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11 Hobbies for Geeks and Nerds




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If you would call yourself a geek or a nerd, you have probably already got some hobbies that would fall in line with the typical stereotypes. Could be that you enjoy watching cartoons, or playing video games, maybe you enjoy solving complicated mathematical equations.

However, you may feel like you need to add some more hobbies to your list of activities; expand your horizons.

Within this article, we will go over some hobbies that may surprise you and some other hobbies that may appeal to the geeky/nerdy nature you already possess.

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Build Your Own Computer

It is quite likely you already own a computer already, whether it be a desktop or a laptop. If you have owned one, or both, of these for a while then it may be time to consider getting an upgrade.

The quick and easy solution is to buy a pre-built computer that you can just plug in and get started. But what if I told you there was a way that you could shave off some cost along with a rewarding activity.

Building your own Computer will allow you to customize your machine with exactly the components you want and so will fall more in line with its intended purpose.

It will also be cheaper to make as there won’t be any mark-up on the price from the system integrator and you can take advantage of the many online deals for computer parts.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to build your own computer online and if you decide to go ahead with it, I am sure you will find it a fun and rewarding experience that will give you some insight on how the computer functions.

3D Printing is fast becoming a popular hobby for anyone who loves to geek out on Tech. Read our Beginners Guide here.


a nerdy man doing computer programming

This hobby in particular can be extremely beneficial if you stick with it for long enough. Programming is something that can be both an interesting hobby and a potential source of income, as well as a way to understand the inner workings of computers.

There are many different languages that are used to program in, and each one can be utilized in unique ways to carry out tasks efficiently.

You can find a wealth of resources online that will instruct you on where to start learning and give you guidance all the way to mastering a language.

If you decided that one day you wanted to turn this hobby into a way to make money, you could make a portfolio of your programming skills and send it to a potential employer to monetize this hobby.

Martial Arts

If you are looking for a hobby that can give you both historical education and physical fitness, then Martial Arts may be just what you need. This hobby has many different versions that focus on different aspects of martial arts and therefore give you a lot of choices.

It’s important to have a way to spend your time that will also allow you to keep fit and Martial Arts are a great way of achieving this.

Discipline and perseverance are also greatly emphasized within the teachings of most Martial Arts and are great aspects to train yourself in.

Martial Arts also offer a historical context into why they came into existence in the first place and why they have continued to be practiced throughout history.

Also, they can also educate you on the culture and customs of the places they come from.

Martial Art is a way to take out all your frustrations with the world in a controlled manner that won’t end up getting you locked up. Read our beginner’s Hobby Guide here.

Make a Home Cinema

If you have the space for it, making a Home Cinema can be an amazing way to get the movie theatre experience in your very own home.

Using a large screen television or high-quality projector you can set up an immersive atmosphere that can be just as good as the movie theatre.

A room with little to no external light is best for this, so something like a basement or an attic, or you can achieve the same effect by using heavy blackout curtains that will make sure no light bleeds through your windows into the room.

This is important as too much light will ruin the picture quality.

There are many guides online to make sure you set up your Home Cinema with the right viewing angles and what type of equipment you will need.

If you set it all up right, you will have yourself an immersive and thrilling movie-watching experience right in your very own home.

Website Building

If you have a passion you want to showcase, a business you wish to start up, or just want a creative outlet, Website Building can be an excellent hobby to take up. All it takes to start is a computer and an internet connection and so is widely accessible.

There are a couple of ways in which you can go about building a website. You can either use a service that provides you with templates and customization options, or you can use your own code to build the website from scratch.

Online you will find many ways in which you can learn the information you would need to make a website from scratch but if you would rather use a website creation service then there are plenty of great ones out there.

Some even let you customize further using your own code if you so choose.


man wearing headphones starting online streaming

If you have a hobby that you already enjoy and want to share with others, be it art, video games, or performing music, then Streaming could be another great hobby for you.

