a bit of luck! 

Make sure to place your bird feeder in a tree, where it’s obscured from view from any hawks or ravens above any cats below.

To prevent bird diseases, clean your feeder with dish soap and bleach at least once a week!

You’ll also want to replace the seeds if they get wet, or they could become moldy. Anyone can run a successful, busy bird feeder - all you need is a little know-how! 

4. Make Custom Jewelry

jewelry making buiness

There are a few ways that you can go about making your own jewelry. You can 1) sculpt beads out of clay, 2) purchase beads to string in the designs of your choice, or 3) solder precious metals.

All of these can prove very enjoyable, and you can try to sell your best pieces or keep them to wear!

Learn how to make Jewelry at home here

5. Become the Family Soap Maker

soap making kits

Soap at the store is often full of harsh ingredients and chemicals. These aren’t great for anyone’s skin, and some with skin sensitivity may even have a reaction to it (such as a rash).

For those looking for something better, homemade soap is a lifesaver! 

This will eliminate the hassle of having the check the soap for ingredients - you’ll know already because you added them yourself. Cold-pressed soap, for example, is made of skin-loving oils like shea butter, avocado butter, and palm oil.

You’ll also need molds, lye, and your choice of fragrance and color!

Learn how to make soap here

6. Learn How to Sculpt


Many folks these days are learning about the joys of becoming a sculptor. There are so many clays out there, and many online courses that make learning easy.

This makes it one of the more popular hobbies for older adults, and worth a look.

With polymer clay, you can create jewelry, miniature food, dolls (fairies, Santa Clause), animals, and other fun stuff. All that you’ll need is an oven, and your creations will cook and harden after about 10-15 minutes at 275 F.

7. Become a Knowledgeable Forager

Guide to Foraging for the Beginner

Almost anyone can become a forager. All that you need is a promising spot to forage, and the proper know-how.

For example, it’s key to know which plants are plentiful enough to pick, and which are endangered.

It’s also important to know which plants are poisonous lookalikes to edible ones, and what distinguishes those that are truly edible (the number of prongs on the leaves of a plant, for example. or whether a mushroom has fins or not). 

Finally, you’ll want to guard yourself against ticks with bug spray or long sleeves.

Pick no more than ⅓ of what you find in any one area, so there’s food for the wildlife leftover!

8. Play a Video Game (If You Haven’t Yet)

retro video game

Arguably, there’s a video game for everyone, whatever their age or gender! There are games where you can explore other planets and life, or where you can serve as a medieval warrior.

Or, perhaps you’d simply like to explore the wilds and harvest plants for alchemy. There are even puzzle games, racing games, farming games, you name it.

All that you need is a little practice, and you can find yourself entertained by little, virtual worlds where you’re (mostly) in control! 

More game related hobbies here

9. Read a Book or Listen to an Audiobook

book restoration

As with video games, there is arguably a book for anyone.

If you’re not a big reader, audiobooks are a great way to listen to a story while doing something else, like tidying, drawing, or playing with a pet.

Books and audiobooks can take you out of the mundane day-to-day and allow you to escape into another life; much like a TV show, only it’s supposed to be healthier!

Even better... Book restoration. This is a great hobby for people with lots of time on their hands.

10. Learn How to Serve Tea in a Ceremony

tea ceremony

Do you enjoy a good cup of tea? If not, maybe you should try some of the quality stuff. It’s far and away better than the herbal tinctures that you get at the store here in the West.

It’s all in the aging and the attention to quality. Historically, true tea is aged and carefully picked and blended to create something of wonder!

Just purchase some rice or tea bowls, and, if you’d like to take it a step further, find some simple, peaceful tea ceremonies to follow!

Other amazing hobbies

11. Get Some Houseplants to Care For

house plant care

Houseplants are underrated little friends that can bring a special warmth and life to your home. Not only that, but they’re a beautiful, all-natural form of decor!

Many of us have tried a houseplant or two, only to have them die and then despair. Fortunately, the internet is chock-full of plant care tips as far as sunlight, soil, pH, temperature, humidity, pruning, and water.

These can be immensely helpful in your indoor gardening endeavor!

12. Make Custom Candles Yourself

making candles

Do you enjoy candles? There’s something very pleasant about their fragrances and cozy glow!

You can actually make candles at home pretty easily, and it’s a rewarding hobby.

All that you need is a base (such as paraben wax, soy, coconut oil, or a mix), a fragrance, a mold, and a wick!

Read our complete guide to candle-making here.

13. Invest in a Koi Pond or Tank

koi pond

Taking care of koi fish is a surprisingly fun little hobby, and all it requires is a bit of initial investment and work. First off, you’ll need a suitable, air-filtered pond or tank.

Next, you’ll need some koi fish! These fish come in just beautiful colors, resembling precious stones with their hues of pearl, bronze, snow-white, and black. 

They are usually marbled in color, and their movements are peaceful and graceful.

Koi fish are often considered living decorations and they are also quite friendly and intelligent (for fish).

Koi will get excited and splashy around feeding time, and may come to say hi whenever!

