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Hobbies to Improve Your Fitness | 21 Fun Hobbies to Get Fit

Getting and staying fit doesn't have to be boring or done in a specific traditional way. Maybe you want to get fit but are discouraged by activities like lifting weights. You can improve your fitness and have fun while at it with these interesting hobbies: 1. Running Running is one of the easiest ways to […]
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Hobbies for Senior Citizens | 11 Perfect Hobbies

Your golden years are meant to be just that - honored, enjoyed, and cherished. You might have a little more time on your hands these days and some interest to start a new hobby. There’s no rule saying new hobbies are just for kids!  It’s time to start thinking outside the box. New hobbies can […]
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Hobbies for People with ADHD | 11 Hobbies that Help Sufferers

In a world that's already tough, ADHD makes it even tougher. People living with ADHD will often cope with medication. In other cases, professionals will advise them to ask for help when they feel overwhelmed or put an organization system in place so that they can focus on specific tasks. What they'll rarely hear, is […]
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21 Hobbies for Men Over 60 

Here at HobbyKnowHow, we have put our minds to curating a great list of 21 hobbies for men over sixty! You have a lifetime of real-world experience that can be plowed into the mastery of a hobby and if you choose a group activity, lots to share with your fellow participants.  Pursuing a hobby successfully […]
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11 Hobbies that Improve Your Memory and Brain

A sharp mind and keen memory are great assets. But sadly, as you grow older, the brain shrinks, affecting your memory and your mind function. Luckily, there are plenty of hobbies you can start to sharpen your mind and slow down this process. Want to know more about hobbies you can take up to improve […]
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7 Hobbies for Loners and Introverts to try in 2022

Loners and introverts enjoy company at times, but generally feel the most peace when they’re on their own. This can give them a lot of freedom when it comes to ways to spend their time. When you don’t have to depend on other people’s schedules, moods, or inclinations, the sky’s the limit....  So, what would […]
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11 Hobbies for the Partially Sighted

Looking for hobbies for the partially sighted? If you are partially sighted and are looking for hobbies and activities or searching for hobbies for a relative or friend with visual impairment you have come to the right place! We have put our hobby heads together to curate a list of 11 engaging hobbies that can […]
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7 Hobbies for Veterans

For military veterans, service will always be at their heart.  After the responsibility and honor of serving your country, civilian life is never going to be the same.  As a military veteran, you have passed through the rigors of training and disciplining the body and mind, submitting your will to a greater cause as you […]
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21 Hobbies to look forward to in Retirement

Enjoy your prime with these 21 hobbies that more than fill the years after retirement! Retirement provides a new lease of life and plenty of time for pursuits that would not have been possible alongside the responsibilities of employment or career. Hobbies are not only a great way of keeping occupied and productive, but they […]
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Hobbies for Adults ( Over 18s Hobby list )

Hobbies enrich our lives. They break up the mundane routine of work, chores, cooking, eating, and sleeping. While hobbies and activities for children are abundantly advertised, finding hobbies for adults is not always so simple. Remember, there is no expiration date on the fun! There are plenty of hobbies that are great for adults to […]
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