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17 Gaming Hobbies for 2021




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Gaming has been a widely enjoyed pastime for a long time now and is only becoming even more popular as time goes on.

Whether you enjoy playing table-top games, video games, or role-playing games, you have probably spent a little time considering if you would like to broaden your horizons and find some more hobbies to accompany the gaming you already enjoy.

Within this article, we will discuss some options for hobbies related to gaming that you might find interesting and may even decide to take up for yourself.

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1. Coding

If video games are on of your hobbies, then you may want to look into having a go at learning to code.

Coding languages are the building blocks that all video games are built from and so if you have ever been curious as to how games work in the way they do, coding could be a very rewarding way to spend your time.

These days there are plenty of beginner’s tutorials and workshops for coding out there that will give you a wealth of information on where to start.

Even though coding can seem like a daunting experience, due to its immense depth and complexity, once you familiarize yourself with the basics, you’ll be able to see how the pieces fit together and will be able to make really interesting projects.

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2. Martial Arts

This hobby would most likely be best suited to those who enjoy fighting games. Most of these games derive their different combat styles from real life martial arts and so you may find it interesting to learn more about.

There are a wide variety of martial arts you can choose to study, from Judo to Karate, to Taekwondo, it only depends on which one appeals to you the most.

Martial Arts can be a rewarding hobby as they can teach you discipline, increase your physical fitness, and allow you to meet new people.

3. Music Production

Have you ever been playing a game and found that the soundtrack really stood out to you? Maybe you even listen to the soundtrack outside of the game?

If this is something that has ever caught your attention then Music Production could be a great hobby for you, as you can better understand what made these soundtracks so gripping in the first place.

Nowadays, you can find a number of Music Production programs online that offer you a huge amount of freedom and features to create amazing music using only your computer and imagination.

If you feel a little lost on how to start, there are many online tutorials on getting to grips with the basics of whichever software you decide to use that are very easy to find.

You may find that Music Production will give you a boost of creativity and allow the freedom to experiment with different sounds and styles, which can be very fun to spend time doing.

4. Puzzles

If you love problem solving in games and want another avenue to hone your skills, then maybe you should consider taking up Puzzles as a hobby.

Puzzles come in all sorts of varieties, from Jigsaws to items like Rubik’s Cubes, and so you really have a huge amount of choice when it comes to what kind of Puzzles you would like to do.

As well as honing your problem-solving skills, Puzzles can help you relax, reinforce pattern recognition and boost hand-eye coordination.

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5. Streaming

If playing video games online with your friends is something you enjoy then you should have a look at streaming as a hobby to take up.

Livestreaming, or Streaming for short, is when you broadcast whatever you’re doing live for others to see.

Whether it is Art, Woodwork, Music Production or Gaming, you can broadcast it live and build up a community around what you are doing.

If a sense of community is something you would like, then Streaming can certainly offer this for you, and it can be done with just a few programs.

Streaming can give you better leadership skills, better social skills and can help you meet new people.

6. H.E.M.A (Historical European Martial Arts)

If you enjoy video games or role-playing games, then HEMA could be a great hobby for you to get involved in.

HEMA refers to the study and practice of old sword-fighting techniques that were used by medieval and renaissance knights and warriors and is not just an opportunity to get to play around with cool swords.

This hobby can provide insight into the how’s and whys of the use of techniques and give historical context that will strengthen your knowledge of the times they came from.

HEMA also offers you an excellent opportunity to improve your physical fitness and reflexes.

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7. Learning an Instrument

Similar to Music Production, learning an instrument can be great for those who are captivated by the soundtracks of games and wish to emulate them in some way.

You have the choice of instrument, which is to say you have a whole lot of choice, and this means that you can really focus in on an instrument that you will enjoy learning.

Learning an instrument can help you unwind, give you a boost in creativity and provide you with a fun way to spend your time once you have got the basics down.

8. Magic

Those of you who enjoy playing card games may also enjoy a hobby such as Magic. Magic refers to the performance of tricks and illusions and can be a very fun hobby to partake in.

This hobby has a very low barrier to entry and can result in some really impressive tricks using very little equipment.

Sleight of hand tricks and distracting illusions can seem very flashy to observers but can be so simple to learn.

Magic has the added benefits of improving dexterity, boosting creativity and can help improve your improvisational skills.

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9. Reading

If the stories are what you really enjoy about gaming, then you could try taking up reading as a hobby.

This is an extremely simple hobby that can be endlessly rewarding in that it is as good as the stories themselves are.