14. Watch Your Caterpillars Turn into Butterflies With a Butterfly Kit

butterfly hatching

This can be a wonderful hobby if it’s the right time of year! Butterflies require a warm environment to hatch into, say, 60+ F. This is usually around March-April (in Northern Climes, anyway).

If you live somewhere more temperature, you may have more leeway.

Anyway, all that you need to hatch butterflies is your own butterfly kit. Make sure to get one with solid reviews, and that it arrives in warm weather!

A solid kit should come with a net, food, and a few caterpillars, and you can sadly usually expect 1 or 2 not to make it.

When cared for as directed, the others should transform into lovely butterflies, however!

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Do any of these hobbies for older adults pique your interest? Feel free to let us know.

It could be a sign that it’s a good one to try.

You may be surprised how much a good hobby can improve your overall life and wellbeing, and we certainly wish you the best of luck!

If you're just curious about what strange stuff people get up to, here are some hobbies that are a bit odd or unusual.

You may even enjoy some of these creepy and dark hobbies yourself.

Take a look!

1. Practicing Witchcraft

practising witchcraft

Witchcraft is historically considered ‘creepy’ or ‘dark.’ Technically, there are many different kinds of witchcraft, and magic is not supposed to be inherently good or evil.

It’s all in the action and the intent, as well as the source of your power (demons could certainly be considered creepy and dark, for example. On the other hand, it is generally considered possible to draw on your own, pure, innate power instead). 

So, are you intending to do spells for healing, guarding, and ‘good,’ or curses, life force thievery, disorientation spells, and ‘evil?’ This will decide whether or not your witchcraft could be considered creepy and dark!

2. Becoming a Horror Film Buff

horror films

It’s a little concerning if your favorite pastime is watching folks get terrorized or tortured, some would say…. Many like a good horror film, but some are obsessively, inexplicably drawn to horror.

When this happens, the hobby can get a bit creepy or dark. This being said, it’s relatively harmless, as long as you are not drawn toward violent action yourself.

The horror genre is vast and it’s a great time-killer! 

3. Collecting Dolls (Common But To Some Also Creepy)

collecting creepy dolls

This one is a bit of a cliche, and it’s actually quite common (I however might have trouble sleeping with them around me at night). Folks like to collect classic baby dolls, Victorian-style dolls, action figures, teddy bears, you name it.

A couple of dolls is one thing, but a whole collection can potentially be more unnerving (you may begin to feel watched or outnumbered).

If you’re looking for a hobby with possible creepy vibes, doll collecting may be worth a look!

4. Entomology (Bug Collecting)

bug collecting

More widely considered creepy than doll collecting is bug collecting. Some people really, really like bugs - enough to put those pretty specimens in cases, liquid, etc.

There are some very beautiful bugs, and there are many that would find the sight of them cool.

This being said, there are also plenty of folks who want as little to do with bugs and possible; for them, such a collection would surely have less of an appeal.

They may even find it downright gross, creepy, or dark!

5. Beetle Fighting (You Read That Right)

beetle fighting

For some, beetle fighting is a morally questionable sport. For others, it’s an entertaining pastime, albeit a bit creepy and dark.

It's exactly what it sounds like: pitting beetles in a battle against one another!

6. Tree Shaping (This One Takes Some Patience but Pays Off)

Image Credits here

Tree Shaping is responsible for turning ordinary forest clearings into Otherworldly landscapes that are weird, lovely, and sometimes creepy and dark.

Many tree shapes look as if some forest denizen left them there as a warning or message; more often than not, it’s a mere mortal creating some beautiful and spooky artwork!

Unfortunately, tree sculpting takes time to accomplish (since the trees must gradually grow into the shapes you manipulate them into), so in the meanwhile, you may want to find another hobby on this list with which to entertain yourself. 

7. Ghost Hunting

ghost hunters

This is arguably one of the darkest, creepiest hobbies out there: becoming a ghost hunter. The success of the endeavor seems to depend on the individual; some experience unwanted hauntings even in their personal lives, while others can’t seem to find signs of it even when they actively look! 

Some pro tips: an open mind is key, or experts say you this could interfere with the ‘connection’ (AKA sighting or interaction) you’re looking for!

Try not to get spooked or give in to your emotions (as this could allow ‘ghosts’ or other supernatural beings to toy with you), and try to remain sure of yourself. 

Keep your ‘guards,’ up (some consider these a literal spirit shield you can create through mental image and intent, others consider it simply staying alert and on-guard).

Usually, it’s best if someone knows where you are if you go on your own, just in case you get overly spooked, or lost. Many prefer to ghost hunt with a friend or two, however!

Read our guide on the best-haunted places in the USA

8. Collecting Bones and Roadkill

bone collecting hobby

Most folks steer clear of roadkill or deteriorating animal carcasses in the woods; others collect the bits and pieces (some consider them a sort of treasure).

There are even those who will even clean them and use them to create artwork. To each their own, but most would probably consider this hobby to be just a tad creepy and dark!

9. Joining a Cult

If you’re truly wanting some creepiness in your life, consider joining a cult. But, be aware that you can be putting your mental and/or physical well-being at risk.

Many cults function on control and deception, even brainwashing (certain extreme religions could also be considered to operate as a cult). 

