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A great way to enhance a Cosplay with a new level of detail is to use Facepaints to accentuate your designs further. There are a number of Facepaint sets that come with accessories to help you make some cool cosplay designs.

Within this article we will go over some examples of the some great Facepaints for Cosplay, as well as some considerations you should be making when look for the right product for you Cosplay needs.

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Top 5 Facepaints for Cosplay

5. Most Popular

CCBeauty Professional Face Body Paint
This is a great set of facepaint from CCBeauty that comes with 12 different colors including gold and silver metallic paints. Non-toxic, and oil-based this paint set is perfect for cosplay and has a fantastic range of colors.

4. Fan Favorite

Charmcode Face Body Paint
With 15 colors of paint in this Charmcode facepainting set, you will have no limits to how vibrant you can make your cosplay. No stains and non-toxic, this set is perfect for advanced cosplay facepainting.

3. Budget Option

No products found.

2. Must-have Option

Mosaiz Face Paint Kit Non-Grease
With a great amount of brushes and paints, this Mosaiz set is worthy of consideration. Easy to remove water-based paints with skin safe ingredients make this a worthy choice for all cosplayers.

1. Editor’s Choice

Face Paint Kit Non-Grease 16 Colors with Metallic Gold & Silver
A set that comes with a whole host of accessories, including a hair chalk brush and 30 stencils that will allow you versatility with your cosplay. With 4 metallic paints including gold, silver, blue and red, this set has a lot to offer a cosplayer and will keep you supplied for a long time..

Buyer’s Guide: Top Facepaint for Cosplay

How much will Facepaint for Cosplay be?

The cost of any product can be a hugely important aspect in your decision of whether you are to purchase it or not. In the case of Facepaints for Cosplay, you will find that on average the products you will be finding are priced at around $15 to $20.

For this price, you will be getting a diverse range of colors and tones to be able to make a great design for your cosplay. Often these sets will comes with accessories that can be a great help in allowing you to get the full potential out of your cosplay.

Some sets will even come with metallic-style paints that can be great for cosplays for characters that are robots or androids and can provide a unique look to your cosplay that can be hard to recreate without them.

What accessories will come with my Facepaint?

The accessories that come with your facepaint set can make all the difference in what you can do with the product. A wide variety of accessories will really open up all the possibilities for what cosplays you can produce with your facepaints by allowing you to create more interesting designs.


Having a decent amount of brushes with different sized ends can help you to add another level of complexity to your facepaints. Having the ability to create different sized lines when facepainting can be a huge help to making sure you can recreate the essence of the character you are cosplaying.


These are an excellent tool for making sure that you can create a base for your facepaint that is quick and easy. The large surface area of the sponge will allow you to apply large amount of paint at a time that can really speed up the facepainting process.

Hair Chalk Brush

Another accessory that some facepainting sets provide is a hair chalk brush. This is an excellent tool for adding highlights to your hair when you don’t want to spend the extra time and money using hair dye.

Hair chalk also has the added bonus of being easy to wash out after you are done cosplaying.


If you are in need of small designs to be applied to your face for your cosplay, then some facepainting kits can include stencils that can be very useful in letting you make the most out of your facepaint.

Instead of risking messing up the design freehand, you can use one of the included stencils to create an accurate design and add more depth to you cosplay.

Is Facepaint for Cosplay easy to wash off?

One problem that you will want to avoid when using Facepaint for Cosplay is having facepaint that is hard to remove. This can add unnecessary stress and annoyance to what would otherwise be a fun and rewarding time. All paints will be relatively easy to remove, you just need to right equipment.

Depending on the type of paint used you will find that some paints are harder to remove than others.

Water-based paints will wash off very easily, simply using mild soap and warm water like you would usually wash your face will allow you to remove the paint and speed up your time in taking off your cosplay when you are done.

Oil-based paints are also very easy to remove, although you will find it harder with traditional soap and water.

With these kinds of paints using either olive oil or a professional waterproof makeup remover will do the trick and allow you to wash the paint from your face with ease.

Is Facepaint for Cosplay easy to use?

Luckily for anyone who is considering using face paints for their cosplay, most facepaint sets you will find are incredibly easy to use thanks in large part to the included accessories.

By using the wide variety of tools included in the set such as brushes, sponges, and stencils you can make the face painting extremely easy to apply and can create wonderful designs.

Likewise, you will find no trouble with the removal of the facepaint as with either oil or water-based solutions the removal is extremely quick and easy. Even if you happen to get stuck you will find information included in a small guide as well as wealth of information being available online.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are many options available for Facepaints for Cosplay and you can find a great number of different color palettes and types of accessories to make your Cosplay experience amazing.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in showcasing you some fantastic options for Cosplay Facepaints as well as giving you some useful information on what to look out for when shopping for facepaints.

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