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Hobbies for Over 60’s | 21 Suitable Hobbies for Seniors




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If you’re a senior, you’ve probably got a bit of experience under your belt.

This means you may be looking for new hobbies – activities to entertain yourself and skills to master.

That’s what this list of unique hobbies for over 60’s is for!

1. Become a Wood Carver

Master wood-carver made using a special knife

Have you ever seen hand-carved wooden figurines?

These have a distinct charm, with their rough-hewn edges and natural look! Believe it or not, it’s not too difficult to become a woodcarver.

All you need are the proper tools, which include the wood of your choice, a cutting knife, a gouge, mallets, chisels, and/or a coping saw.

There are also lots of handy guides online these days, great for a beginner!

Learn how to carve wood here

2. Forage For Wild Food

Woman Picking Wild Garlic

Have you heard of foraging? This age-old activity has long been a method of human (and animal) survival.

These days, in first-world countries, it’s become more of a hobby.

It’s quite leisurely to talk a nature walk, gathering edible berries and mushrooms as you go.

Once you get home, you can dig into your harvest. It’s overall quite pleasant and can even be a money-saver!

Just make sure that you know any poisonous lookalikes and other necessary know-how!

Complete guide to foraging here

3. Make Your Own Custom Soap

Woman cutting big black handmade soap bar into small pieces

You’d be surprised at how rewarding it is to become a soap-maker.

Store-bought soaps are chock-full of chemicals that can dry out and irritate the skin.

Homemade soap, on the other hand, can be crafted with skin-loving oils, like palm oil and shea butter! 

Learn how to make homemade soap here

4. Raise Koi

multi-colored koi fish swimming in the water,

If you can afford a tank or pond, you can always raise Koi.

These gorgeous fish have marbled, shimmery coloring, in orange, white and black!

They are intelligent (for fish), friendly, and basically living artwork!

5. Start Your Own Chicken Coop (and Enjoy Fresh Eggs)

Small chicken coop and fenced area for egg laying fowl

Do you like eggs? You can enjoy fresh, free eggs every day by starting your own chicken coop.

There’s quite a variety of chickens available, some with quite an exotic or fancy look! 

6. Write a Book

senior woman at a house making notes on notebook paper

Is there a topic that you’re quite passionate about?

Have you considered writing a book about it?

If you’re a decent writer, this can be a very worthwhile way to spend your time.

It allows your imagination to run wild, and gives you a chance to share your stories and viewpoints with the world and people you care for!

Book restoration is another great hobby. Learn more here.

7. Learn an Instrument

Group of seniors on guitar lessons

It’s never too late to pick up an instrument, and this is arguably one of the most rewarding hobbies for over 60’s (and in general) out there (music is the universal language, after all; it’s also a very healthy coping mechanism)! 

Along with the classic electric guitar, piano, and so on, there are also super-unique instruments that you can master.

These include the hurdy-gurdy, the ocarina, the Russian bassoon… you name it.

The sounds you can coax from some of these instruments are nothing short of a wonder!

8. Go (Gone) Fishing

Father and son are fishing together in a rowing boat

Fishing is an exceptionally peaceful hobby and can be a great source of stress relief.

Few things compare to the sound and sight of the water, the thrill of a catch, and the sunlight and fresh air.

It’s a great excuse to get out, away from the daily grind, and experience the authentic, healing environment nature has to offer!

Learn more about fishing as a hobby here in our complete guide.

9. Become a Beekeeper

Old man working as a beekeeper

You may find that you have a lot of fun as a beekeeper. Bees are friendly, intelligent little fellows (for insects).

They are gentle, cute, and of course, they make delicious honey.

As a beekeeper, you can provide bees with a safe environment and help prevent them from going extinct.

You can also enjoy fresh honey and homemade honeycomb and beeswax!

10. Make Homemade Jam and Jelly

Woman making sweet raspberry jam

It’s actually quite easy to make jam and jelly; all that you need is some fresh fruit, some pectin, a pot, a stovetop, a recipe, and sugar.

Have fun making all kinds of unique flavors, like mixed berry, mango-kiwi, and strawberry pear!

11. Make Candles Yourself

Woman making decorative aroma candle at table

You only need a few ingredients to get started as a candle maker.