If you’re planning to join for fun, be careful - people can get up to some things that are exceptionally weird, creepy, or dark.

If you’re smart, you won’t agree to anything that could potentially put you or others spiritually or physically at risk!

10. Exploring Abandoned Property

Glenrio, new mexico

This one is super-popular. It can be a bit dangerous, as you may encounter loose floorboards, uncovered nails, etc. ‘Abandoned’ property may also be home to raccoons, bats, or rats that might not appreciate a visitor! 

All this being said, with due caution, abandoned properties can make fun opportunities for exploration. Just remember to bring a flashlight, a first-aid kit, a phone, water, and a snack.

If you live in a city where there’s potential danger from others, you may also want some sort of weapon, preferably non-lethal (stun guns or pepper spray are great). This is also what your phone is for! 

Another word of caution: exploring abandoned property is not always strictly legal.

While it’s great to go about it legally when possible, you may not always find that it is. In these cases, stealth and an awareness of potential consequences are called for!

See some abandoned properties in California here.

11. Dirt Polishing (More Unusual Than Creepy)

dirt balls
Image Credits Here

More than being creepy or dark, this one is just a bit unusual: dirt polishing. This is considered both a hobby and an art form. As its name implies, it involves polishing a mud ball until it shines like marble, for a unique sort of artwork! 

12. Competitive Dog Grooming (This May Take It a Bit Too Far)

weird dog grooming

We’re all for folks caring about their pets, and giving them plenty of attention - but competitive dog grooming just might take it too far.

This hobby involves grooming dogs to look like popular characters, and it’s an obsession that borders on creepy (or maybe it crosses the line - what do you think?).

One has to wonder how much the dogs are enjoying being made to take baths, haircuts, grooming, and hold still for photos.

If you have a pup that likes to hang with you constantly, who is super-comfortable around people, and who genuinely doesn’t seem to mind the fuss, you may find it more of a fit, however!

13. Collecting Things Like Toe Nails and Navel Fluff

collecting toe nails

Well… we’ll leave you to this one… Some folks like to collect body parts, whether it’s hair, toenails, or belly button fluff. There is even a record for the most collected belly button fluff…. Certainly a bit creepy, a tad dark! 

14. Hiking at Night (But Be Careful)

Night Hiking

Night-hiking is a good way to creep yourself out, definitely. Keep in mind that there is also real danger! Try to hike any trails during the day, first, so you know what to expect.

Bring along a flashlight, spare batteries, some water, your phone, pepper spray (to deter nighttime predators, if necessary), and a snack. 

Wandering through the dark and only being able to see a couple of feet ahead of you, wondering what might be watching you (wild animals, supernatural creatures?), can be very creepy and dark!

15. People Watching (Sorry - It’s a Bit Creepy)

people watching

Now, this is just a bit creepy in the sense that most people don’t really like it. Staring isn’t generally considered polite, so while it may be interesting and revealing to people-watch, be aware folks might not appreciate it.

Be respectful, and try not to stare at any one individual if possible.

Enjoy the overall view of milling, living folk. Definitely don’t use it as an opportunity to ogle, though, or you might receive a well-deserved smack! 

16. Toy Voyaging (Some Call it Fun Some Call it Creepy)

toy voyaging

A somewhat controversial hobby is one that is called 'toy voyaging.' This involves sending a favored toy on vacation.

For some, it's good fun.

For others, it may seem to imbue the toy with too much life, which, for some, can come off a bit creepy! What do you think of toy voyaging? Fun? Creepy? Let us know!

17. Dabbling in Tarot (Some Consider this Dark)

tarot cards

While this may be funny to some, there are those who still consider tarot cards to be creepy and dark. They are classically meant as a way to allow spirits to communicate messages across, so you can see why some might consider this a tad creepy or dark.

The goal is usually to communicate with guardian angels or guides, but some will try to talk to ghosts, demons, etc.; it really depends on the type of deck you have, and what you’re going for. You’ll also need a bit of luck!

18. Sculpting a Lifelike Baby Doll

life like baby doll

Have you ever seen a lifelike baby sculpture? There are those who specialize in this, and in making them as truly realistic as possible - gloss to make the eyes look wet, false eyelashes, toenails, and all!

For some, this is a beautiful and heartwarming form of artwork. For others, it’s nothing short of a horror! 

19. Popping Acne (Sorry. But Some People Like This One)

popping acne spots

This is one that could definitely be considered creepy by some: popping acne. Some people like to do this for others, and there is even schooling available in some places for it. To each their own, right? Yuck!

So, do any of these creepy hobbies and dark hobbies catch your eye? Perhaps you'd like to sculpt your own Victorian doll - or try your hand at some witchcraft.

Whatever you decide to try, remember to use caution and be smart. All hobbies are best with a little preparation and know-how!

In today’s fast-paced world, we can face a lot of stressors, like health, relationships, and work.

As a result, many folks find themselves facing anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. What this means is that some serious stress relief is needed.

That’s what these 15 anxiety-relieving hobbies are for!

Some relaxing, cheering hobbies will not only help you feel better (which is important), but they will also help you feel more capable when it’s time to get back to work!

