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11 Extreme Hobbies Only for the Adventurous




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If you would consider yourself a bit of a thrill seeker and normal hobbies just don’t quite cut it for you, maybe you would be interested in hobbies of a more extreme nature.

Within this article we will explore 11 extreme hobbies, not for the faint-hearted, that might appeal to the daredevils among you.

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11.Whitewater Rafting

This hobby is an exhilarating activity wherein a group of people man an inflatable raft and charge full speed down rough and turbulent rapids, often with many twists and turns.

Group of friends enjoying Rafting and whitewater rafting outdoor activities on a river

Although it can be a little dangerous, it’s a truly unique experience.

Many people find this hobby to provide a good basis for team building and some locations even offer simulated white water rafting. In this scenario, you and a group would raft in a man-made set of rapids, which can be a good alternative if you are not nearby any real rapids.

10.Hang Gliding

One hobby that is equal parts extreme and tranquil is Hang Gliding. Imagine being suspending in the air from a glider and taking in the scenery from a perspective that most people seldom get to see.

Hang glider pilot landing on beach

At first, it may be frightening or exhilarating, which may be something you are looking for, but then you should find that you can relax and unwind in a way that other hobbies do not allow. It’s just you, the glider, and the world below.

There are many locations across the USA and Europe that hold beginners introduction classes. Take a look to see if Hand Gliding is really for you.

International Open Academy


One of the most popular extreme hobbies on this list, Skydiving is enjoyed by many people around the world.

Portrait of tandem skydivers holding hands with female skydiver above clouds

The thrill of Skydiving is immense, as it has you leap from a plane in mid-flight and race toward the ground – before deploying a parachute to ease your decent and avoid injury.

Due to its popularity, Skydiving is very accessible and you can often find somewhere, usually not all that far away. that will take you up into the air for a fee.

This hobby is excellent for those who long for that intense adrenaline rush, along with great scenery to accompany it.

8.Bungee Jumping

Another hobby that is high in adrenaline is Bungee Jumping. This hobby has you leap from a high point, say a bridge or the side of a building, whilst strapped to an elasticated bungee cord.

Bungee jumping in new zealand

As you plummet toward the ground in an adrenaline-fueled descent, you will experience true excitement, as you will be falling headfirst in what seems like a very real fall.

However, as you near the ground you will reach the end of the bungee cord and spring back upwards, and eventually come to a standstill.


An extreme hobby, that can be beneficial in enhance traits such as problem-solving, physical fitness, balance, and orientation, Parkour was initially developed for military training.

Young man doing parkour outdoor in the city in autumn, stunt, trick concept

This hobby has you navigate from one point to another, usually in an urban environment, without any additional equipment or aid. You must carve a path across obstacles like buildings, stairs, and across gaps, to get to your destination as fast as possible.

As fun to observe as it is to take part in, Parkour is definitely worth investigating for those who want an accessible and exciting extreme hobby.

Read our complete Guide to starting Parkour here!


This extreme hobby is very popular and offers the chance to travel through a dirt course on a motorbike at high speeds, often with terrain such that you spend some time airborne.

Jumping over the sunset. Two motocross riders in midair during a race

Jumps and sharp corners, along with inclines and declines, make this a high-octane hobby that will get your blood pumping. This hobby can be dangerous but for a lot of participants, that is part of the thrill of it all.

Even if you take the time and make sure to be very careful, many will find this a rewarding and high energy hobby.


This is another hobby that can offer both extreme thrills and peaceful tranquility.

Woman doing freediving exploring the sea

Freediving is a type of underwater diving that has you dive without the breathing apparatuses you might find in something like scuba diving.

Ultimately this hobby is about remaining composed under pressure and staying mindful of your surroundings.

Depending on your skill and training you can free dive for minutes at a time and people often find a sense of deep calm from the concentration this hobby necessitates.

4.Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is as simple as it sounds, and yet in this simplicity, you can find some real thrills and train your body to remain composed and rely on your strength.

Rock climber on challenging route on overhanging cliff

In this hobby, you must conquer your fears and use all the strength of your body to advance.

You can rock climb on either a real rock face or at an indoor rock climbing facility with an artificial rock face.

This means that no matter the weather, you can get a blood-pumping workout experience and train your body to overcome extreme obstacles.

3.Downhill Mountain Biking

Some people love extreme sports and hobbies because they do not allow for any outside distraction and take all of your attention to partake in. Downhill Mountain Biking can definitely be considered one of these hobbies.

Athlete bicyclist in helmet jumping on a mountain bike on the hill

In this hobby you take off on your bike from the top of a course, usually a steep descent, and have to traverse yourself around tight corners, jumps, and other natural obstacles like trees.

This can provide an exhilarating adrenaline rush as you harness the power of gravity to take you all the way to the end of the course.

There are often many places that offer these experiences at national parks and other such areas.


If you are a fan of exciting hobbies with fantastic views, then snowboarding may be for you. Usually a seasonal hobby, snowboarding has you traverse a course down a mountain covered in snow and can be a really awesome way to spend your time.

snowboarder is jumping with snowboard from snow hill

You can choose if you would rather go down a very intense path or a more simple path, but either way it can be truly magnificent.

If you want to try it out, but it is not the right time of year, there are some simulated indoor snowboarding facilities that can let you enjoy the thrills all year round.


If you live near the coast and want a hobby that lets you quite literally ride the waves, then look no further than Surfing.

surfer man surfing on waves splash

Wherever there is wide open water with tides, you will most likely find surfers and this is because it is a lot of fun that only requires yourself and a surfboard.

Depending on the weather and time of day, wave sizes can be drastically different and using this information you can decide whether you want to ride the bigger or smaller waves.

You get the choice of difficulty and to what extent you want the adrenaline rush.


No matter how extreme you want to go, there will be a hobby for you. Whether you want to dive deep underwater, surf the waves atop, or leap from a plane to watch it all from above, there is plenty of exhilarating opportunities to partake in.

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