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21 Awesome Hobbies for Teen Girls (Not Your Usual Boring Hobbies)




three teenage girls holding vegetables outdoors

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If you’re a teenage girl, you either a) have lots of energy to get rid of or b) are exhausted from the trials of teenage life (school, relationships, hormones, etc). 

Either way, what you need is a hobby. There are plenty of fun and creative hobbies that can help you let off a bit of steam, relax, and enjoy some much-needed stress-relief.

1. Paintball

a teenage girl playing paintball outdoors

If you like hobbies that involve plenty of physical activity, paintball may be your thing. How do you do it? First off, you’ll need a paintball gun and somewhere deserted to play.

Next, you’ll need some targets or someone to battle against. This is a hobby where you can let loose your competitive side. Beware, you’ll also need the proper protective gear!

2. Bird Watching

Do you love birds? If not, this hobby may not be for you… but if you do, it’s perfect. Bird watching is quite simple: all that you do is find an ideal location to watch birds and enjoy their often graceful, sometimes silly behavior. 

You will see the greatest variety of birds in a forest, but you can also bring birds to your own backyard with a bird feeder. You’re sure to see finches, chickadees, juncos, scrub jays, and more!

3. Make Homemade Makeup

Did you know that you can make your own makeup? You can! Homemade makeup can be crafted from natural ingredients, like blackberries, coconut oil, and beeswax. Or, you can opt for cheaper household supplies, like crayons and coconut oil. 

When you make your own homemade makeup, you can customize your colors (are you a pink kind of girl?). You can also add fun stuff like glitter!

4. Martial Arts

If you are a natural warrior, martial arts may be the perfect hobby for you! If not, it could still be an excellent way to develop your assertive side and learn to defend yourself. 

Any form of martial arts, whether Muay Thai or Karate, will have levels, including those for beginners. With practice and consistency, in time, you may be able to call yourself a master!

Read about Martial Arts here in our complete hobby guide for girls

5. Jewelry Making

With just a few beautiful beads and some special necklace twine or wire, you can create unique jewelry to suit your personal taste and style.

You can also pick out some small crystals or stones, and wrap them with a bendable 20-gauge wire. 

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you may even wish to try silver jewelry making… but you’ll need to check with your parents first. It involves a super-hot, and dangerous solder!

Learn how to start making Jewelry from home here!


6. Fantasy Makeup

Makeup itself can become a rather repetitive and boring task. Maybe you’re not even ready to wear a whole lot of makeup yet.

Have you ever considered fantasy makeup? Check out some fantasy makeup ideas online, and you’ll see that makeup can become not just a chore but an artform. 

You can make yourself look like a dryad or a mermaid, or simply incorporate unique leaf patterns, flowers, or glitter into your style.

It’s even possible to do your makeup to look like certain characters from your favorite manga or TV show. This brings us to cosplay…. (#11).

7. Origami

a teenage girl in mask doing origami

Origami is an ancient Chinese paper folding technique that will allow you to make countless, fun, and pretty creations out of simple paper. All that you need to do is learn the folds and practice! 

With origami, you can make the ever-popular paper cranes, paper frogs, cootie catchers, cats, butterflies, airplanes… whatever catches your fancy, you can probably make with origami.

8. Calligraphy

If you’re a romantic, you’d no doubt like calligraphy. This is a gorgeous, flowing writing form that people often use to write notes or to highlight words in their journal, etc. It’s for special occasions and can make a real impression. 

There are lots of tutorials online to give you an idea of what calligraphy is, and how to do it yourself.

9. Nail Art

You’ve done your nails before, but have you tried nail art? There are all kinds of gels, glitters, stickers, and other things that you can apply along with nail polish.

Believe it or not, decorating your nails can be not just a hobby, but also an art style. There are countless nail art ideas online, so if you’re interested, take a look!

Read our complete guide to nail art here!

10. Foraging

A young girl holding a basket and foraging flower

If you’re a fan of nature, you’re sure to enjoy foraging. Do you ever wonder what the plants around you are called, or if any are edible? You can teach yourself, and become a knowledgeable forager.

 How? First and foremost, you must learn any common poisonous plants in your area, including edible lookalikes. 

Then, find out what is truly edible, and how to tell the difference between poisonous and edible plants that look similar.

Once you’ve got this down, all that you need is a basket and somewhere ideal for foraging, like a forest or meadow!

You can find lots of tender greens and flowers in spring and summer, and autumn will bring nuts, rose hips, and more. These make for lovely fresh salads, smoothies, soups, stir-fries, etc. 

Just make sure not to pick more than ¼ of what you see in any given area, so the wild animals can eat, too!

Read our complete guide to foraging here!

11. Cosplay

cosplay of a teenage girl portraying an elf in a mystical forest

Thanks to social media, and cosplay events, cosplaying is now a pretty popular hobby. If you have any favorite fictional characters that you’d like to dress up as, you can do it, and show up at cosplay events or simply take pictures for social media. 

A word to the wise: not everyone in the cosplay world is well-meaning (or in the world in general). 