1. Have a Peaceful Tea Ceremony

In the Western world, most of us know little about tea, what makes a true tea, its history, and how to bring out its efficacy and flavor.

Actually, most of what Westerners consider tea are actually herbal tisanes. A genuine tea is one made with the Camellia sinensis leaf. This has its own distinct flavor. There are also all kinds of true tea, from Oolong to Pu’er! 

Next, you may wish to try a tea ceremony, perhaps starting with simple Leaves in a Bowl.

These ceremonies will teach you how to serve and prepare tea in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.

What with the fragrant teas and gentle pouring of steaming water, a tea ceremony is an ancient method of anxiety relief, as well as a way to elevate the self.

2. Become a Passionate Bird Watcher

bird watching hobby

Bird watching is not the sole province of retired folks; anyone can take a few moments out of their day to sit and watch a bird feeder, or even take a little nature walk.

The birds that you glimpse in passing day to day are just a fraction of the birds you can see up-close at your feeder! 

Lesser Goldfinches are quite common, and these are just larger than a hummingbird and bright, canary-yellow.

Or, if you’re lucky, you might glimpse an indigo bunting, whose body is primarily an iridescent, indigo blue color! 

Just make sure to clean your feeder at least once a week, or your feathered friends could become seriously sick.

Also, be sure to place any feeders out of view of land or sky predators (hidden in the leave of a tree is ideal).

You’re also likely to see a few birds on a hike if you know to look! To identify any birds you see, all that you need to do is make a quick search online, or refer to a bird guidebook.

3. Craft Your Own Jewelry

Believe it or not, nearly anyone can become a jewelry maker (of course, you will need to practice in order to hone your skill).

You can start with just some beads and yarn from your local craft store or online, or even try your hand at precious metals and a solder.

Not only is this a nice way to get your mind off things, but you also end up with a pretty bit of jewelry to sell or wear!

4. Give Candlemaking a Try

lady making candles for an hobby

Candles are wonderfully relaxing, with their pleasant fragrance and cozy glow! If you’re a fan of candles, have you ever considered making some yourself?

This will allow you to customize every aspect, from the base -whether paraben wax, soy, coconut oil, or a mix- to the fragrance to the shape and color.

All that you need to get started is the base of your choice, the fragrance of your choice, a mold or two, and some wick.

Complete guide to candle making here!

5. Learn to Play an Instrument

At first, learning an instrument might just sound like hard work. Actually, the basics are not very hard to get down, and these will open up a lot of songs that are suitable for a beginner!

What’s more, the ritual of practice gives your restless mind somewhere to focus, while you are given a chance to make some music and maybe even express yourself.

The combination of discipline and freedom creates a balance, encouraging you to relax.

6. Hike (Enjoy Some Sunlight and Fresh Air)

If you’re not a fan of roughing it, maybe you’ve never seen yourself as much of a hiker. Fortunately, there are plenty of trails that are more nature walks.

These allow you to get some light exercise, take it easy, and take in the gorgeous sights and fresh air at a forest or park.

It’s a great way to get away for a bit; and potentially, a potent source of anxiety relief. Just make sure not to forget a first aid kit, a water bottle or two, and an energizing snack!

Adventure hobby guide, Read more here.

7. Escape into a Good Book/Audiobook

If you’ve never been much of a reader, it’s possible you just haven’t found the right book. If it’s a good fit, a book can take you elsewhere as well or better than a movie or TV.

If dyslexia is a deterrent, an excellent way to still enjoy an enthralling tale is a quality audiobook.

8. Become a Crystal Collector

crystal collection hobby

If you like cool-looking stones or are interested in the metaphysical (or both), you may like to become a crystal collector.

There are many more crystals besides the lovely-but-a-tad-cliche Rose Quartz, such as sky-blue, striated kyanite, lava-made obsidian, tourmaline (which resembles a dragon scale), and labradorite (which looks like nothing so much as a wizard’s stone). 

Some crystals are also said to have metaphysical properties and may provide grounding (calming and focusing), energize and uplift you, repel negative energy and entities, etc.

It all depends on what you believe personally and what you’re looking for!

9. Make Soap at Home (Pick Your Own Scent and Color)

Soap: a necessity that, more often than not, has little romance to it. Not only that, but many soaps are harsh on the skin, containing chemicals and unnatural fragrances that are downright unpleasant.

This is, no doubt, why homemade soap has become so popular!

Homemade soap can be crafted with only the best, skin-nourishing ingredients, not to mention, you get to choose the fragrance, shape, and color! 

Best soap making gift sets here

All that you need are a few oils (such as palm oil, avocado butter, shea butter, etc.), lye, and your choice of fragrance or color, and you can create your own, custom soap bar.

Not only is it fun to create a bubbling brew, the scents, creamy oils, and colors are soothing to gently mix together. When it comes to hobbies to help ease your anxiety, soap-making just might do the trick!

Learn how to make soap at home here!

10. Start Your Own Little Garden Plot

Gardening is one of the all-time best ways to get backs in touch with the earth and your roots.

There is something healing about the tactile feeling of soft, rich soil, the springy, enthusiastic green growth that rejoices to receive water.