Streaming can be a great platform to share the things you enjoy and interact with an audience in real-time.

You don’t need much to get started but the additions you can make to your stream to add extra value for your audience are near limitless.

Should you gain a large following you could also turn Streaming into a career if you so wished, which is always an added benefit.

Even if you have no intention of monetizing your stream it will still make for an excellent hobby in which to share your passions.

Set up Your Own Audio System

If you are big on music and would love for a way to fully immerse yourself in the sound, then setting up your own custom audio system is the best way forward.

This would work really well with the home cinema we previously suggested and combining the experiences would have a very profound effect on the overall enjoyment you would get from the activity.

Having your own customized setup will allow you to really fine-tune your listening experience to get it just right.

This can transform songs you are already used to listening to, into an even greater end result, and will have you wanting to spend even more time listening to music than ever before.

The upgrades you can get for your setup are many and the constant retuning and upgrading to better your experience can become a hobby in itself.

Here’s a great website to help you setup the perfect Audio System

Music Production

Whether or not you decide to go for a custom audio setup, as previously mentioned, producing your own music can be a rewarding way to flex your creative muscles and craft something unique to you.

Nowadays you can create your own music with programs on your computer that can emulate real world instruments and place them within a timeline to create songs.

You can also use actual instruments as inputs into these programs to gain more analog control over what you create, whether it be a guitar, drums, or a synthesizer.

If you feel this could be a hobby for you, there are many tutorials online of where to get started and which software you can use to start producing music.

Collecting Vinyl Records is fast becoming a trendy thing to do amongst Geeks and nerds. Check out our Beginners Hobby Guide to collecting records here.


If you would like a hobby that can both showcase your creativity and let you get hands-on with interesting technology, then photography may be a good choice for you.

Taking photos can be an excellent way of displaying your creativity as two different people could take a photo of exactly the same thing and create two distinctly different photographs.

The way you frame the objects in the picture and the lighting can change the way a photo looks and provide you with many ways to give your own unique outlook.

You can start with just taking photos on your smartphone and if you like what you can achieve then eventually you can get a dedicated camera to provide more high-quality photos.

There are also many guides online that can provide you with techniques to the same effect.

Create Your Own Comic

Comic books, and the movies and TV that was inspired by them, have never been more popular. You’re probably a fan or have at least seen some of these titles.

If you have ever thought you might like to try crafting a story like you’ve enjoyed through these mediums, then why not try making a comic book.

Whether you prefer the art, the story, or both, you can have a part in the creation of a comic book and help to build your own world within the pages.

There are online classes that help in teaching you about the iconic designs of comic books and how to use your own creativity for a unique style.

Maybe you would prefer to craft the story behind the comic, in which case there are also classes that can give you a hand in how to create such a vision.

You can start off with simple pencil and paper, or you can create it digitally, the choice is yours and the only limit is your imagination.

There are also digital drawing tablets that can help to achieve this more intuitively but are not necessary – it all depends on your style.

Restoration Projects

man restorer checking stained glass window project

Do you have an old piece of tech, tool, or furniture that has seen better days, but you can’t get rid of because it has sentimental value? A good hobby you can take up would be Restoration.

Say you have an old computer that no longer works, you could salvage any functioning components and fit them into a system with new ones to make use of them.

Or maybe you have a cast-iron skillet that has been in your family for years but is now covered in rust. You would be able to get it back to its original working order with the proper equipment.

Restoration can be a great hobby to breathe new life into older items that still have some potential value and help to maintain a lifestyle that is more eco-friendly. It’s just fun to see what a difference a little TLC can make.

Book restoration can be really rewarding. Especially for people who love peace and quiet. Read Our Beginners Guide to Learning Book restoration here.


To conclude, there are many interesting hobbies for you geeks and nerds out there.

Whether they keep you fit, let you be creative, or help you master a new skill, there is something out there that is right for you.

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