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21 Awesome Hobbies for Teen Boys




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Most teen boys have two things going for them, time and energy. These two factors are destructive if they go untapped.

So, what’s a teen boy to do when he’s got all that pent up energy rearing to go?

Get a hobby.

Hobbies help the average teen guy to unlock loads of unrealized potential.

Here are 21 awesome hobbies for teen boys

teen boys looking for a new hobby


Archery has such a rich history. It has become so popular and mainstream now that it is considered a sport.

This bow and arrow hobby combines patience, a sharp eye, and steady hands to hit the mark every time.

Other than being a hobby, archery also has some key skills in it.

It teaches you how to focus. Keeping your eye on the target and always aiming for that sweet spot.

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20.Target practice

As controversial as guns are, target practice can be a satisfying hobby for teen boys.

Holding a weapon and hitting targets teaches you a thing or two about staying focused and staying aware.

Target practice can be done safely in a range. However, as you get more skilled, you can step out and do what teen boys have been doing for the longest time – target bottles and watermelons.

This hobby also teaches you about gun safety.

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Young man in sportswear practicing parkour outside on stone wall on clear summer day

The first thing that came to your mind was rooftops, wasn’t it? Parkour is a French export. It is also known as free running.

Parkour requires immense concentration and physical strength. It is all about clearing obstacles while running.

Extreme forms of parkour might involve rooftops and high places.

However, you can start with the basics such as park benches, trees, and staircase rails.

Make sure you pack your best sneakers for this hobby. Your ankles will thank you.

Read our complete guide to Parkour here!

18.Street art

Most great cities are dotted with beautiful art on walls. Street murals, especially, bring a fresh look and feel to how people view the place.

You can take up street art as a hobby. Grab a set of spray cans and choose a wall.

Street art is one of the most intense forms of self-expression there is.

If you love painting and drawing, it’s time to join the big leagues and let your art speak for you.


There are many forms of biking a teen guy can take up as a hobby.

You have options such as mountain biking, cross country cycling, and regular biking.

Each hobby requires a different skill. However, they have one thing in common – the bike.

Biking can help you get better full body coordination, attain body fitness, and learn how to control your speed.

Extreme forms of biking, such as mountain biking, call for advanced skills since the stakes are higher.


This is not for the faint of heart. Stuntwork requires a lot of sportsmanship.

It takes plenty of training to become good at stuntwork.

However, starting it as a hobby lays the groundwork to pick up other fringe skills as well.

Acrobatics, martial arts, weapons, and climbing are just some of the skills that you have to get to level up your hobby.

You can take classes first to grasp the basics. However, you need to know you will be taking some hard bumps.

15.Rock climbing

Young man practicing rock-climbing on artificial rock wall indoors

Rock climbing is a test of fitness. It looks like fun.

However, scaling walls requires incredible mental fortitude, body strength, and concentration.

There are rock climbing places open to the public in malls. This is where you can develop your hobby.

Rock climbing as a hobby for teen guys checks all the boxes since you can track your record. You can up the difficulty levels as you become more experienced.


If you are looking for a contact sport that teaches you multiple forms of martial arts and builds your body, MMA should be on your hobby list.

You’ll need to get some standard protective gear and get into a gym.

MMA is an affordable hobby. Although you don’t have to get into the professional side of it, MMA is a past-time activity that will build your body and improve your cardiovascular health.

Read more about Mixed Martial Arts here!


Unlike MMA, boxing requires only your fists. However, similar to MMA, boxing demands an affordable set of starter kits.

You can also get boxing gloves at the gym. Boxing is intense. It’s a great skill to teach you about body movement, focus, and fitness.

Teen boys can use boxing as a way to keep fit since serious boxing will almost always keep their weight lean.

The skills you pick up in boxing become helpful later in life.

You never know when you’ll need to square up against some questionable characters.

12.Rig building

Computer games might be fun, but for the more machine-oriented guys, building a computer from scratch is incredibly satisfying.

A lot of serious gamers gather parts and rig their computers.

Still, this is not a cheap hobby. Getting high-power parts for a beast of a machine requires some serious finances.

Starting such a hobby as a teen puts you in a place to be highly skilled later in life.

It teaches you about saving money, patience, and critical thinking.


Two young gamers Participating in eSport tournament

E-sports is a community away from computer gaming.

Unlike playing computer games alone for hours, e-sports brings you closer to a group of like-minded competitors.

Every person you meet or you challenge is as skilled as you.

E-sports can start from a micro level. Organize small contests around your neighborhood.

Such a hobby helps you build a community of friends and teaches you about handling pressure and taking losses.

10.Motor cross

From mountain bikes to engine bikes, motor cross is a fast-paced sport that needs you to stay sharp.

You might need to have a bike. However, you can join a motor cross club where you can get bikes on an hourly basis.

This is a communal sport. It brings in people across different areas and lifestyles.

Interacting with such people will improve your social skills. A win or two will also do good for your confidence.


Woodshop is a favorite class with guys in school. It allows your creativity to flow as you come up with wood pieces.

Finishing a woodworking project boosts your confidence and improves your skill.

You can develop woodworking from a hobby to a paying gig during your free time.

This is fairly easy to learn since you can always shadow someone more skilled than you.


There are plenty of cooking channels online that cover cuisines from all over the world.

Cooking as a hobby allows you to experiment with affordable foodstuff.

Here’s the clincher. You don’t have to do run of the mill cooking.

Come up with new recipes for sauces, spice blends, or marinades.

If you’d like to learn more about Cooking as a new hobby. Then click here to read our Complete Guide To Cooking


If tech excites you, you could give robotics a hand.

Robotics is a unique hobby. You can get into its class and learn the basics before you dive into the intricacies of robotics.

You can build toys, work machines, and life-changing machines as well.

Your name might be next on the Nobel prize for robotics.


Cheerful young vlogger by the desk holding new photocamera while presenting it in front of his camera

If you have niche areas of interest and you can create engaging videos around them, you can start vlogging as a hobby.

You don’t have to spend too much. You can use your phone to get your content out.

If all goes well, consider monetizing your content.


Do you have a nose for enchanting scents? Perfuming is a hobby that requires a skilled nose.

However, it is not a cheap hobby. You might have to be a student of this fine art. Develop your sense of smell to identify various scents.

This hobby can develop into a career as a perfumer. Once you learn how to blend oils and fragrances you can make your scents.

Learn how to make perfume or start a new hobby by taking an online course.

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4.Track racing

If you have a thing for speed, you can get on the track and pick up track racing as a hobby. Start with racecourses that allow teens under 16 to drive.

However, you have to be 16 and older to have a valid license to get into racing.

Racing requires high levels of focus. It teaches you situational awareness, a skill that will come in handy later.


Young man surfing on blue ocean wave

Would you like to learn how to boss the ocean? Surfing is a fun hobby that is practiced by plenty of teens worldwide.

Summer is a great time to get into surfing. Just make sure you do it in safe water. You don’t want to end up as shark food.

2.Aerial surfing

Conquer the air with hobbies such as paragliding. Aeriel surfing hobbies may need you to have an adult present in the beginning stages.

As you get more skilled, you can go at it on your own or in groups.

1.Party Planning

There’s always a reason to party. Take up event planning as a hobby and organize small meetups for friends and family for a start.

To Sum It Up

There you have it boys! Let your teen years be years you spend away from the screen just gaming.

You will be glad in later in life that you learned a new skill when you were younger.

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