What’s more, you’ll get some fresh-grown produce out of the deal (fresh tomatoes and strawberries are to-die-for). In a nutshell, gardening is an excellent way to renew your connection with nature, get some sunshine and fresh air, and relax.

11. Try Your Hand at Being a Forager

wild mushrooms

If you like being out in nature, and like the taste of fresh fruit, greens, or mushrooms, then you just might make a great forager. This is a fun and relaxing hobby that allows you to enjoy natural sights and fresh air… all while looking for a free, fresh snack.

It’s important that you know a few key things before you get started, however!

First off, anything poisonous that might look similar to what you’re foraging. Secondly, endangered plants to avoid, and proper foraging etiquette.

For example, forage only up to ⅓ of what you see in any one berry patch or mushroom cluster, as this leaves some for hungry wildlife and allows the land to recover! 

Read our complete guide to foraging here!

12. Sculpt With Clay

Even if you’ve never considered yourself much of an artist, can be a calming and really rewarding hobby. You can start very small, using mediums like polymer clay to make miniature food, mythical creatures, pendants, you name it.

If you feel so inclined, you can even move up to life-like dolls, ball-jointed dolls, and other projects that are more complex. 

13. Make Meditation an Important Part of Your Day

This one may seem a bit obvious, and yet, meditation is largely misunderstood. Many see it as an obscure spiritual practice. In reality, it’s a simple mental exercise and meant to help you calm your emotions and get your thoughts in order.

Over time, calming yourself and finding clarity will become ever easier! 

All that this beneficial, life-enhancing and amazingly calming hobby requires of you is a brief, 10-minute break. That, as well as a quiet spot (ideally), some deep, healthy breathing, and a bit of focus and willpower!

14. Care for a Sweet and Needy Animal

If you don’t have an animal companion, you may want to get one. Animals are selfless, loyal friends and don’t receive as much recognition as they should.

They offer an unconditional kind of love that you will rarely find elsewhere, and they ask little in return (only some attention, food, and care). 

Rescue animals are highly recommended, as they need you, making the adoption very meaningful.

If you don’t want a pet of your own but would like to enjoy interacting with one, you can always try volunteering at a shelter, or even find work as a pet sitter (read: hanging with a cat, rabbit, turtle, or pup). Or, you can always foster!

15. Transform Ordinary Rocks With Your Own Rock Tumbler

collecting pebbles

Rock tumbling can be heaps of fun, if you like rocks - this is definitely a requirement. A rock tumbler can turn even the plainest of rocks into something shiny, colorful, and full of wonder. Hunting for the rocks in nature can also be a lark - and a great way to relax!

So, there you have it: 15 of the top hobbies to help ease your anxiety. This is an all-too-common ailment that can really take some of the pleasure out of life.

Fortunately, finding effective ways to manage your anxiety and relax can make your quality of life significantly higher!

Hobbies are an excellent way to spend your free time having fun, but how awesome would it be to have a fun hobby that also stimulates your mind?

Fun and educational hobbies will enrich your life and make you more productive. Here are 11 fun hobbies you can choose from that are also educational:

hobbies that are also educational

11. Foraging

foraging for wild food

Foraging is a fun adventure because you never know what wild edible plants you'll find along the way.

Doing it as a small group makes it more interesting as you can have conversations and share experiences.

Some foraging sites have a guide who will tell you everything you need to know about the area, making your experience easier.

You will learn to correctly identify various plants using a guide book or an experienced forager so that you don't pick up anything poisonous.

The rules of foraging teach you to respect nature and be considerate by only taking what you need, leaving as little damage as possible, and getting permission from the landowner where you intend to forage.

10. Metal detecting

Metal Detecting as a Hobby

That exciting moment when a detector makes a clear alarm is what most metal detectorists look forward to.

It might mean that they've found a metallic button or a gold ring. Either way, it's a fun experience.

Metal detecting allows you to enjoy nature, like walking along the beach, where many detectorists find their treasure.

This hobby teaches you how to use different types of detector technology.

Metal detecting enriches your knowledge of national history as some people find historical artifacts and ancient coins that have been buried for centuries.

9. Muay Thai

muay tai

Unlike a lot of workouts, this intensive martial art is far from being boring and monotonous.

You're always learning a new technique, which makes you more likely to stick to your fitness goals. You'll build fun friendships with other Muay Thai enthusiasts at the gym.

Besides the benefit of lean muscles, Muay Thai will teach you to adapt to changing situations in your life quickly.

This will help you manage daily stresses and remain calm during tough experiences.

It also teaches you leadership and responsibility as you're expected to use the skill not only to defend yourself but others who might be in danger.

8. Learning a Foreign Language

learning a new language

Learning a new language is fun when you're more interested in learning the logic behind different words and sentence structures than in memorization.

Also, you'll have fun if you're genuinely interested in learning that particular language. In a group class, you get to practice and test your skills with other students.

Learning a foreign language will teach you about the culture connected to that language either through research or traveling to that specific country or city.

You will learn how to appreciate and respect other people's perspectives on various issues.

It will also teach you patience, and hard work as learning a new language takes time.

7. Listening to Podcasts


Listening to podcasts is not like reading a book.

While you can tell what's coming up next with the book, you never get to know how the conversation on a podcast will turn out. That makes it exciting.