First off, you’ll need your base, i.e. soy, coconut oil, or paraben wax. Next, you’ll need a mold, your choice of fragrance and color, and a wick!

Read our complete guide to candle-making. Is it easy to do?

12. Give Camping a Try

Mature man writing a book at campsite

Camping is a wonderful way to soak up the beauty and positive energy of nature, and you can enjoy it via tent, by outfitting the back of a truck with a bed, or you can camp in style with your own RV.

Enjoy roasting things over the fire, seeing some birds, squirrels, and other wildlife, and of course, plenty of greenery and fresh air! 

13. Press Flowers for Natural Artwork

flat pressed dried flower background

All that you need to press flowers is a flower press, or some simple tissue paper and a book.

You’ll also need the flowers of your choice, preferably those that are flat already.

For fat or round flowers, you may first need to cut them in half. Pressed flowers go great in laminated bookmarks, jewelry, and other floral artwork!

Learn how to press flowers here

14. Make Your Own Unique Jewelry

Woman hands making handmade gemstone jewelry

Anyone can become a jewelry maker! Just head on over to your local craft store and acquire some necklace twine, chains, clasps, and beads.

Then, string them into whatever unique designs you fancy.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also try jewelry making with precious metals and solder!

15. Try Sculpting With Polymer Clay

The master sculpts a human figurine on a white ceramic mug

Have you heard of polymer clay? This is a super-soft, malleable clay that bakes at about 275 F.

This hardens it, so you can keep the shape of your sculpture intact forever!

You can sculpt dolls, miniature food, jewelry, etc.

As you can imagine, as hobbies for over 60’s go, sculpting with polymer clay is quite popular. Once you get good enough, you can even try to sell your work!

16. Become a Bird Watcher

Black bird perched on fence with defocused bird

You can bird watch at home, in the forest, or at the park. The best way to get a close-up look is with a birdfeeder, however!

Stock a nicely sized one with seeds, wait a couple of weeks, and watch how many birds appear!

Just make sure that the feeder is placed in a tree and well-hidden from cats or predatory birds (such as hawks, turkey vultures, and ravens).

To prevent bird disease, also clean your feeder at least once a week!

Learn more about bird watching here. Best places equipment and more.

17. Try a Rock Tumbler

Rock Tumbler Barrel Full of Assorted Polished Stones

All that you need to get started rock tumbling are some suitable rocks and a rock tumbler!

The best rocks are those that are hard and smooth, without pits or cracks (as these may cause them to polish unevenly, or worse, break).

A rock tumbler can make something beautiful out of even the most ordinary rock! 

Read our rock tumbling guide

18. Meditate (a Peaceful Hobby)

Senior couple is doing fitness training at home

Meditating is a hobby that’s said to increase your longevity.

While some consider it an obscure spiritual practice, it’s actually a calming exercise that’s good for both mind and body.

With a bit of practice, it can become an incredible respite from anxious thoughts, negative feelings, etc.

All that it really involves is making sure to breathe deeply and intentionally making an effort to clear your mind and relax!

19. Create Your Own Aviary (Perfect for a Bird Lover)

A group of zebra finch

If you’re fond of birds, you may find a lot of joy in your own aviary.

A proper aviary can house canaries, finches, doves, even quail. Not all in one aviary, of course; only compatible bird breeds should be housed together!

20. Plant a Garden to Enjoy All Year

Senior gardener woman carrying crate with plants

It’s never too late to start a garden. You can admire countless flowers, as well as enjoy a variety of fruits, veggies, tubers, and herbs during harvest each year.

It’s also an extraordinarily peaceful way to get some sunlight and fresh air!

Start gardening today. Read our hobby gardening guide

21. Learn How to Do Tai Chi

Senior couple is enjoying Tai Chi exercise in park.
Tai Chi classes are run from many inner-city park areas

Tai Chi is an exercise for stretching and relaxation, and it’s perfect for staying spry.

It involves graceful forms that help to keep the body fit while offering stress relief.

When it comes to a rewarding hobby, you may find Tai Chi does the trick!

Final thoughts – Hobbies for the over 60’s

Do any of these hobbies for over 60’s stand out to you? Give it a shot. You may find a new passion trying something you hadn’t considered before.

For example, maybe you’ll find you enjoy gathering berries and mushrooms as a knowledgeable forager! Best of luck!

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