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Is There a Demand for 3D Printing?

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With 3D printing becoming more and more popular you might want to start using it as a production took for your business. Have you thought about printing on demand for people? Or selling your designs? But if everyone else with a 3D printer is thinking the same thing, is there a demand for 3D printing?

Yes, there is a demand for 3D printing. Not only is there a demand for 3D printed products, but there is also a demand for 3D file designing. 3D printers can also start solving the world’s mass production waste problem. 

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Demand for 3D Printed Products

One of the biggest advantages of a 3D printer is the ability to print one item without much prep work. This means for people who are wanting to make a prototype, they don’t have to sculpt the design, make a mold of it, and then use the mold to make their prototype. 

With a 3D printer all you need to prepare is the 3D print file, give the machine time to print, and now you aren’t left with any wasted time or molds. 

And that’s just for prototypes. There is also a demand for people who need a specific piece for their equipment or need a unique piece for around their home. The point is, there is huge demand for people who only want one or two things 3D printed, and don’t want to purchase a 3D printer. 

Demand for 3D Printing Files

3D programs are pricey and difficult to learn. If software is one of your skills you might find that there is a huge demand for 3D printing designs. 

For a lot of people, it’s not worth buying the software and learning how to use it. It’s easier and cheaper for them to find someone who is already familiar with a 3D designing program and just pay them to make the specific design they need. 


Where Can I Find These People?

Luckily for you there are many sites that bring these people to you. You can either post your 3D printing services for people to find you, or you can scroll through what people are looking for a choose the job you want to do. 

Whether you want to 3D print for other people, or design 3D files for others, you can easily find work on these sites. 

The following is a list of some of the places where you canfind 3D printing work:

Keep in mind you shouldn’t start selling until you’ve mastered your craft. If you’re still having problems using a 3D printer, and your prints aren’t consistent, you shouldn’t be selling your items just yet.

This will lead to bad reviews, and it will kill your your business. Once you’ve developed your skills, and you start printing or designing for other people, they’ll leave a review based on the quality of your work. High ratings will lead to more orders. 

Demand for the Future

We can think of our future in two ways. The environment, and the advancement in technology. 

Environmentally friendly, and environmentally sustainable have become increasingly popular, and 3D Printing can become environmentally friendly. 

There is so much waste right now. Items are being mass produced to fill shelves, and if they aren’t purchased they are thrown out.

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Not only is the item wasted, so is the material used to make the item, the energy needed to manufacture it, and the resources to ship and transport. 

With a 3D printer, you can make your own item and not contribute to waste. When 3D printers become more accessible and easier to use, they could very well replace a lot of mass production. 

3D printers have gone from industry production tools to home tools in just a few short years. With the rate of technology advancement we’ve seen, we can expect 3D printers to be around for a while. 

Despite the rapid advancement there is still so much a 3D printer can’t do. There might be future 3D printers that can print natural materials, or even food. 

Wrapping It Up

The question was if there is a demand for 3D printing. The answer is an astounding yes. 

There is a demand for 3D printing today. There are people all over the world who need the use of a 3D printer, but can’t justify buying the machine and learning how it works just for the few items they need. 

There’s also a big demand for the 3D print files, so if you’ve already spent your time learning 3D design software, you are also in demand. 

There’s also the demand for our future. 

What other hobby can be in demand worldwide, in the present, and in the future?