You can listen to any subject you're interested in, from anywhere, even while doing your house chores.

There's no limit to learning when listening to podcasts.

Celebrities, entrepreneurs, creatives, and professional corporates all have something to offer to benefit you in several areas.

For example, leadership, fashion, agriculture, business, technology, creativity, personal growth and development, and a lot more.

6. Photography

Complete Guide To Photography

Telling stories is fun, and that's what photography is all about. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, photography will lead you to travel to new places and have new fun experiences with capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments which you can immortalize with your images.

The evolving photography technology challenges shutterbugs to learn about the different lenses, newer and better camera models, and the latest photo-editing techniques.

Also, traveling photography teaches you about other cultures and traditions.

5. Pottery

lady learning to do pottery as a hobby

The thought of using your hands to create a beautiful object from scratch by molding clay is immensely satisfying.

What's even more fun is the part where you get to paint your pottery project. In a pottery studio or café, this activity is more fun and relaxing when doing it as a group.

Pottery will teach you to use your creative abilities and not limit what you can create. It keeps you focused on the task until it's done.

You learn to persevere and be patient until your project is finished. However many times you might fall, you can always get back up and keep going.

4. Bird Watching

bird watching hobby

In most cases, bird watching or birding will force you to walk for miles through the woods looking for rare species.

This low-impact workout is a fun form of exercise even for people with arthritis and stiff joints.

Being in the midst of nature has proven to reduce stress by inducing awareness and relaxation.

Bird watching will teach you more about nature. You'll be able to tell the different bird types and species apart through research and continuously observing them.

You'll also learn their feeding, migration patterns, nesting behaviors, and what they go through to survive in the woods.

3. Genealogy Research


Genealogy isn't just fun. It's fascinating, too, especially if you're into telling family stories.

It's like a scavenger hunt for information, photographs, documentation, and personal information about family members that lived decades and even centuries before us.

It takes you on a journey going back in time and allows you to re-live the experiences of your ancestors.

Your minimal research skills will grow to new levels. Genealogy also teaches you to become more patient as it takes time to find most of the information.

You will learn about traditions, cultures, and major family events that have shaped your family into who they are now.

2. Watching Documentaries

watching tv

For lifelong learners, it's always fun when you gain new knowledge.

Whether you like nature, history, crime, food, business, or biographies, there's a documentary out there you can watch.

Watching documentaries will improve your social life by giving you conversation starters.

Don't be afraid to hear alternative views to what you think you know. This makes the discussion more enriching and fun.

Watching documentaries gives you a depth of knowledge on subjects you may or may not have known about before.

It also educates you on the world's real issues like child trafficking, extinction, global warming, and new technology.

1. Sight Seeing

travel at christmas

Visiting the famous places you only read about while you were in school and other areas of interest is exciting, especially if you're doing it with a group of friends.

Sites like the pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in France are all worth saving up for and keeping memories of.

There's always something to learn about the history and origin of the specific place your visiting with sight-seeing.

For example, we've read about the Taj Mahal story, but there's an authenticity in hearing it in detail from the mouths of keepers of the story.

Final Word

Which fun and educational hobby will you take up from this list?

Why not settle for one that suits your interests, whether it's creative, outdoor, exercise, or recreational. It will refresh you and expand your mind at the same time.

There's something special about the Christmas season where all of a sudden, interests that people have, pick up and become a craze. 

It might be the excitement of the season, the weather, traditions, or the fact that people have a lot more time for that specific hobby. 

Here are 9 hobbies that become popular at Christmas.

9. Decoupage


The art of decoupage is suitable for any time of the year as there's no limit to making surfaces look beautiful. 

The word découpage originates from the word 'decouper' in French, which means to cut from, cut away or cut out. 

Decoupage is the art of using colored paper cutouts to decorate a surface or an object using glue.

You can also combine it with other decorations like gold leaf and special paints.

At Christmas time, all decoupage novice and experienced take this hobby to the next level.

They refresh their home décor with Christmas-themed ornaments and make Christmas gifts for their loved ones. 

They cover and decorate items like gift boxes, empty bottles, porcelain mugs, photo frames, napkins, Christmas cards, and furniture pieces, making the season all the more special.

8. Guest Hosting

guest hosting

Some people have that superpower of hosting guests for several hours or even days without losing their minds. 

Having people over for food and drink or a sleepover is their favorite thing to do.

No matter what time of the year it is, hosting takes a lot of preparation. 

You have to plan the menu, clean the house, make repairs, fix the guest room, but there's no preparation like when hosting guests at Christmas.

Christmas time is that season of the year when guest-hosting is at an all-time high. 

You might be hosting a special Christmas dinner for family and close friends, a caroling night where you get to sing together, or it might be that your in-laws who have never visited your city come to stay with you for the holidays.

Several households will host a lot more during Christmas. But some people do this for fun and enjoy it!

7. Singing

singing at christmas

Whether you have a great singing voice or not, you can still sing along to your favorite song at any time of the year. 

You might join your local church choir to sing during Sunday service, or maybe you enjoy karaoke nights with friends at the neighborhood bar.

During Christmas, singing becomes even more popular as a hobby.