You’ll want to cover yourself a bit more than, say, some anime characters would, to avoid attention from unsavory sorts (middle-aged men, for example). 

Many make it a habit to block any suspect male followers. Feel free to do the same, and have fun cosplaying Disney Princesses, anime characters, and video game characters with like-minded women like yourself.

Learn where and how to start Cosplay as a hobby for girls here!

12. Bath Bomb Making

If you enjoy a good bath, you may find bath bomb-making to your liking, as well! This is a fun hobby that involves – you guessed it – crafting your own, custom bath bombs. 

This means that you can pick the fragrances, shapes, and colors. What do you need?

Bath bombs call for just a few simple, skin-healthy ingredients, such as baking soda, Epsom salt, coconut oil, avocado oil or almond oil, corn starch, and the pigments, scents, and mold shapes of your choosing.

With this hobby, you can turn your baths into something extra-luxurious and special.

13. Watercolor Painting

If you’re an artist or would like to become one, watercolor painting is a lovely hobby. The paints apply themselves to the paper in a transparent, free-flowing fashion. 

In some ways, this makes it a very forgiving art form; it’s possible to alter any mistakes you might make, etc.!

You can paint nature scenes or objects or abstract art, or even sprinkle some salt on the paint for a natural snowflake effect.

It’s a fun and simple art form, and rather ideal for a beginner!

14. Kickboxing

teenage girl doing kickboxing in a gym with coach

It’s never too early to become a kickboxer. Does it seem fair to you that activities like this are geared toward men?

After all, if men are naturally stronger, don’t women need the ability to defend themselves most of all? Become a kickboxer, and take back some of your power.

This is a full-body exercise that will get your blood pumping, and teach you how to deliver a powerful punch or kick or fend an attack off!

Read our kickboxing guide for girls here!

15. Swordfighting

Some people just like swords. If you’re one of them, sword fighting is sure to be right up your alley.

You can find lots of excellent foam replicas or even wooden practice swords online since few of us can afford a real, steel sword right off. 

Learn sword fighting techniques online and practice them until you’ve got the knack. In time, and with practice, you’ll be able to proudly call yourself a real swordfighter!

16. Gardening

a young girl planting a flower outdoor in an afternoon

Perhaps you have never fancied yourself a gardener. Or maybe you’ve always loved plants, but haven’t really known how to get started. Fortunately, gardening is pretty simple, with just a bit of know-how! 

First off, you will need to find or make a gardening plot. This should be made up of gardening or potting soil. Next, you’ll need to know when to plant during the year. 

For example, crocus bulbs prefer to be planted in autumn, lettuce in the late spring, and pumpkins in the early summer (at least, if you want them fresh for Halloween).

You can find this information online easily, as well as watering tips, lighting recommendations, and more! 

17. Candle Making

You can make your own candles at home, with just some fragrances, some pigments, and your choice of wax.

Candles can be made from any combination of coconut wax, paraben wax, beeswax, or soy wax. Compared to paraben wax, natural, oil candles burn cleaner. 

Finally, you’ll need some microwave-safe bowls and some candle jars. You can even add sprinkles and other fire-proof ingredients to the wax.

Candle making an art form that will create a heavenly smell, to turn your room or home into a place of wonder! 

Read our candle making hobby guide here!

18. Candy Making

One hobby you may not have considered is becoming a candy maker. What do you need?

First, the top candy ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, butter, cocoa, and chocolate (bittersweet and white). 

You’ll also need a melting pot, your stovetop, your microwave and microwave-safe bowls, and wax paper.

With just these ingredients, you can look up recipes online and make delicious, homemade caramels, truffles, cake pops, peanut brittle, sea glass, and more!

Read our Candy making guide here!

19. Pottery Painting

If you’re a painter or have ever wanted to become one, maybe you’d like to try pottering painting. This is a fun and practical hobby that lets you customize useful kitchenware, like pots, dishes, sugar holders… that sort of thing. 

What do you need? The proper pottery paints, and the paint-ready pottery of your choice. You can even customize a whole tea set if you’d like your own design to enjoy and maybe show off.

20. Weight Lifting

a pretty young girl doing a weight lift in a gym

If you’re in your teenage years, you may be ready to start lifting weights. What’s better for budding confidence than to build a little muscle?

It’s great for self-esteem to feel stronger. Just remember, life smarter, not harder.

What does this mean? It means that you will want to find a weight that you can do about 7-12 reps (lifts) with before you get tired, and then do 3-5 sets of those. That’s enough for one muscle group!

And you can do just one muscle group a day, a few days a week… in just a few weeks, you’ll already notice yourself growing considerably stronger!

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21. Learn a New Language

If you’re fascinated with a particular language, like French or Norwegian, you’re in luck: today, learning a new language is easier than ever. 

Not only are there guides online, but there are also even game-like apps, like Duolingo, that make learning quick and fun. Start with the basics, and work up to the harder stuff.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Do any of these hobbies sound like fun? Hobbies are a great way to add some zest to life and learn practical lifelong skills. Don’t be afraid to give them a try. If one hobby is not your thing, you’re sure to enjoy another!

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