You can read literature in its many forms be it, comic books, graphic novels, encyclopedias, or novels, it is all down to what kind of stories interest you.

Reading is beneficial as it can inspire creativity, allow you to relax, and allow you to spend time in another world.

10. Fencing

Similar to Martial Arts, Fencing will be a good fit for people who enjoy fighting games or games with historical background – it may also appeal to people who play 1-on-1 board games such as chess.

Fencing takes place in a duel scenario, so it is you against 1 opponent. Each fencer has a foil and must strike the other first to win.

This hobby will have great appeal to those you like to outmaneuver others and find unique ways to approach situations.

One big appeal to fencing is that is less about the mechanics of the sport and more about outsmarting that specific opponent and tailoring your approach to them.

Fencing will help with your physical fitness, problem solving and dexterity.

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11. Volunteering

If what you enjoy about gaming is the sense of community it provides then Volunteering may be a way for you to expand on this in a way that can have a huge positive impact on others.

There are so many opportunities for volunteering, and they will be different depending on exactly where you are.

You should make sure that the cause you volunteer for is something that means something to you and will have a positive impact on the world around you.

Whether it be planting trees, helping out at your local religious center, or looking after animals, make sure that it is something that you would be proud to provide your time for and help foster a community you can enjoy being a part of.

12. Animation

Animation is a key component in video games and if you have ever wondered what it would be like to try it for yourself then why not take the plunge and try Animation.

This hobby can be approached in a number of ways, you can animate in 3D, 2D, stop-motion or a flipbook.

There are many online tutorials or books you can read on learning the basics of animation and then after you have them nailed down the only limit is your imagination.

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13. Art

In recent years, art in games has been getting better and better. You may have a few games in mind in which the artwork particularly stands out to you.

If this is the case, then a hobby that may be right for you is Art. This is quite an open-ended hobby with a lot of different areas within that you can inhabit.

Maybe you want to try painting, it could be you wish to try digital art, or maybe you would like to make models?

Anything under the scope of art could be a good fit and you should investigate the many different facets to find one that suits your style best.

You can find a load of starting equipment online that can be especially useful and allow you to create something unique and personal.

Art is quite a rewarding hobby as it allows you to express your creativity and showcase to others if you so wish.

14. Hiking

Hiking is all about the adventure and so if this is something that you love to have in your games then why not give hiking a try too.

There are plenty of places in which you can hike and often you will find all you need is a good pair of boots (and sometimes you won’t even need these).

Scout out for places you would love to explore and plan a hike to take yourself on a journey to the outdoors and spend time basking in the natural beauty of nature.

Hiking also has the great advantage of providing you with exercise as you explore the world and can give you time to reflect on things.

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15. Archery

Archery is one of those activities you may have seen in games or read about in books that has always seemed interesting to you. Well, luckily this hobby is much more accessible than it might seem.

Most places have an Archery club of some form and will allow you to join and use their equipment for a fee.

Some also offer historical lessons in the techniques you use to handle a bow and arrow, although most just teach it for sport.

Archery can be helpful in a number of ways such as improving dexterity, patience, arm strength, and reflexes.

16. White Water Rafting

If you seek an adrenaline rush from the intense showdowns in online games, then you should consider having a go at white water rafting.

This may not be an immediately accessible hobby, but it is one that may be worth the effort depending on how much of a thrill seeker you happen to be.

There will be places that offer these experiences, but it will depend on whether you are close enough to the white water rapids to see it as a worthwhile journey.

If you end up being relatively close to a white water rafting experience then take the plunge and reach out to then to see what you can get up to as there is nothing quite as exhilarating as the rapids.

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17. Team Sports

Whether it is in tabletop games, role-playing games, or online games, you may have found the one aspect of gaming you really connect with is the teamwork and comradery.

Team Sports offer an opportunity for you to build on this and have more experiences that rely heavily on teamwork and leadership.

You could choose a sport you are already familiar with or try an entirely new one, the choice is yours and there are a lot of options.

You could try, football, soccer, baseball, basketball or volleyball, or any other sport that will allow you to partake in more of the teamwork you are looking for.

Team Sports also offer you a great opportunity to keep fit, meet new people, and improve your leadership and teamwork skills.

Final Hobby Thoughts

To summarize, there are many hobbies that connect to gaming and can offer you a wealth of new experiences and rewarding challenges.

Whether you are looking for thrills, community, a way to keep fit, creative pursuits, adventure or a life skill, there will be a hobby out there that you can spend your time and thoroughly enjoy.

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