Christmas carolers go from door to door in their warm wooly hats and scarves, spreading joy and cheer by singing hymns to everyone in the neighborhood.

It's also that time of the year that families come together and gather around the piano playing and singing all their favorite Christmas songs.

6. Volunteering

unique hobbies helping people

Helping people and taking part in community service is a great way to spend your free time.

It puts a smile on the faces of the needy and less fortunate people.

A lot of charities need help with their projects, especially during Christmas time.

Christmas is usually when families come together to celebrate and share gifts.

Sadly, for many people, that's only a dream.

This is one reason why many families and individuals look for volunteering opportunities during Christmas time.

They volunteer, especially on Christmas day, serving food at soup kitchens, giving people gifts at homeless shelters, spending time with seniors at nursing homes, and entertaining children at orphanages.

5. Baking

christmas baking

In 2019, a world-renown vanilla and flavor extract company, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, undertook an online survey of 1000 Americans.

The survey found that over 50% of U.S millennials and 87% of Gen-Xers will bake during Christmas.

While the millennials take to baking as a way to connect with their loved ones, the Gen-Xers do it mostly to enjoy what they've baked.

The survey further revealed that 50% of adults prefer to receive homemade baked goods as a holiday gift.

This explains why hobbyist bakers don't bake as much during the year as they do during the holidays.

The tradition of baking cookies at Christmas started centuries ago when they were baked as a treat to share with guests and give away as gifts.

Although cookies are still a Christmas favorite, the baking goodies at this time of the year have grown to include pies, cakes, muffins, gingerbread houses, and a lot more.

4. Board Games

table top board games
Get your friends round at Christmas and have fun with tabletop boardgames

Games nights with family and friends are fun all year round, but there's even more opportunity and more time to spend with each other at Christmas time.

Children are off school, spending most of their time indoors.

Most adults are on holiday with no work pressures and distractions, making it the perfect time to unwind with a board game or two.

After a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas barbecue, the host may pull out a monopoly or chess set to play.

Some board games are Christmas-themed making them especially popular during this season.

For example, Holiday Charades, Christmas Bingo, and The Santa Claus Game.

What better way to have fun and bond with family and friends!

3. Glamping


Camping has always been associated with the warmer months of the year.

However, it has now become more popular during the colder months, especially at Christmas time.

This type of camping comes with a touch of glamor, hence the name 'glamping.'

There's no pitching your tent by yourself or peeing in the bushes. The inconveniences of traditional camping are not a concern here.

You're still enjoying nature but with a homely and cozy atmosphere.

There's nothing better for adventurous individuals and families than curling up and bonding in a log cabin or shepherd's hut in front of a fireplace, telling stories, and drinking hot chocolate.

Those interested in glamping tend to book accommodation early because many popular glamping sites get fully booked for the season.

2. Theatre

christmas theatre

Watching a play or concert on screen is one thing, but theatre lovers worldwide will experience the energy and emotion at a live performance, making it exciting.

Although these productions do occur at other times of the year, you can't deny that more of them happen during Christmas.

Some theatre enthusiasts attend several times to watch their various favorite plays and musicals.

Stages across the world usually embrace the Christmas spirit with a lineup of plays from kid-friendly titles to holiday classics, musicals, and dance extravaganzas.

These productions typically go on non-stop for the whole month of December, and all you have to do is pick a date that you're able to attend.

1. Traveling

travel at christmas

One of the most popular times to travel is Christmas time.

Many people have been working so hard throughout the year and deserve a real break where there's no cleaning, cooking, and hosting guests for Christmas dinner.

All they need is some pampering and adventure, so they book a holiday for that much-needed rest.

Other times, people travel to get away from the cold weather that most U.S and Europe experiences during Christmas. While winter is not all bad, not everyone enjoys it.

They might go for a safari in Africa or a sunny beachside resort in another exotic location.

christmas hobbies

Bottom Line

The goal is to have fun during Christmas time. So choose a hobby that is sure to give you that and much more.

You could try some of the above hobbies before Christmas to see if they interest you as much.

Do you have a hobby that you love?

You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world enjoy hobbies as a way to relax, unwind and indulge their creativity. But what if your hobby could be more than just a pastime? What if it could actually become your career?

Here are 12 easy hobbies that can turn into a Full-time career.

12. Blogging

writing as a hobby

Do you blog for fun? Do you enjoy writing and publishing your thoughts on the Internet? Have you ever considered becoming a professional blogger as a career? Read on to learn more about what it takes to become a successful blogger!

Bloggers work hard to keep their blog interesting and updated with new content on a regular basis. The hours can be long but the rewards are worth it!

But how do you make money from blogging I hear you ask. Well, you monetize your blog with display ads and also by recommending products to people and if they purchase it you’ll make a commission.

11. Photographer

Guide to Photography as a Hobby

If you're reading this, then chances are you've been thinking about a career in photography but haven't yet made the leap. Perhaps there's something holding you back like it is for many people.

The photography world can be a competitive one. Lack of self belief is often something that stops you from sharing your photos with the world. Many people are now turning to blogging as a way to share their images and ideas with the world, but how do you go from hobbyist photographer to full-time career?

