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9 Alternative Hobbies to Fishing




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If you’re an avid fisherman and looking for some additional hobbies of that sort, you’re in the right place.

Here are 9 alternative hobbies to fishing, for more excuses to get outdoors or out on the water!

1. Tickling (Fish)

If you’re looking for a way to fish that won’t cause the fish pain, you could always try tickling (fish).

This involves using nothing but your bare hands to snatch fish out of the water.

It’s said to be a lot of fun, as it triggers more primitive hunting instincts, and nabbing the swift, slippery creatures is no easy trick!

2. Remote Control Boat (Watch it Cut the Waves) 

Did you enjoy remote control cars as a kid? These days, they have remote control options for everything, from planes, to quadcopters, to motorcycles, to boats.

These foot-or-smaller RC vehicles can be super-entertaining to play with, and one of the best options for fishermen could easily be a boat, as it gives them an excuse to get out to the water!

3. Gardening (Grow Whatever)

Garden Pruning Works to Maintain the Appearance of Shrubs,

When you hear the word garden, you might also hear ‘work.’ Not necessarily.

You could always tend a little herb garden, some bell peppers, wild strawberries (easy and delicious), or a patch of pumpkins.

You certainly don’t have to go all-out, and this way, you won’t have to do much besides pull the occasional weed and water! 

Read our complete guide to gardening here

4. Foraging (Enjoy Fresh-Harvested Wild Food)

If you like fresh produce, like berries, mushrooms, and greens, you might want to try your hand at foraging. You’d be surprised at the bounty you can find growing in the wild.

All that you need is a knowledge of edible foods vs poisonous ones (and sneaky lookalikes) as well as respectful foraging practices (such as gathering no more than ⅓ of what you see in any one spot).

In a nutshell, all that you need is a basket and a bit of know-how!

Complete beginners guide to foraging

5. Whittling Wood (A Timeless Hobby)

Whittling wood is a very pleasant hobby, especially if you want to spend some time near the water. Pull up a comfortable lawn chair and whittle a few figurines (maybe some fish, while you’re at it).

To start, a softwood, like pine, and a carving knife should do the trick!

Complete guide to wood whittling. Read our beginners guide here.

A man uses a knife to whittle a stick out hiking

6. Bird Watching (Try a Birdfeeder)

If you have any interest in birds, you may want to try bird watching. This doesn’t just entail walking through the forest, trying to spot birds. For this, you need a lot of time, binoculars, and a bit of luck.

Much easier is setting up your own bird feeder, which will allow you to watch birds up-close and personal.

Just set it up somewhere hidden from sky and ground predators (nestled in a tree is ideal), but still within your view, and clean the feeder at least once a week!

7. Raising Koi (These Fish Are Friendly)

If you find fish rather beautiful or interesting-looking, it’s possible you’ll enjoy raising your own Koi.

These are exceptionally beautiful and intelligent (for a fish) fish and are considered not only pets but living artwork. All that you need is a small pool or large tank!

Guy feeding flock of Japanese's beautiful colorful koi carps fish swimming in pond

8. Kayaking (Another Great Way to Get Out On the Water)

If you are drawn to water, such as the lake or the ocean, you may want to consider investing in a kayak. These 1-2 person boats are sleek and positively glide through the water!

9. Hiking (Try A Trail That Ends With a View)

Hiking is a great way to get out into nature – and as a bonus, it will help you stay in shape.

This hobby is an excellent muscle-builder and calorie-burner, and it’s excellent for the heart.

All of this, along with the healing vitamin D of sunlight and the fresh air. Not only that, but nature can provide a truly breathtaking, uplifting view!

So, what do you think? Do any of these 9 alternative hobbies to fishing catch your eye? Give it a shot. It’s never too late to try something new!

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