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11 Hobbies that Look Impressive on a Resume

When you think of a resume, the first thing that comes to your mind might be professional experience and education. Did you know that hobbies can be an essential part of your resume too? Skills that employers look for like teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and attention to detail can be obtained through various hobbies. Here […]
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14 Best Hobbies for Doctors at Weekends

Doctors work hard, and understandably so, saving lives is no mean feat. Like anyone else, they need some fulfilling activities to fill up the time outside of work. We've compiled a list of the best hobbies for doctors to do on weekends. Why do Doctors need Hobbies? This almost superhuman profession impacts the lives of […]
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11 Best Adrenaline Activities for Thrill-Seekers

If you’re a true adrenaline junky, you no doubt find yourself looking for new, exciting activities to try. Just make sure that you’re smart, so you can live to keep laughing in the face of danger! To help you out on your search, we’ve compiled the 11 best adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers - below! 1. […]
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11 Traditional Japanese Hobbies

Japan has a beautiful, anciently-rooted culture, featuring specialty foods, peaceful activities, martial arts, and various types of unique artwork. There’s a chance that one or more of these extraordinary hobbies could be a perfect fit for you - feel free to take a look! 1. Learn a Japanese Martial Art Perhaps you would like to […]
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9 Alternative Hobbies to Fishing

If you’re an avid fisherman and looking for some additional hobbies of that sort, you’re in the right place. Here are 9 alternative hobbies to fishing, for more excuses to get outdoors or out on the water! 1. Tickling (Fish) If you’re looking for a way to fish that won’t cause the fish pain, you […]
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Hobbies for Over 60's | 21 Suitable Hobbies for Seniors

If you’re a senior, you’ve probably got a bit of experience under your belt. This means you may be looking for new hobbies - activities to entertain yourself and skills to master. That’s what this list of unique hobbies for over 60’s is for! 1. Become a Wood Carver Have you ever seen hand-carved wooden […]
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Hobbies for Older Adults | Hobbies for the Over 50's

If you’re over your 50s, you’re at a unique point in life where you’re still fairly young, but you’ve experienced a respectable amount of life, too. As a result, you might find yourself looking for new things to enhance your life and satisfy your restlessness and curiosity, or to beat depression or boredom back! Hobbies […]
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19 Creepy Hobbies and Dark Hobbies

If you're just curious about what strange stuff people get up to, here are some hobbies that are a bit odd or unusual. You may even enjoy some of these creepy and dark hobbies yourself. Take a look! 1. Practicing Witchcraft Witchcraft is historically considered ‘creepy’ or ‘dark.’ Technically, there are many different kinds of […]
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Hobbies To Help Ease Your Anxiety | 15 Anxiety Relieving Hobbies

In today’s fast-paced world, we can face a lot of stressors, like health, relationships, and work. As a result, many folks find themselves facing anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. What this means is that some serious stress relief is needed. That’s what these 15 anxiety-relieving hobbies are for! Some relaxing, cheering hobbies will not only […]
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7 Hobbies to do with Your Hands

Do you often find that you fidget with your hands, or are just otherwise restless? Something that could be beneficial for you might be to take up a hobby you can do with your hands. Within this article we will go over 7 different hobbies that may help you to keep your hands busy and […]
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