Sharing your photos on platforms like Adobe images or Upsplash and seeing the reactions from people who have downloaded your images can be a great inspiration for you to push on and consider turning your hobby into a career.

Starting you own photography blog would mean you have full control over who and what people see. It's also very lucrative when you monetize your posts with display ads.

10. Content Creator

The need for influencers has escalated with the popularity of social media. Brands are now looking outside their company to create content that’s more authentic and relatable to their target audience. And with influencer-created content outperforming branded assets, it’s no wonder they’re in demand.

What are some of the steps to becoming a full time content creator?

1) Research platforms that have an audience you want to reach.

2) Make sure your work is up-to-date with current trends.

3) Review your analytics and identify what content performs well on the platform.

4) Schedule your posts for optimal performance, depending on whether or not it's intended as a 'top story'.

5) For videos, use editing software to enhance production quality while staying relevant within the platform's aesthetic guidelines. 6) Keep in mind that being consistent with delivering high-quality content will result in more followers who see themselves in what you're producing - but don't forget about yourself!

9. Graphic Designer

What if you could create videos, blog posts and other content to share with the world? This is exactly what a content creator does. If you have an idea for something that people want to read or watch, then this might be your dream job.

Have you ever wondered how much content creators make in a year?

The average content creator earns $500 per month. This is the result of a study by Mediakix, and it's not surprising to see that many people are turning to YouTube as a potential source of income. The median salary for those who work full-time in this field is between $30,000-$50,000

8. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the new "webmasters," and they'll have a lot more to do than just post on Facebook. Social media manager is one of the fastest growing careers, with job postings increasing by 92% in 2017 alone.

social media manager

If you want to become a social media manager, there are certain qualifications that will set you up for success. Your resume should be updated with your latest social media experience and any accomplishments that showcase your talent as a content creator.

You'll also need an understanding of how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other networks in order to engage audiences and create brand awareness.

Once you land you dream job as a social media manager the opportunities are endless and it's a career that's only going to be in more demand in years to come.

7. YouTube

What if I told you that you can make a living from YouTube?
Wouldn't that be great?

With the internet's rapid expansion, there are now more ways to make money than ever before. In recent years, one of the most popular methods has been through YouTube videos. With a little bit of knowledge and some hard work, you too can become a full-time YouTuber.

There are more ways to make a living from Youtube than just making silly cat videos. You can promote and review products, make serious interviews and even teach your skills through the world of video.

looking for a hobby that can be a career

6. Artist (Painter, Sculptor )

How do you become a full time artist? It’s not an easy question to answer. Artists and painters can tap into their creativity in many different ways, but it is important to find something that you love doing. Making art is like any other profession; it takes education, training, and practice.

Artists are the unsung heroes of society. They create beauty that is timeless and important to our lives, but they also get to live in their own world

5. Musician (singer-songwriter)

From singing to playing an instrument there are lots of possibilities when it comes to earning a living from music. Often ex-musician still stay within the music industry to make a living as a music editor or technical director.


But if you're just starting out trying to make a living from being a musician the best options are band members, background musician and even street music.

Many buskers and street performers earn six figure salaries from street performing. Even some of the biggest stars like Ed Sheran started on the streets playing to shoppers and passers by .

4. Sewing

Sewing is a great way to make money! If you know how to sew, you can help out with all sorts of jobs. You could work on clothes, making them more durable and attractive. Or maybe even working on the sails for boats or yachts.

You could even end up sewing and working on some of the latest fashion ranges in Milan and commanding a huge salary for your work. You could even bring out your own clothing range.

What about sewing astronaut suits. Yes, many suits and specialist workwear still need someone to stitch and sew them.

3. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL)

Teaching any language to someone is very rewarding. But earning a living from doing so must be very rewarding both financially and emotionally.

Other jobs that can pay handsomely for speaking another language is being an interpreter for official bodies like the police and also for large corporations.

Then you could be a YouTuber like Xiaomanyc who speaks chinese and mandarin to unsuspecting locals. With over 3.5 Million views he make millions from his YouTube channel.

2. Computer programming

If you're thinking about becoming a computer programmer, the first thing to know is that it's not as difficult or complicated as you might think. The second thing to know is that it pays well and has some of the best job prospects in America right now

The average programmer makes about $80,000 a year. Becoming a computer programmer is one of the popular choices for a career for people between the ages of 18-28 right now.

You need the right skills and enough experience in order to make it happen. However, if you're willing to put in the time and effort, becoming a programmer is an excellent career choice that will provide financial stability for years to come.

1. Video editing and production

o you like watching movies and TV shows? Do you have a passion for the video editing process? Then a job in video editing and production could be a great hobby to turn into a full time career.

Video is one of the most popular mediums nowadays. So, there are lots of opportunities in this film. Many people start their careers by simply editing videos at home or for YouTube before they decide to make it a full-time gig. The experience they gain from studying and performing video edits from home will serve them well in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are lots of hobbies that can be turned in to full-time jobs and rewarding careers. So, think about what you like to do in your spare time. Maybe your passions can become your career?

Doing what you like as a job is simply the best career you can have no matter what it is.

If doing your hobby or job makes you happy then it's the perfect career for you.