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11 Hobbies for Women in Their 20s




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There are lots of ways for women in their 20s to get creative, keep busy, and most importantly, enjoy themselves and relax. What you need is a new hobby! 

Whether you’re feeling lonely or stressed, or are simply craving a bit of fun, a good hobby can be a real lifesaver. 

To help you get started, here are the top 11 hobbies for women in their 20s:

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You’ve probably admired calligraphy before: graceful writing that is beautiful enough to be considered an art. It can be a wonderfully calming and rewarding hobby. 

There is something about the slow, precise brushstrokes that is mesmerizing to the eye. As you lose yourself in the method of it, it can help you slowly but surely relax.

You can use calligraphy to sign your name, to write cards, to create art displays, and simply for the fun of it. What do you need to get started? 

Some calligraphy paper, a calligraphy pen, and the proper ink. You can also look online for some quick and easy how-to-guides and videos.


Female forager collecting wild Hops

One of the most rewarding hobbies, if it’s your sort of thing, is becoming a forager. With your knowledge and experience, you will be able to identify edible foods wherever you are. This is not only handy but pretty fun. 

If you’re hiking during bilberry season, for example. These blueberry-like fruits are deliciously juicy and sweet. They’re perfect for enjoying fresh and gathering to make into pies and jams later.

You can forage ingredients for soups, salads, stir-fries, pies, jams, and more. Just make sure of two things before you get started: 1) That you’ve done your research on poisonous mushrooms, berries, and plants in your area. 

There are edible food lookalikes that can be a particular danger. Along with this, don’t eat anything you aren’t absolutely sure of.

And 2) That you forage respectfully. This means using care not to damage the land, and leaving about ¾ of edible goods behind for the wild animals. 

It’s perfectly alright to gather some handfuls of berries and a basket of seasonal mushrooms, just don’t pluck a bush bare. Birds, bears, and little critters like berries, too!

The keys to becoming a good forager are common sense and careful attention. Also, a love of woodland goodies and a sense of adventure. What do you need? Just a basket or two and a bit of know-how!

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You might like hiking even if you’ve never considered yourself much of a hiker. What is hiking, after all, but visiting nature? It’s not all rocks and uphill.

There are plenty of low-difficulty hikes that you can take that are along rivers, within cozy forests, among meadows, etc. 

If you’re looking for more of a workout, you can always go for the moderate to hard-difficulty hikes, which often end with a fabulous view.

No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy some sunlight, invigoration, and fresh air. Just make sure to bring along snacks, a first aid kit, and plenty of water!

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Did you think kickboxing was only for men? Hopefully not, but it would be no surprise if you did. Men are encouraged toward these activities more than women are. 

Young woman practicing in kicking with her kickboxing coach in the gym

And why? Kickboxing is lots of fun, and it does wonders not only for your strength and fitness but your self-esteem, too. Not to mention, it’s true that men are naturally stronger. For self-defense, it’s always smart to become nice and strong yourself. 

And don’t worry, you won’t get bulky! This is much harder for women to do, and you’d have to intentionally lift heavy and consume plenty of protein in order to bulk.

Kickboxing is a great fat-burner and excellent for your heart, however, and you will absolutely get stronger!

What do you need? Some enthusiasm, online courses or a local class, plenty of drinking water, some comfortable workout clothes, and a punching bag and gloves (optional).

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5.Jewelry Making

Beautiful jewelry designer making handmade jewelry in her home workshop

If you haven’t tried it before, you might like to pick up jewelry making. Especially if you are a big fan of jewelry! So, how do you do it?

There are a few kinds of jewelry making you can try: silver-working, clay jewelry, or stone wrapping. Silver working is probably the most lucrative. It’s also the most expensive to get started with, as you will need a solderer and some silver. That being said, if you can sell some pieces, it will pay off.

Sculpting jewelry is less expensive and also much easier. You can sculpt intricate pendants like roses or faces, or simply make some colorful, round beads to string into a necklace. 

To wire wrap, all you need are some lovely stones or crystals from your local rock store or online, and some know-how (you can find wire wrapping courses online).

6.Candy Making

Two young woman making candy caramel, pouring caramel on the table

Do you like candy? Then perhaps you’d like to become an expert candy maker. It’s not too hard, really; all it takes are some quality supplies, some practice, and of course, the proper know-how!

The main ingredients you will require are sugar, corn syrup, milk, candy flavoring, candy coloring, butter, and wax paper. 

You will also need a melting pot and stove-top, and a heat-proof spatula and bowl. Finally, you’ll need some molds, candy sticks, and candy for wrappers (optional).

What can you make? Toffees, truffles, candy glass, caramel… you name it. Homemade candy is great for both gifts and to enjoy yourself.

7.Weight Lifting

Muscular woman weightlifting in gym

As a woman, it’s possible you’ve never considered becoming a weight lifter. After all, many women are afraid to bulk.

Fortunately, this isn’t actually a risk! Compared to men, much more protein and effort are required in order to bulk.

Simply lifting will build muscle, but won’t get you any bigger than you want to be. In fact, both working out and the resting muscle gained from it will burn heaps of calories, and you’ll end up looking trimmer. 

Channel any stress or restless energy you have into your lifting and you’ll also have some potent stress relief. 


Young woman taking pictures at par, woman photographer with her camera at park

These days, even if you only have a basic cell phone camera, anyone can become a photographer. Of course, you will have to practice to develop the skill! 

You can photograph flowers, bugs, people, landscapes, the city nightlife… whatever suits your fancy!

All that you need is a decent-quality camera, a good eye, some practice, and a bit of know-how (for example, the rule of thirds, knowing your focus, etc.). 


Female athlete practicing archery in stadium

To become an archer, you will need a good beginner’s bow. You see, bows take strength to draw, and you’ll need to work up to a more intermediate level.

Or, if you prefer, you can stick to a beginner’s bow. 

Next, you’ll need arrows and targets, and somewhere safe that you can practice with your bow. Recommended is a deserted, natural area, such as a forest or meadow.

There are also online videos and guides you can take a look at (so you know how to load your bow, draw, and shoot).

10.Bird Watching

Woman looking through binoculars at the forest, woman birdwatching

Or, perhaps you’d like to become a bird watcher. There are many beautiful species that you can learn to identify and keep an eye out for.

Some of the most popular bird-watching birds are chickadees, finches, robins, bluejays, scrub jays, juncos, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and more!

How can you bird watch? Bird watching can be done out in nature, or right in your own backyard. If you’re bird watching at home, you can draw all kinds of birds with a bird feeder (or three).

Hummingbirds are also drawn to feeders full of synthetic nectar (a special sugar mix).

Outdoors, you can bring binoculars to make seeing high-up or far-off birds easier!


Woman planting flowers in pots at the garden

This is another activity for the nature-lover. What better than to care for your own plants in the sunlight and fresh air? Anyone can, and all that you need are a few supplies, your plants of choice, and just a little know-how!

For example, you will want to learn how much sunlight your individual plants prefer, so you can plant them accordingly. You will also need to know when to water and to provide fertilizer.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can start planting. With just a bit of weeding, watering, and fertilizing, you can have a delicious harvest or lovely bouquet in just a few months. What better way to end the summer?

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Do any of these hobbies pique your interest? That’s probably a sign you should give it a try!

Check out some of our more unusual hobbies or even extreme hobbies. You never know one might take your fancy!

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